The Best Episodes Directed by Yuuki Arie

A Woman Sparkling

#1 - A Woman Sparkling

El Cazador de la Bruja Season 1 - Episode 26

Some time after Rosenberg's death, Ellis and Nadie find themselves living with and working for a middle-aged husband and wife who run a small café, not knowing of the two girls' previous adventures. Having become accustomed to the lifestyle, Nadie finds herself as happy as ever, though Ellis senses that she misses life on the road. After an unexpected visit from Blue Eyes, the two girls find themselves along with Blue Eyes and the middle-aged couple being held up by the two transvestites (now quite obese) from earlier episodes seeking revenge. After dispatching the thugs, despite an offer to stay where they are, Ellis and Nadie decide that their place is on the road and the two drive off seeking their next adventure.

star 9.79
28 votes
A Woman Who Corners

#2 - A Woman Who Corners

El Cazador de la Bruja Season 1 - Episode 17

Not having alleviated her financial crisis, Nadie is forced to find work as a bounty hunter again. What she does not know is that Ricardo, in a similar situation due to Rosenberg's downfall, is going after the same target as she is.

star 9.75
28 votes
A Woman Who Takes Wing

#3 - A Woman Who Takes Wing

El Cazador de la Bruja Season 1 - Episode 21

Due to Blue-Eyes's inability to capture Ellis, she receives a new order, to eliminate Nadie, with the condition that she must carry out the order herself. In the meantime, Ellis and Nadie are trying to capture a particular vulture after falling for a conman's scam. Throughout her mission, Blue Eyes shows constant hesitation to carry out her orders and after listening to various conversations between Ellis and Nadie, Blue Eyes decides to shoot her cell phone, cutting the ties she has with the organization she worked for permanently. She also reveals that she too is a witch (though she cannot use witch abilities), thanks her subordinates for their help, and walks off hoping that Ellis and Nadie find the answers they seek.

star 9.75
28 votes
A Woman Who Conjures

#4 - A Woman Who Conjures

El Cazador de la Bruja Season 1 - Episode 11

Nadie and Ellis encounter a village where denizens worship a fake witch. With danger of being discovered as a fake, the woman tries to befriend Ellis in order to strengthen her own position. When the townspeople discover the truth, they come to her mansion, demanding the money she has swindled out of them.

star 9.68
28 votes