The BEST Elisa Viihde Viaplay shows of all time

Every Elisa Viihde Viaplay show, ranked

We've compiled the average episode rating for every Elisa Viihde Viaplay show to compile this list of best shows!

Shadow Lines
32 votes

#1 - Shadow Lines

During the 1950s, Helsinki was the focal point of the Cold War, as global powers and their intelligence agencies coalesced in the small neutral country that stood between the East and the West. Sphere of Shadows is an international spy thriller that follows a secret intelligence team whose mission is to defend the independence of Finland no matter the cost.

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All the Sins
45 votes

#2 - All the Sins

A detective is forced to confront difficult home truths about his past, and his present, while on the trail of a serial killer in rural northern Finland.

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