The BEST episodes directed by Wouter Bouvijn

Ulrich and Elisabeth
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#1 - Ulrich and Elisabeth

The Twelve - Season 1 - Episode 9

Thanks to the defense witnesses, it appears that Stefaan De Munck's alibi for the night his daughter Roos was attacked is incorrect. The president of the court decides to reinstate him in the witness seat. Joeri has problems of conscience. He does not think he is fit to be a jury member. Holly tries to encourage him and tells him a secret she's been carrying around for a long time.

Brechtje and Roos
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#2 - Brechtje and Roos

The Twelve - Season 1 - Episode 10

Today the twelve citizens of the people's jury are faced with a difficult task. They deliberate on Frie Palmers' guilt in the double murder for which she is on trial. The discussions flare up, some jury members are diametrically opposed. They include their own baggage and experiences in their judgment. When the verdict is given, the court is silent. The judges realize the impact the trial has had on their lives.

Lutgard and Margot
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#3 - Lutgard and Margot

The Twelve - Season 1 - Episode 7

The last prosecution witnesses appear on the stand. They are Margot Tindemans, Stefaan's new partner, and his mother Lutgard. According to them, the night of the drama, Margot was preparing for her lessons while her mother looked after Rose. The defense attorney subjects them to difficult questioning, questioning their version of events. Lutgard is forced to admit that at that time, she was having an affair with Guy Vanneste, suspected of murdering Britt. Delphine is concerned. For lack of any other solution, she entrusted her children to Carl's daughter without telling her husband ...

Cleo and Jutta
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#4 - Cleo and Jutta

The Twelve - Season 1 - Episode 8

Forensic pathologist Cleo Mahieu and commissioner Eliane Pascual are called to the bar. The policewoman presents the filmed reconstruction of Rose's assault. Psychiatrist Jutta Verswijfel, for her part, delivers the results of Frie's psychology assessment. These testimonies sow doubt in the minds of the jurors. They realize that Frie Palmers had the opportunity to commit Britt's murder. The relationship between Delphine and her husband deteriorates further, the latter throwing her out and now forbidding her to see their children. Faced with the distress of the young woman, Noël offers to host her. Arnold discovers by chance that Marc is having an affair with his lawyer ...

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#5 - Marc

The Twelve - Season 1 - Episode 4

Marc Vindevogel, father of victim Brechtje, testifies in court what he believed was the role of the ranchers in Brechtje's death. He appears to have a love-hate relationship with accused Frie Palmers. Jury member Carl Destoop is distracted from the trial by his teenage daughter Juliette who is behaving rebelliously. Joeri also has a lot on his mind. Holly tries to be honest with him and the truth hurts.

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#6 - Stefaan

The Twelve - Season 1 - Episode 5

Stefaan testifies as a crown witness about the death of his former sweetheart Brechtje and his daughter Roos. The defense tries to undermine his alibi. The case gets into the heads of the jurors. Arnold is increasingly starting to think that the whole world is fucked up. Delphine finds it difficult to keep her attention, because her home situation is not improving. Noël is aware of this and speaks about it with someone from the press in exchange for cash.

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#7 - Donald

The Twelve - Season 1 - Episode 2

For years police officer Donald Vantomme has failed in his investigation into the murder of Brechtje Vindevogel. His colleague Eliane Pascual did not come to the case until later and steered the investigation in the right direction. The jurors try to combine their own lives with the trial. The moral Joeri is faced with a dilemma in his construction company, and Delphine has problems with her dominant husband.

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#8 - Guy

The Twelve - Season 1 - Episode 6

Veeboer Vanneste testifies about the murder of Brechtje, but the defense is looking for another suspect– perhaps a reason for the judge to stop the process. The jury is given a weekend break. Delphine's dominant husband promises to be more considerate, but hits her in a way she didn't expect. Noël offers her a helping hand by hiring Carl's daughter as a babysitter. In the meantime, Joeri tries to calm his problems of conscience, but gets himself in trouble.

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#9 - Frie

The Twelve - Season 1 - Episode 1

The respected school principal Frie Palmers is on trial for a double murder: of her best friend Brechtje 18 years ago and recently of her own daughter Roos. Palmers pleads not guilty. Twelve ordinary citizens will be drawn as a people's jury in the process and will have to decide her fate. But not everyone is equally eager to participate in what promises to be a fierce process.

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#10 - Eliane

The Twelve - Season 1 - Episode 3

With a convincing explanation, agent Eliane Pascual explains in court how she was able to arrest Frie Palmers for the murder of her best friend Brechtje and her daughter Roos. In the public jury, Holly Ceusters is viewed obliquely by Carl because she lied about her last name. Holly also seems to be rather casual with men. And jury member Joeri does not seem to mind.