The Best Episodes Directed by Vere Lorrimer


#1 - Aftermath

Blake's 7 Season 3 - Episode 1

Severely damaged by combat in the Galactic War, the Liberator disperses its crew while it repairs itself. Avon lands on a planet and is rescued by the daughter of a former revolutionary. Priceless scenes between Avon and Servalan.

star 7.96
145 votes
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#2 - Redemption

Blake's 7 Season 2 - Episode 1

The crew encounter the System, builders and original owners of the Liberator (known to them as Deep Space Vehicle-2). They disable its defense systems in an attempt to try to get their craft back. A sister ship (DSV-1), in pursuit, is destroyed by Orac.

star 7.87
194 votes
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#3 - Orac

Blake's 7 Season 1 - Episode 13

The Liberator crew fly to Aristo to deliver the supplies to Ensor, in exchange for radiation drugs and the computer Orac, which Ensor gives to Blake before he dies. Orac predicts the destruction of the Liberator.

star 7.86
162 votes

#4 - Ultraworld

Blake's 7 Season 3 - Episode 10

The crew go to the planet Ultraworld, only to discover it is a mental reprocessing plant. Vila saves the crew by telling riddles to Orac.

star 7.66
114 votes
City at the Edge of the World

#5 - City at the Edge of the World

Blake's 7 Season 3 - Episode 6

The crew strike a deal for crystals needed for Liberator's weapon systems. In exchange, Vila must help in obtaining a treasure on the planet Keezarn but in doing so he finds a gateway to another world.

star 7.53
139 votes
Cygnus Alpha

#6 - Cygnus Alpha

Blake's 7 Season 1 - Episode 3

Blake tries to rescue the remaining prisoners from the prison planet Cygnus Alpha only to find they have a disease that can be cured by the power mad high priest Vargas

star 7.53
198 votes

#7 - Killer

Blake's 7 Season 2 - Episode 7

The Liberator crew journey to a planet where a friend of Avon's works, in order to get TP crystals. The derelict spaceship K-47 is retrieved, and an on-board virus spreads throughout the complex.

star 7.52
149 votes
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#8 - Seek-Locate-Destroy

Blake's 7 Season 1 - Episode 6

The crew steals a Federation deciphering unit and accidently leave Cally behind. Travis finds her and decides to used her in a hostage trap for Blake.

star 7.43
224 votes

#9 - Countdown

Blake's 7 Season 2 - Episode 9

The crew travels to the planet Albian in search of information on the location of the Federation computer system Star One. Avon defuses a bomb with the help of Del Grant, who had thought Avon deserted his sister.

star 7.18
126 votes

#10 - Breakdown

Blake's 7 Season 1 - Episode 10

Gan's limiter malfunctions, and the crew go to space station XK-72 to have it repaired, at the risk of being discovered. The neurosurgeon notifies the Federation and delays surgery long enough for Federation forces to arrive.

star 7.13
214 votes
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#11 - Hostage

Blake's 7 Season 2 - Episode 8

The Liberator is ambushed by several Federation ships. Travis captures Blake's cousin. He claims to want to join Blake's crew.

star 7.09
150 votes
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#12 - Moloch

Blake's 7 Season 3 - Episode 11

Tarrant is teleported into a spaceship bound for the invisible planet Sardos, which the crew of Liberator discover after nearly crashing into it. Servalan is interested in the matter replication technology developed by the inhabitants of the planet.

star 7.08
170 votes
Train and De-train

#13 - Train and De-train

Doomwatch Season 1 - Episode 10

A small boy runs across a field into a forest, snapping a stick of a tree as he goes. Stick in hand he pauses by a tree to catch his breath while looking around the forest. He hears a noise from the tree above which scares him and he runs off. He sees a squirrel in the tree and throws the stick at it and hides behind another tree. He makes his way up the tree trying to reach the squirrel he threw the stick at. As he gets close the animal falls stiffly from the tree. The squirrel lies dead on the forest floor....

star 0.00
0 votes