The Best Episodes Directed by Victoria Pile

The Culling Fields

#1 - The Culling Fields

Campus Season 1 - Episode 2

No one's job is safe, it seems. Apart from those whose jobs are safe, of course. Hard work, diligence and not telling whopping great fibs on your CV should see you right. So not looking great for Lazy Prof Matt or Accomms, Officer Nicole.

star 7.95
94 votes
Caroline's First Day

#2 - Caroline's First Day

Green Wing Season 1 - Episode 1

After being locked out of her new house all night, Dr. Caroline Todd is forced to turn up to her new job at the local hospital tired and smelling like a mini-cab after using car freshener as a replacement for deodorant. She soon meets the strange staff, but anaesthetist Dr. Guy Secretan is very welcoming and offers her his spare room for the night while he works a night shift. However after a blocked toilet incident, she soon realises Guy's true motives after he turns up home early and she discovers there isn't actually a spare room. Meanwhile Dr. Alan Statham is having troubles of his own after someone defaced his badge by blacking out the letters O,N,S,L,T and A from his Consultant name badge, and his secret lover, Head of Human Resources Joanne Clore, tells him he isn't particularly well endowed – prompting him to check a corpse for comparisons sake. Someone else having women problems is junior doctor, Martin Dear, who unsuccessfully tries to get dating advice from Guy. However rati

star 7.78
536 votes
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Hurricane George

#3 - Hurricane George

Campus Season 1 - Episode 3

The arrival of a restructuring guru, in the shapely shape of George Bryan, sends a chill wind up many a Kirke trouser leg. A fully paid-up member of the 'slash and burn' school of downsizing, George appears without heart or soul. In an act of crippling desperation, Jonty enlists Matt's help to 'melt' the Ice Maiden.

star 7.49
62 votes
The Final Preliminary Report of Doom

#4 - The Final Preliminary Report of Doom

Campus Season 1 - Episode 6

The Day of Reckoning. Stomachs and hearts are in knots as George prepares to deliver the bad news. 'The News' however, turns out to be not quite what they anticipated, leaving everyone with a new set of ever more complicated problems to unpick.

star 7.10
61 votes

#5 - Post-Coital

Campus Season 1 - Episode 5

As George puts the finishing touches to her Final Report, Matt is plunged into total crisis over his recent shenanigans and the thought that he might actually have genuine feelings for another member of the human race. Imogen suffers her own inner turmoil about an ill-advised coupling and only Flat seems perkily sure of what he wants.

star 7.10
63 votes
Come Together

#6 - Come Together

Campus Season 1 - Episode 4

Philandering English Professor, Matt Beer, is on a mission to woo icy business consultant George into knee-trembling, resolve-weakening, book-cooking submission. Flatpack embarks on a little wooing of his own, and even Accountant Jason is feeling a certain 'stirring' around gay best friend Nicole.

star 7.04
90 votes
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Publication, Publication, Publication

#7 - Publication, Publication, Publication

Campus Season 1 - Episode 1

Reactions from members of staff range from nonchalance to panic when Jonty announces his plans to give Kirke University's bank balance and academic reputation a boost. Jonty, titillated by his mousy Maths Lecturer Imogen Moffat's success, insists all the staff take a leaf out of her best-selling book.

star 6.79
129 votes
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#8 - Youth

The Delivery Man Season 1 - Episode 1

A teenage father attempts to visit his pregnant girlfriend without her parents finding out who he is. Matthew has to choose whose side to take.

star 6.57
30 votes
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