The Best Episodes Directed by Tsuyoshi Kaga

Magma Diver

#1 - Magma Diver

Neon Genesis Evangelion Season 1 - Episode 10

The Eva pilots are disappointed to find out that they are not allowed to go on their class trip to Okinawa, because they have to stay at Tokyo-3 to stay on-call in case of an Angel attack. Meanwhile, a new Angel is discovered in a chrysalis-like developmental stage deep within the magma of the volcano Mount Asama. Nerv seizes the opportunity to capture a live Angel for research; it is decided to send Eva-02 into the magma while wearing a super-cooled diving suit along with capture equipment. However, the Angel quickly matures and breaks containment, and Asuka is forced to battle it deep within the magma of the volcano.

star 7.69
274 votes
Hedgehog's Dilemma

#2 - Hedgehog's Dilemma

Neon Genesis Evangelion Season 1 - Episode 4

Misato is upset with Shinji for ignoring her orders in the last Angel battle, and he is so overcome by the stress of being an Eva pilot that he runs away. After wandering around Tokyo-3 for several days, Shinji is faced with the choice of quitting or staying in his new home.

star 7.48
351 votes