The Best Episodes Directed by Yoshikata Nitta

Night Escape

#1 - Night Escape

Golden Time (2013) Season 1 - Episode 3

On the day of the scheduled club trip, Banri meets up with Kōko and Nijigen, who was also invited. When the club members arrive to pick up the attendants, Banri becomes suspicious of them when he notices they all wear a similar pendant, and more so when they bring the group to a remote location. The club then reveals itself as a cult who wishes for Banri's group to join them, but Banri manages to convince them to let others go, when he tells them that he suffered an accident after high school that gave him amnesia of everything from before starting college, and that they can help him. As the others leave, Kōko decides to stay with Banri, and the two ultimately are able to escape and hide in the woods. As they hide, Banri and Kōko bond by getting to know more about one another. Kōko reveals she is actually a nice person, and only acts stuck up around Mitsuo due to her feelings for him, while also confessing that she really was just using her friendship with Banri to get closer to Mitsuo. Banri in turn reveals that his story about having amnesia was not a lie, and that he feels that his family and friends want the current Banri to disappear and have the old Banri return, and while he sympathizes with their wishes, he does not want to lose being his current self. When the pair hears the cult members looking for them, they flee further into the woods, until they are found by Linda.

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