The BEST episodes directed by Yoshinari Suzuki

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73 votes

#1 - File Not Found

Magical Girl Raising Project - Season 1 - Episode 12

Snow White’s explanation falls on deaf ears, and Ripple engages Swim Swim in a fight to the death. Koyuki laments the powerlessness of the Magical Girls, doomed to fight and kill each other until their own deaths. Just when Koyuki gives up being a Magical Girl, Fav divulges the true purpose of the Magical Girl Raising Project.

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Invincible Friendship?
80 votes

#2 - Invincible Friendship?

Fruits Basket - Season 1 - Episode 6

Tohru is back living with the Sohmas. Tohru's friends just get wind of it and decide to see if the Sohmas are taking good care of Tohru. Will they be able to keep the Sohma family curse under wraps while Uo and Hana stay over?

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Genius lives only one story above madness.
76 votes

#3 - Genius lives only one story above madness.

Classroom of the Elite - Season 1 - Episode 12

Class A and class C are revealed to have been secretly working together, as Ibuki notifies Katsuragi through a ham radio that she has stolen Horikita 's leader card. Horikita 's condition continues to decline, leading to Ayanokoji forcing her to withdraw. As the final day arrives, the students clear their campgrounds, nervously awaiting the final challenge - identifying the leaders of their rival classes.

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Sudden Event in Session!
42 votes

#4 - Sudden Event in Session!

Magical Girl Raising Project - Season 1 - Episode 8

Swim Swim attacks Sister Nana and Winter Prison, who were in the middle of looking for friends. Winter Prison fights back to defend Sister Nana. Meanwhile, Calamity Mary summons Ripple and Top Speed. Through the scope of a gun, Top Speed can be seen unloading her life story on Ripple.

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The Transient Guest
12 votes

#5 - The Transient Guest

Konohana Kitan - Season 1 - Episode 8

It’s a castaway! It’s a mermaid! Actually, it’s a troubled human girl, one of several people who have wandered into the inn’s presence recently.

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New Character!
41 votes

#6 - New Character!

Magical Girl Raising Project - Season 1 - Episode 5

Sister Nana appeals to the Magical Girls to devise a peaceful resolution to the situation. Ripple finds this annoying, and points out her hypocrisy. Cranberry contacts Sister Nana during her work. Relieved to find someone who understand her, Sister Nana and Winter Prison head off to their rendezvous point.

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Planet Camp
96 votes

#7 - Planet Camp

Astra Lost in Space - Season 1 - Episode 1

Nine students embark on their first trip to outer space, to attend a five-day "Planet Camp" on an uninhabited planet. The moment they arrive, however, a mysterious sphere transports them to a different part of the galaxy.

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It takes a great talent and skill to conceal one's talent and skill.
90 votes

#8 - It takes a great talent and skill to conceal one's talent and skill.

Classroom of the Elite - Season 1 - Episode 2

Chabashira explains how the system works at this school as the four first-year classes are all ranked by merit, and that class D has the opportunity to be promoted to class C with strong performances on exams. She also warns that with the current situation, anybody who fails one more exam is expelled. Now fully aware of the system, everybody takes their studies more seriously except for the three biggest idiots of the class in Ken Sudo, Kenji Ike, and Haruki Yamauchi. Suzune treats Ayanokoji to an expensive lunch to discuss the strategy, as well as bringing aboard those three to the library to study. Ayanokoji and Kushida succeed in getting them to come, but they leave immediately while Sudo lets everybody know that he wants to make it rich quickly by going pro in basketball That night, Ayanokoji overhears Suzune talking to her brother Manabu, and Manabu attacks her over a disagreement about her view of isolation being independence. Ayanokoji intervenes, and Manabu then reveals that he scored a 50 on every test and asks if it was coincidence or not. The midterm exams come, and class D as a whole performs very well with some scoring among the highest among the first years in the school.

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The Ocean Will Tell You
11 votes

#9 - The Ocean Will Tell You

WAVE!!: Let's Go Surfing!! - Season 1 - Episode 2

Since the moment he took it up, Masaki's life has become all about surfing. Sleeping or waking, it's all he thinks about, and he goes out to the beach to ride the waves rain or shine. One day, with a typhoon approaching, Masaki ignores Sho's attempt to stop him and...

Pohjola's Ordeal
109 votes

#10 - Pohjola's Ordeal

Little Witch Academia - Season 1 - Episode 16

After learning from Ursula and the Shiny Rod that she needs to find something she is lacking in order to unlock the fourth word, Akko joins Lotte and Sucy as they visit Lotte's home in a remote Finnish village. The next morning, however, they discover that Lotte's parents and their neighbor have become infected with the rare Greenman Disease, which will gradually turn them into moss until they wither away...

No rain, no rainbow
9 votes

#11 - No rain, no rainbow

WAVE!!: Let's Go Surfing!! - Season 1 - Episode 10

Bill suddenly takes Masaki and the others to Hawaii for some intensive training. While there, they reunite with Tanaka. Together, they enjoy some sight-seeing, marvel at the luxuriousness of Bill's vacation home, and the big waves at the North Shore set their eyes sparkling. When they happen to see that Fuke is at the North Shore too, Masaki and the others hope to learn from him, but Fuke tells them to "try asking that man," and points at a lone surfer. "That man" looks a lot like Sho.

Make It Clear If It's Black or White
51 votes

#12 - Make It Clear If It's Black or White

Fruits Basket - Season 1 - Episode 10

Tohru's class goes on an endurance run. In the middle of the run, a white-haired boy, not much younger than Yuki, interrupts and challenges Kyo to a fight. The boy is also a member of the Sohma clan. As they fight, Yuki feels faint. What will Tohru do now? And which zodiac member is this boy?

Nothing is as dangerous as an ignorant friend; a wise enemy is to be preferred.
79 votes

#13 - Nothing is as dangerous as an ignorant friend; a wise enemy is to be preferred.

Classroom of the Elite - Season 1 - Episode 7

Even during summer vacation, lone wolf Horikita would rather remain locked in her room studying than interacting with others. One day, Ayanokoji invites her to visit the pool with some of the others.

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