The BEST BNNVARA shows of all time

Every BNNVARA show, ranked

We've compiled the average episode rating for every BNNVARA show to compile this list of best shows!

158 votes

#1 - Force

A boisterous homicide detective is partnered with a neurotic narc to fight organized crime in the Dutch city of Tilburg.

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32 votes

#2 - Oogappels

Social media, pressure to perform, drugs, designer clothes, sex: the social pressure on parents to do more than good education for their adolescents is recognizable to many people. In "Oogappels" we follow four different families in a medium-sized Dutch city. Their children attend the same high school. The parents all have their own way of parenting. But for all of them, they set the bar very high for themselves and their eyes: life must above all be perfect!

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63 votes

#3 - KLEM

What if you find out that your younger daughter is best friend with the daughter of a dangerous criminal? What if when you pick up your daughter by the criminal's house, he is shot by the front door and you accidentally save his life? What if from that moment, he sees you as his best friend? And what if you also have a high position by the Taxes Offices and should not be recognized as close to a criminal? Then you're CLAMP.

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#4 - Even tot Hier

Niels van der Laan and Jeroen Woe literally make a performance of the week every week.

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