The BEST KRO-NCRV shows of all time

Every KRO-NCRV show, ranked

We've compiled the average episode rating for every KRO-NCRV show to compile this list of best shows!

Keuringsdienst van waarde
258 votes

#1 - Keuringsdienst van waarde

"De Keuringsdienst van Waarde" is a consumer television program. The program tries to give insight in the production of food and other consumer products and tries to show where things go wrong or are different from what you might expect. By asking simple questions to aid lines of producers, as naive but persisting consumer, they get sometimes hilarious and/or revealing answers.

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449 votes

#2 - Penoza

When her husband, a notorious drug lord, is wound up in the eyes of their youngest son, Carmen makes a drastic decision. Penoza sketches a penetrating picture of the Dutch underworld in which choices regarding family loyalty and money are on the cutting edge to be made. Penoza is told as a family saga with Carmen, a working mother with an exceptional profession at the head.

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The Crash
41 votes

#3 - The Crash

A veterinarian living in the Bijlmer and two journalists investigate the truth about the mysteries surrounding the airplane crash. They end up in a six-year fight with the airline world, secret services, and governments.

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Stanley H.
20 votes

#4 - Stanley H.

A chronicle of enigmatic Dutch criminal Stanley Hillis's rise to infamy.

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53 votes

#5 - Arcadia

Following a major catastrophe, a new society, Arcadia, is born. Resources have become scarce and a point system, known as the Citizen Score, is introduced. It determines what you can and may do and what a citizen is entitled to.

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