The Best Episodes Directed by Toshinori Narita

The Cotton Changeling

#1 - The Cotton Changeling

Mushi-Shi Season 1 - Episode 21

A lady named Aki discovered a green stain on her wedding gown, one year later she gave birth to a boy who, now grown up, has the same marks on his body. It turns out that the boy was originally born not as a human but as some shapeless green blob, which then turned into a human. Her husband asks for Ginko's help yet he is unable to save her son because it's the work of a "Watahaki".

star 8.91
86 votes
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Journey in the Field of Fire

#2 - Journey in the Field of Fire

Mushi-Shi Season 1 - Episode 24

"Build a fire - night comes... Light a fire - darkness comes... Hide the fire - flames arisen from corpses creep in..." Ginko meets another Mushi-shi, which happens to be a young lady called Yahagi and surrounding the village she lives in is a new variety of Mushi growing on the mountain's fields. It's becoming so bad that the village people are at risk and as a last resort they plan to burn the entire mountain but Ginko doesn't think that this is the right option.

star 8.60
85 votes
Where Sea Meets Man

#3 - Where Sea Meets Man

Mushi-Shi Season 1 - Episode 8

Ginko is waiting along the sea shore, for a transport to get him across the bay when he meets a man called Shirou, who lost his wife under strange circumstances. Ginko seems interested and decides to listen to his story about how he lost his wife in a swarm of sea snakes, during fog. Ginko later comes back with information on the Mushi that caused the bizarre events.

star 8.58
106 votes
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Trouble at the Girl's Dorm

#4 - Trouble at the Girl's Dorm

Green Green Season 1 - Episode 4

Futaba realizes she is starting to develop feelings for Yuusuke. Midori notices this and confronts Yuusuke about Futaba. That evening, the Baka Trio (and a reluctant Yuusuke) attempt to break into the girls' dormitory while the girls are asleep.

star 7.01
66 votes
Soaking Wet by the Pool

#5 - Soaking Wet by the Pool

Green Green Season 1 - Episode 7

After repeated failures to win Futaba's heart by following the dubious recommendations of a dating guidebook, Hikaru turns to Midori for help, with the rest of the Baka Trio in tow. Unfortunately, they take her suggestion to put themselves in the girls' position much too literally.

star 6.77
94 votes