The BEST TVA shows of all time

Every TVA show, ranked

We've compiled the average episode rating for every TVA show to compile this list of best shows!

Les beaux malaises
233 votes

#1 - Les beaux malaises

The series Les beaux malaises offers paintings of everyday life where Martin faces the harshness of family life, the complexity of friendly relations and the stupidity of society. And for once, Martin Matte is not always to his advantage! Beautiful discomforts. Martin causes discomfort, suffers, but the series propagates especially these discomforts with a lot of humor. The beautiful malaise is the chronicle of Martin's daily life, a life as simple as complicated as that of anyone. But one thing remains: Martin Matte is not just anyone.

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Le cœur a ses raisons
258 votes

#2 - Le cœur a ses raisons

A fictitious tragic family saga plays out with unbelievable intrigues that are filled with completely absurd characters.

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