The BEST HLN shows of all time

Every HLN show, ranked

We've compiled the average episode rating for every HLN show to compile this list of best shows!

Forensic Files II
49 votes

#1 - Forensic Files II

Forensic Files, long considered the gold-standard of crime & justice non-fiction programming, will return with 16 new half-hour episodes beginning Sunday, February 23rd. The updated series will showcase all new mysteries to solve and feature the same style, music, story type and content that fans know and love.

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The Hunt with John Walsh
57 votes

#2 - The Hunt with John Walsh

The series profiles unsolved and ongoing high-profile crime stories as told by witnesses and law enforcement officials, along with re-enactments of how the events happened. A picture of the person or persons involved are shown along with a number to call if they have any information or leads on the subject featured on the program.

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Very Scary People
28 votes

#3 - Very Scary People

Host Donnie Wahlberg chronicles the twisted lives of diabolical criminals, such as Charles Manson, Aileen Wuornos, John Wayne Gacy, the Rev. Jim Jones, and others.

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Unmasking A Killer
21 votes

#4 - Unmasking A Killer

Viewers go inside the investigation, the case files and the mind of The Golden State Killer – a man believed to be the most prolific uncaught rapist and serial killer in the nation. With exclusive cooperation from law enforcement and survivors, the docuseries examines the historical and social ramifications of The Golden State Killer’s reign of terror, explore the advances in forensic technology, and highlight the legal changes to our justice system that his crime spree spurred.

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