The BEST The Roku Channel shows of all time

Every The Roku Channel show, ranked

We've compiled the average episode rating for every The Roku Channel show to compile this list of best shows!

Power On: The Story of Xbox
58 votes

#1 - Power On: The Story of Xbox

Xbox almost didn’t happen. Find out why in this behind-the-scenes, six-part series that takes you back to the scrappy beginnings of Microsoft's video game console. It’s the untold story of the people behind the box, glitches and all.

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Reno 911!
1424 votes

#2 - Reno 911!

The series follows the men and women of the Washoe County Sheriff’s Department, led by Lt. Jim Dangle — a straight-and-narrow cop who might not be all that “straight” after all. Deputies include a former topless showgirl and a 5-foot-4 veritable crime-fightin’ machine.

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Bill Burr Presents Immoral Compass
41 votes

#3 - Bill Burr Presents Immoral Compass

A dark comedy anthology series exploring life’s most difficult dilemmas, all filtered through the lens of one jaded man in his garage.

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The Now
34 votes

#4 - The Now

Ed Poole’s life isn’t going as he planned. However, a tragic event causes him to rethink his outlook, forcing him to go after what he loves, cherish the people closest to him and live in The Now.

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Swimming with Sharks
59 votes

#5 - Swimming with Sharks

A young female assistant who is at the center of a studio filled with manipulators, schemers and intrigue. Little do they know she is poised to outwit them all.

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64 votes

#6 - Cypher

Will Scott, one of the FBI's leading crypto-analysts is hired to crack a heavily coded document. He soon discovers it's a hit list, putting him in the cross-hairs of the bad guys who want it back.

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Chrissy's Court
22 votes

#7 - Chrissy's Court

Chrissy Teigen reigns supreme as the “judge” over small claims cases. The plaintiffs, defendants, and disputes are real, as Chrissy’s mom turned “bailiff,” Pepper Thai, maintains order in the courtroom.

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75 votes

#8 - Chad

Chad, a 14-year-old Persian boy, navigates his first year of high school on a mission to become popular. Chad's friendships and sanity are pushed to the limits as he uses every tactic at his disposal to befriend the cool kids, while enduring his mother's new dating life and reconciling with his cultural identity.

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