The Best Episodes Directed by Virgil W. Vogel

Faith and Begorrah

#1 - Faith and Begorrah

Magnum, P.I. Season 3 - Episode 23

Thomas is hired to follow Angie, the wife of his client Clarence, to see if she's being unfaithful. After watching Clarence in the ring training for his next title bout, Thomas is extremely reluctant to be the bearer of bad tidings. Clarence assures him that he wants proof that Angie is cheating, so that the fight's multi-million dollar purse won't be part of the settlement negotiations in the divorce proceedings she initiated. While he's on Angie's trail, Thomas meets a priest at the airport who turns out to be Higgins's Irish half-brother Paddy. Higgins isn't thrilled to see his sibling, especially when he discovers that Paddy has followed Ffolkes, Higgins's former commanding officer, to Hawaii after suspecting Ffolkes of stealing a relic during a search of Paddy's church for I.R.A. weapons. Paddy intends to hold hostage a certain English relic he pilfered from the custody of Ffolkes and Higgins until the one from his church is returned until Thomas steps in to mediate the standoff a

star 8.62
165 votes
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Dead Lady's Tears

#2 - Dead Lady's Tears

Cannon Season 3 - Episode 10

A young model's death leads to many suspects.

star 8.40
5 votes
Two Birds of a Feather

#3 - Two Birds of a Feather

Magnum, P.I. Season 3 - Episode 20

Although he's nearly mowed down by a private plane that crashes into the estate's tidal pool, Thomas befriends the pilot, Sam Hunter, who was delivering the plane to its new owner, Mr. Sato; both men have an inkling that they've met before but can't seem to remember where or when, and Thomas has a nagging feeling that he owes Sam one, even though he can't place his finger on why; after Higgins and Thomas are shot at when they catch someone snooping around the plane, Thomas searches through the wreckage and discovers that the crash was caused by sabotage; Sam returns to Texas for his son's birthday, and attempts to reconcile with his ex-wife; after Thomas lets him know about the sabotage and that an investigation into Sato's background reveals that he's a major cocaine importer, Sam takes to the air to track down Sato and Nick, the coworker he suspects of causing the plane crash; a bit of fancy flying later, Sam forces the plane carrying Nick, Sato, and a cargo of cocaine to land right in

star 8.31
195 votes
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Melt Down

#4 - Melt Down

Man from Atlantis Season 1 - Episode 1

Schubert threatens to cause worldwide flooding by using powerful microwaves to melt the earth's polar ice caps, unless the government turns Mark Harris over to him.

star 7.88
40 votes
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Fire on the Wing

#5 - Fire on the Wing

Street Hawk Season 1 - Episode 6

A series of arson attacks at six different factories make Jesse and Norman doubt about their fortuity. Yet, when they set out to investigate, they are both completely baffled by the fact that the detonator responsible for each incident is untraceable.

star 7.81
21 votes
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A Single Drop of Rain

#6 - A Single Drop of Rain

Quantum Leap Season 4 - Episode 9

September 7, 1953: A devastating drought will be the ruin of a small town unless Sam, as Billy Beaumont, "purveyor of precipitation and maker of rain," can find a way to make it rain, while keeping his family together in the process.

star 7.55
231 votes
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#7 - Pilot

Street Hawk Season 1 - Episode 1

Jesse's best friend is killed by a black truck and Jesse himself is injured in the accident. He can't ride a motorcycle again until a man named Norman Tuttle turns up and offers him a knee operation and a job as a test pilot for a top-secret government project, code named Street Hawk.

star 7.36
154 votes
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A Second Self

#8 - A Second Self

Street Hawk Season 1 - Episode 2

Jesse's old mate (George Clooney) shows up in town after years of not seeing him. Unknown to Jesse he is in town to kill Street Hawk.

star 7.12
108 votes
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Not a Drop to Drink

#9 - Not a Drop to Drink

Knight Rider Season 1 - Episode 7

Devon sends Michael to stop a range war over water rights.

star 7.10
379 votes
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To Ride a Tiger

#10 - To Ride a Tiger

Cannon Season 2 - Episode 19

When the lawyer for a halfway house vanishes along with his funds, Cannon is hired to find him.

star 7.06
32 votes
The Adjuster

#11 - The Adjuster

Street Hawk Season 1 - Episode 3

Jesse impedes a jewel sale, but a murderer, pretending to be a cop, retrieves the gems. This episodes introduces an enemy unknown to Street Hawk. This enemy is the masquerading cop boss whom we only know of via telephone conversations.

star 6.82
93 votes
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Vegas Run

#12 - Vegas Run

Street Hawk Season 1 - Episode 4

Unwittingly Jesse and Norman become embroiled in the case of Linda Martin, an important witness against a mobster. She is persued by the mobster's henchman who are hell-bent on getting rid of her.

star 6.55
56 votes
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The Mole People

#13 - The Mole People

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Season 8 - Episode 3

Movie Plot: An expedition to the center of the Earth encounters an underground civilization. On the SOL: Crow tries to make Gypsy, Mike, and Servo his slaves / Crow does an archaeological dig through the SOL / Mike meets some of the underground dwellers. On Ape Earth: Pearl demands a parade in her honor / the apes give Pearl a hunky guy, played by Robert Smith of the Minnesota Vikings. Stinger: "It" hits the wall. Original film made in 1956.

star 6.12
75 votes