The BEST RTL Klub shows of all time

Every RTL Klub show, ranked

We've compiled the average episode rating for every RTL Klub show to compile this list of best shows!

Showder Klub
142 votes

#1 - Showder Klub

Classical stand up comedy-show in Showder style. The performers of Showder Klub are the country’s greatest yakkies: Bödőcs Tibor (Lion of Búcsúszentlászló), Kovács András Péter (free promotion face of T-Mobile), Kiss Ádám (mumbo jumbo for teenage girls), Hadházi László (yuck partisan from Debrecen) and the others: Beliczai Balázs, Dombóvári István, Kőhalmi Zoltán, Aranyosi Péter, Szupkay Viktor, Benk Dénes, Trabarna and Csenki Attila.

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Our Little Village
249 votes

#2 - Our Little Village

What is life in our little village like? Impossible situations, familiar characters, and a community where nothing works the way it should. Funny and emotional stories about people who the viewer will instantly become found of. And whom, we all know. Gyuri, the macho-man of the village. The mayor who spends public money on himself. Teca, the 'hot-girl' innkeeper, who serves expensive beer, but taps intrigue for free. Erika, the administrator who has been engaged for a millennium. Laci, the kind-hearted village fool who wants to be a mayor. Stoki, the policeman who does not even have a gun and only dreams about actual crimes. Janó, the veterinarian who treats people if there is no better choice. The priest, who captivates the heart of all local women. Common characters in uncommon situations. There is only one thing that is certain, everything is always more complicated than it should be.

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The X Factor (HU)
46 votes

#3 - The X Factor (HU)

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The Teacher (2018)
25 votes

#4 - The Teacher (2018)

This series shows a school community's everyday life filled with drama and comedy. The episodes treat public and social issues like teenagers' rivalization or the search of identity.

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Drága örökösök
26 votes

#5 - Drága örökösök

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