The BEST episodes directed by Yoshikazu Ui

Brutal! The Righteous Battle of Nagashino and Shitaragahara!
36 votes

#1 - Brutal! The Righteous Battle of Nagashino and Shitaragahara!

Sengoku Basara - Season 1 - Episode 5

As entire armies stand poised to attack, Takeda and Uesugi offer Tokugawa a final chance to join forces against Oda - but once his loyalties are decided, a ruthless betrayal soaks the battlefield in blood.

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No, That Will Explode
155 votes

#2 - No, That Will Explode

Is This A Zombie? - Season 1 - Episode 10

Ayumu, Haruna, and Sera desperately search for Eu, but an evil zombie from the necromancer’s past is willing to kill to keep her by his undead side.

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A Typhoon Came
89 votes

#3 - A Typhoon Came

Bunny Drop - Season 1 - Episode 9

As the town receives a typhoon alert, Daikichi contemplates investing in some insurance whilst Rin keeps control of Kouki during class. As the storm settles in, Yukari and Kouki stay over with Daikichi and Rin for dinner.

My Tree
89 votes

#4 - My Tree

Bunny Drop - Season 1 - Episode 6

To commemorate her entrance into elementary school, Daikichi and Rin plant a loquat plant in their garden. Later, Rin wonders if there was a tree planted for her birth, so Daikichi goes to ask Masako about it, who reveals a tree was planted at Souichi's place. He finds the tree, a fragrant olive tree just like the one that was planted for his birth, and brings it back to his place.

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