The Best Episodes Directed by Yousuke Nakanishi

Idea 5

#1 - Idea 5

Heaven's Design Team Season 1 - Episode 5

Ueda was ordered by God to go to hell after the "panda riot". A mysterious man appears in front of Shimoda and the members of the design department who are worried that he may have been transferred to hell because of himself. Building a darkness and fire theme park in hell, he asks the design department to build a "hell mascot."

star 7.28
18 votes
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Idea 2

#2 - Idea 2

Heaven's Design Team Season 1 - Episode 2

When Ueda takes Shimoda to the Insect Department to introduce himself, he's overwhelmed by everybody being a character. That's when a vague order from God comes in, this time for an "animal that's cute, but not". Meido, the self-designated expert for designing cute creatures, raises her hand and out comes...

star 7.12
26 votes
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Idea 11

#3 - Idea 11

Heaven's Design Team Season 1 - Episode 11

The life form time accelerator device exploded and Shimoda and the others are blasted to Galapagos. To make it worse, the entire team got turned into children! Being attacked by the animals being tested is just one danger there, but Shimoda, Saturn, Mars, and one member of the Insect department use the "insect that can smell an SOS signal" to search for the designers.

star 7.00
11 votes
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Idea 8

#4 - Idea 8

Heaven's Design Team Season 1 - Episode 8

The ability to have a concealed weapons inside your body... isn't that the dream?! Tasked with the order for an animal that uses "bones as weapons", Jupiter begins to alter his own ribs like mad. Due to this, his ribs break, or he runs out of oxygen. After he put his body on the line this much, surely the new creature will be really cool, right?!

star 6.86
14 votes
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