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A Guy And A Girl (GR)
83 votes

#1 - A Guy And A Girl (GR)

The daily routine of a weird, but at the same time, normal Greek couple! Dimitra (Dimitra Papadopoulou - also screenwriter of the series), a Greek woman of average IQ in her 30s, and Thodoris (Thodoris Atheridis), a normal Greek lad, star in this sweet comedy which shows how strange and funny can sometimes a relationship be. Every episode is just a few scenes of what a couple would do on a daily basis, such as shopping, watching TV, going for coffee, visiting friends, driving in car, going to the movies etc... The weird thing about it, is that the camera is ALWAYS put in a way, so as ONLY the main two actors (Dimitra & Thodoris) are shown. The other actors (friends, relatives, strangers) DO play a role, and DO speak, but we just don't see their faces, we only see their hands or their feet! It is indeed strange, but it wants to emphasize on the COUPLE and their feelings and reactions. Every word exchanged between Dimitra and Thodoris, every sentence, is so funny and sincere at the same time, and the whole image of them would be the most realistic picture of a Greek couple. The most important thing, is that you NEVER get bored. The screen is build upon very short dialogues, conversations, which are very typical of a Greek couple, but of course, there is some repetition of specific phrases, so that the couple has some "character". For instance, Dimitra wonders from the very first episode "When will I become a mother?", and is always whining to Thodoris, trying to convince him to have a baby! All in all, S'agapo M'agapas will always be in my heart, because even though it's about 5 years old, I still can't help laughing when I'm watching it!

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