The BEST episodes directed by Tsurumi Mukoyama

New Future
159 votes

#1 - New Future

Black Clover - Season 1 - Episode 94

After receiving an emergency message from Julius’s aide, Marx, Yami hurries to the scene of Julius and Licht’s battle. However, once he gets there, he sees an unbelievable sight. Meanwhile, the Royal Knights continued their battle at the Eye of the Midnight Sun’s hideout. Captain Mereoleona had the final member of the Third Eye, Raia, cornered. Seeing no way out, Raia was about to activate a self-destruct spell when Asta nullifies his spell and then gives him a piece of his mind.

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The Devil Binding Ritual
106 votes

#2 - The Devil Binding Ritual

Black Clover - Season 1 - Episode 169

Noelle and others were involved in the explosions that Vanica caused back in the Heart Kingdom and left unconscious. When they woke up, they found themselves in the new home of the elves that was located in a strong magic region just beyond the Heart Kingdom. There, Noelle has an unexpected reunion. Meanwhile, Asta was learning from Nacht how to control his devil powers, but it was a very dangerous method. But in order to save Yami from the Dark Triad, Asta decides to undergo this trial.

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The Final Pair
34 votes

#3 - The Final Pair

Shadows House - Season 1 - Episode 10

Kate and Emilico's fate hangs in the balance as Edward's carefully staged debut heads into its grand finale. Shirley and Rum have a breakthrough, but is it too little, too late? Meanwhile, the third-floor shadows continue to question Edward's methods.

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The Only Weapon
164 votes

#4 - The Only Weapon

Black Clover - Season 1 - Episode 47

Despite being greatly injured in the battle against Vetto, Asta stands up to face him again. Seeing this, Vanessa and Finral come to assist Asta, too.

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The Messenger from the Spade Kingdom
113 votes

#5 - The Messenger from the Spade Kingdom

Black Clover - Season 1 - Episode 160

The messenger tells Yuno about his past. The Golden Dawn's headquarters is attacked.

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The Riot in New Scotland Yard
27 votes

#6 - The Riot in New Scotland Yard

Moriarty the Patriot - Season 1 - Episode 17

A culprit is arrested in the Jack the Ripper case which was solved by the Moriartys. Suspecting a frame-up by Arterton, Lestrade asks Sherlock for help in finding evidence that would prove it. Meanwhile, Paterson works to sneak Bonde inside the station.

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Burn It into You
143 votes

#7 - Burn It into You

Black Clover - Season 1 - Episode 83

Langris manages to send several spatial attacks past Zora's trap, but Zora reveals he had inscribed a trap onto his own body and Langris' spells are reflected back at him. Langris survives using even more powerful magic while Zora is left exhausted. Langris boasts of his superiority and attacks the weakened Zora but has his spells nullified by Asta in his demon form. Asta admits he admires Langris' abilities but has no respect for his forgetting that the exam was supposed to be about working together. Langris tries killing Asta but is knocked out, causing his crystal to be destroyed. At the same moment Asta's own crystal falls apart and their match is declared a draw. As always Zora both mocks and gives advice to everyone, including himself for not trusting his teammates. Asta passes out surrounded by all the magic knights who agree they must work together. The next match is Luck's team against Captain Rill's. Luck, Klaus and Puli combine their magic into a super-fast lightning arrow, but Rill redirects it, destroying their crystal instantly. In the next match Yuno beats the opposing team by himself without help from Noelle or En. The Wizard King announces that the final match will be Yuno, Noelle and En versus Captain Rill's team.

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The Eyes in the Mirror
123 votes

#8 - The Eyes in the Mirror

Black Clover - Season 1 - Episode 111

Due to Captain Dorothy’s magic, Vanessa, who can use magic to alter fate and Charmy, who can use magic to recover mana had disappeared. Asta and the remaining Black Bulls have lost the bulk of their defense and are now struggling against Gauche and Marie’s combo magic being used against them. Meanwhile, Vanessa and her team try to figure out how to get out of Captain Dorothy’s dream world.

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The Magic Knights Captain Conference
166 votes

#9 - The Magic Knights Captain Conference

Black Clover - Season 1 - Episode 38

The Wizard King summons Asta after his work dealing with the Eye of the Midnight Sun. Yami tells Asta he can come with him to the royal capital, since he has to go to a conference of all the Magic Knights Captains.

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St. Elmo’s Fire
131 votes

#10 - St. Elmo’s Fire

Black Clover - Season 1 - Episode 72

Asta and Yuno end up seeing Mereoleona scolding the members of the Crimson Lion Kings after the Star Festival. Mereoleona is the older sister of their former captain, Fuegoleon, and was unhappy with their performance at the Star Festival. She calls her brother a fool and Leopold and the other squad members defend him. She then says they're going to a volcano for a training camp and also ends up taking Asta, Yuno, Yami, Charlotte and Noelle with them as well...

176 votes

#11 - Light

Black Clover - Season 1 - Episode 27

The one who saved Asta from the group calling themselves the Eye of the Midnight Sun was the Wizard King, Julius, who was waiting for them at their base. Asta and the members of the Eye of the Midnight Sun are in awe of Julius’s power.

The Man Named Fanzell, Continued
150 votes

#12 - The Man Named Fanzell, Continued

Black Clover - Season 1 - Episode 56

A few months after being trained by Fanzell, he suddenly shows up at the Black Bulls' base. Fanzell recognized Noelle's staff and wanted to ask her about it. It was created by his fiancee, Domina, and he was thankful to find another clue as to her whereabouts. But then, more assassins who are after Fanzell also appear at the Black Bulls' base...

The Blue Rose's Confession
124 votes

#13 - The Blue Rose's Confession

Black Clover - Season 1 - Episode 126

The Black Bulls were ordered by the Wizard King to investigate the devils. Yami takes Asta and Nero and goes to talk to Captain Charlotte of the Blue Rose Knights, since she has experience with forbidden magic and curses. But when they get there, Charlotte suddenly runs off somewhere and they’re all in shock. Charlotte had memories of while Charla took over her body and fears that Yami had found out her true feelings and she ended up panicking. But then, she makes a decision.

A Black Deep-Sea Story
115 votes

#14 - A Black Deep-Sea Story

Black Clover - Season 1 - Episode 136

Noelle and the other Black Bulls head to Racquey to do some training, when Noelle hears a mysterious voice. Shortly after, the Black Bulls are reunited with Kahono and Kiato. The siblings ask them for help and they head down to the Underwater Temple. There, Gifso explains that a creature called the guardian has gone berserk, so in order to quell its rage, Kahono and Kiato need to present it with their song and dance. Gifso asks the Black Bulls to act as their bodyguards and Yami appoints Noelle and Finral for the job.

The Maidens' Challenge
89 votes

#15 - The Maidens' Challenge

Black Clover - Season 1 - Episode 150

To prepare for the upcoming battle against the devil, Grey decides that she needs to get over her shyness and be able to face her friends first before anything else. Meanwhile, Captain Charlotte trains with her squad.

The Secret of the Eye of the Midnight Sun
155 votes

#16 - The Secret of the Eye of the Midnight Sun

Black Clover - Season 1 - Episode 66

Asta and the others safely return to the Black Bulls' base after defeating the Eye of the Midnight Sun and the Diamond Kingdom in the Witches' Forest. Now that Asta's arms have healed, the Black Bulls as well as Yuno, Klaus, and Mimosa are relieved. However, there's no telling when the Eye of the Midnight Sun or the Diamond Kingdom will try to attack the Clover Kingdom again. Klaus then brings up a proposal to Yuno and Mimosa.