The BEST oksusu shows of all time

Every oksusu show, ranked

We've compiled the average episode rating for every oksusu show to compile this list of best shows!

Sweet Revenge
76 votes

#1 - Sweet Revenge

Ho Goo Hee, a high schooler and self-proclaimed pushover, discovers a new application on her phone that offers to take revenge on anyone whose name she writes in it.

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I Picked Up a Celebrity On the Street
46 votes

#2 - I Picked Up a Celebrity On the Street

Contract worker Lee Yeon Seo daydreams about teaching her manager a lesson, but accidentally acts out her fantasy on none other than top Hallyu star Kang Joon Hyuk. Thinking she killed him but afraid to be labeled a murderer, she takes him home and prepares to get rid of the body. But Joon Hyuk wakes up and seeing her preparations thinks he has been kidnapped by a murderous psychopath. Seeing no other option, she keeps him hostage so he doesn't turn her in to the police. How long can she keep him hidden and can she ever convince him she's not an evil person?

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Dokgo Rewind
0 votes

#3 - Dokgo Rewind

The story of a young boy who passed away due to school violence and his twin brother. To get revenge for his late brother Kang Hoo, Kang Hyuk will get back at the bullies that took the life of his brother. Kang Hyuk's friend Jong Il, a talented fighter who does not enjoy bullying others. Based on a webtoon of the same name.

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