The Best Episodes Directed by Winnifred Jong

The New Normal

#1 - The New Normal

Heartland (2007) (CA) Season 14 - Episode 6

When a group of wild horses need new homes, Amy must get back to her Miracle Girl roots and host her first horse clinic in over a year.

star 7.95
58 votes

#2 - Outsiders

Heartland (2007) (CA) Season 14 - Episode 5

The wild, black stallion that Amy rehomed from Will’s ranch is brutally forced out of the herd by the new leader, leaving Amy to track down the injured horse and nurse him back to health.

star 7.72
61 votes
All's Well

#3 - All's Well

Coroner Season 1 - Episode 5

Jenny hosts Thanksgiving at home with her dad and mother-in-law. When the plumbing breaks down, her work life and personal life collide in the worst possible way.

star 7.69
439 votes
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Crispr Sistr

#4 - Crispr Sistr

Coroner Season 2 - Episode 3

Jenny and Donovan investigate the death of a lab assistant, but Jenny's personal interest in the lab risks clouding the case.

star 7.60
316 votes
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#5 - Unburied

Coroner Season 2 - Episode 4

Jenny investigates two grisly deaths in the suburbs, an an unreliable witness complicates matters.

star 7.58
317 votes
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The Perfect Storm

#6 - The Perfect Storm

Private Eyes Season 4 - Episode 11

It's the day of Danica and Kate's wedding, and a sudden storm strands the wedding guests on a Muskoka island where a plane crash and a wounded pilot unravel a mystery involving buried treasure and mistaken identities.

star 7.36
132 votes
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Risky Behaviour

#7 - Risky Behaviour

Nurses (2020) Season 1 - Episode 6

When Naz realizes her patient has a more serious condition than anyone realized, Naz forms a special bond with the patient's cousin. An over-exhausted and under-slept Wolf struggles on the job and draws Damien's wrath.

star 7.29
108 votes
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