The BEST episodes directed by Yūto Kaneko

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#1 - Papiliodia

Little Witch Academia - Season 1 - Episode 2

Akko is excited for the first day of magic lessons, an excitement that her roommates Sucy and Lotte have difficulty sharing. However, the classes prove to be a more mundane affair than expected, which leads Akko to talk loudly about Shiny Chariot's amazing magic to her friends over lunch and catch the attention of Diana Cavendish. Meanwhile, Professor Ursula is tasked with investigating why the Jennifer Memorial Tree appears to be dying. Her research eventually brings her to pinpoint the cause, but not before Diana casts a restoration spell on the tree that spirals out of control. Akko, Sucy and Lotte, who were playing with Shiny Chariot's collectible cards nearby, quickly rush over...