The Best Episodes Directed by Yasuhiro Mori

The Suspicious Black Underwear

#1 - The Suspicious Black Underwear

Maria Holic Season 1 - Episode 7

Yuzuru notices that Kiri and Sachi are getting along very well. Because of that, she gets jealous and thinks that Sachi could become better friends with Kiri than she is with her. She starts to act strange towards Sachi and Kiri. It turns out that Sachi was helping Kiri to pick a birthday present for her. Afterwards, all of them (together with Kanako, Masturika and Mariya) celebrate Yuzuru's birthday.

star 10.00
27 votes
The Tainted Holy Mother, Part 1

#2 - The Tainted Holy Mother, Part 1

Maria Holic Season 1 - Episode 8

The Virgin Mary Festival is going to be held. After Kanako was voted to be a member in the planning committee, she asks the student council president for advice because she doesn't know much about the festival.

star 9.83
29 votes
An Offering to God

#3 - An Offering to God

Maria Holic Season 1 - Episode 11

A new character is introduced—Father Kanae. He seems to have a crush on Mariya (not knowing that Mariya's a boy) and Matsurika, although he is twenty-seven and a teacher there. Mariya later lies that Kanako's "elder brother" died of the "Tchaikovsky syndrome" in B-minor. He asks him to help Kanako because Kanae reminds Kanako of her brother. In actuality, Kanako hasn't got a brother. So Father Kanae tries his best to help her. Unfortunately Kanako is allergic to males and he inadvertently (and unknowingly) causes her great suffering. He later falls in love with Ayari as well.

star 9.83
29 votes
Infirmary of Perversion

#4 - Infirmary of Perversion

Maria Holic Season 1 - Episode 6

The physical examination will be held this afternoon. However, in spite of Mariya being a boy, he attends the examination and Kanako finds out what's behind Mariya's attendance at Ame no Kisaki. Shizu, Mariya's twin sister, makes her debut in the series.

star 9.63
30 votes
A Sweet Twinge

#5 - A Sweet Twinge

Maria Holic Season 1 - Episode 2

It's the first day of school for Kanako. After a troublesome morning with her roommate Mariya, she goes to the class without having any breakfast. Afterwards a welcome speech is held by Mariya and the school student council.

star 9.31
35 votes

#6 - Sisters

Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens Season 1 - Episode 4

Nagi is thinking of being an idol in order to gain followers since her powers are going to be reduced by the tree being cut down. Jin encounters a famous idol who turns out to be Nagi's goddess sister.

star 8.22
114 votes
The Tainted Holy Mother, Part 2 / The End of a Fantasy

#7 - The Tainted Holy Mother, Part 2 / The End of a Fantasy

Maria Holic Season 1 - Episode 9

The Festival's preparations are almost reading and the festival is about to begin. It is also revealed how Ayari's (the student council president) and Mariya's relationship soured years ago. Kanako is told of the current seven mysteries of Ame no Kisaki. After asking her teacher, Kuma, about them she learns about the original six ones. She is also told that if she knows all seven, something terrifying will happen to her. After Mariya told her the seventh one, God appears. It is also revealed that Kanako was the cause of many of the seven mysteries around the school, due to her constant explosive nosebleeds.

star 7.50
54 votes