The Best Episodes Directed by Tomoyuki Kurokawa

A Woman Who Quarrels

#1 - A Woman Who Quarrels

El Cazador de la Bruja Season 1 - Episode 18

Nadie accidentally breaks Ellis's amulet, causing her to get angry, refusing to talk to Nadie anymore. They encounter a roadhouse where an old man offers them a place to stay. It is soon discovered that old man is not what he appears to be.

star 9.79
28 votes
A Woman Uncertain

#2 - A Woman Uncertain

El Cazador de la Bruja Season 1 - Episode 23

With Nadie currently in the hospital from her injuries received in the previous episode, Blue Eyes explains the history of witches and their powers. When Nadie recovers and Blue Eyes's explanation complete, Ellis decides it best to leave her side out of fear that she'll harm those she cares about most. Ellis seeks out L.A. and she proposes that they go someplace far away together. Ignoring Blue Eyes's suggestion that she leave Ellis be, Nadie decides what she truly wants and seeks out Ellis knowing that they both need the one closest to them right now. L.A. scares off Ellis when he goes temporarily insane from Rosenberg's influence. With Blue Eyes's help, Nadie finds Ellis and explains to her that she'll always be by her side no matter what. The next day, the two girls meet Rosenberg for the first time.

star 9.79
28 votes
Determination's End

#3 - Determination's End

Murder Princess Season 1 - Episode 6

Falis, Milano, and the rest of the group returns to the kingdom in order to stop Kaito from using Teoria. However, they also decide to use the powers of Teoria to switch their bodies back to their original ways. Unfortunately, Kaito makes it to the Teorial chamber first, knocking out Falis and capturing Milano. Kaito then wishes for the entire world to end, activating Teoria's great power.

star 9.76
59 votes
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#4 - Fate

Murder Princess Season 1 - Episode 5

Falis, Alita and their companions manage to evade capture thanks to a group of travelling entertainers. When they stop to take a break, they begin to discuss the circumstances behind everything that has transpired so far. It turns out that the root cause to all this is the Lost Technology, which was entrusted to the House Forland after the demise of the Old World and is protected by a seal that can only be opened by female members of the House.

star 9.75
60 votes
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#5 - Return

Murder Princess Season 1 - Episode 3

Falis and Alita get into an argument, and Falis goes off to vent her steam on the encroaching goblins. During this time, Akamashi's aides kidnap Alita and interrogate her about her real identity and about the "key". Falis goes to the rescue but is coerced into dropping her weapon. A swordsman then leaps onto the scene and saves the day; he turns out to be none other than Prince Kaito, Alita's brother.

star 9.74
61 votes
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#6 - Exile

Murder Princess Season 1 - Episode 4

Since the prince has returned and is soon to be crowned, Falis plans to leave the next day. Alita says she'll be lonely, but she's told Falis will return when she finds a way to swap bodies again. Later in the evening, Falis is called by the mysterious hooded woman and led into a secret chamber in the castle. They fight and Alita and the others come down to help her, but they run into the two androids and the professor. Suddenly the professor is stabbed by the black armored knight, and the two androids are also defeated. Falis is badly beaten by the knight, who reveals himself to be Kaito in front of all the guests. He claims that Falis is a false princess and that the others are rebels. The four of them are forced to flee the kingdom and Kaito is crowned as king.

star 9.73
60 votes
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#7 - Coronation

Murder Princess Season 1 - Episode 2

Falis, now in the body of Alita, liberates the Forland castle from Dr. Akamashi and his henchrobots, Ana and Yuna. The real Alita, now in the body of Falis, assumes the role of Jodu's deceased granddaughter Milano, who died while acting as a substitute for Alita. In Alita's place, Falis is crowned as the Queen of Forland. However, the coronation parade is disturbed by Dr. Akamashi's evil plans.

star 9.59
63 votes
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Dash Through Those Brilliant Days

#8 - Dash Through Those Brilliant Days

The Pet Girl of Sakurasou Season 1 - Episode 22

Mashiro leaves the Sakura home and is leaving everything behind. As the Sakura-sō residents notice she is missing they go on a frantic search for Mashiro. While on search, Nanami has her chance to tell Sorata her promised message ("I love you"), but instead goes a different route. As Sorata finds Mashiro at the station, he pours his heart out telling her it's not the same if she leaves.

star 9.34
98 votes

#9 - Birth

Murder Princess Season 1 - Episode 1

Dr. Akamashi initiates a coup d’etat in the Forland kingdom, forcing Alita, the Forland princess, to flee in the hopes of reaching her brother. A short while later in a border forest, Alita accidentally pushes the bounty hunter Falis off a cliff while fleeing from the forest guardian beast who killed her entourage of castle guards. This results in Alita and Falis switching bodies due to the near-death experience. Falis accepts Alita's plea to protect the Forland kingdom after Alita offers her own body and soul as collateral.

star 9.29
68 votes
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I've Always Loved You

#10 - I've Always Loved You

The Pet Girl of Sakurasou Season 1 - Episode 16

Sorata's presentation day is today, and Nanami asks Misaki if she can use the new script Jin sent for her audition. At the presentation, Sorata confidently explains his game, but he is informed that it is too difficult for the game company to fund his design. However, he is given the opportunity to work with one of the production team members and judges, Fujisawa Kazuki, to improve the game design for the next round. Later, Mashiro expresses her jealousy and loneliness in the dinner, as Sorata responds nonchalantly, but he shows his gratitude for the picture she had drawn before. At night, Nanami asks Sorata to help her practice the script, but Sorata becomes nervous at some of the romantic lines. Nanami reminds herself of her feelings for Sorata; Mashiro watches them practice, and talks about her anxiety at seeing the two together with Ayano, who gives her several romance manga to read. Two days before Valentine's Day, Yūko arrives at Sakurasou to prepare for her entrance exams. In the end, Yūko whispers to Sorata to pick between Nanami or Mashiro, reminding him of his father's words.

star 9.00
101 votes
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The Forbidden Room

#11 - The Forbidden Room

Psychic Detective Yakumo Season 1 - Episode 1

After visiting an abandoned building, one of Haruka Ozawa's friends appears to be possessed by a spirit, and another commits suicide. In desperation she turns to Yakumo Saitou, a lackadaisical college student who is rumored to have supernatural abilities. Born with one red eye through which he can communicate with the dead, he agrees to solve Haruka's mystery, for a fee. Haruka remains skeptical, until Yakumo conveys a message to her from her dead twin sister. Yakumo begins to investigate and asks for some help from a detective he knows, Gotou Kazutoshi, who then becomes involved in the case when Yakumo uncovers that the hauntings are actually the result of a serial killer. The killer fearing being discovered kidnaps Haruka and sets fire to the building to cover up his crimes. Yakumo figures out where Haruka is taken to with help from her deceased sister and comes just in time to save Haruka. However the culprit escapes and sets fire to the building. Yakumo and Haruka escape the fire, and the killer is arrested by Gotou.

star 8.82
66 votes

#12 - Exodus

Guilty Crown Season 1 - Episode 17

As the blockade gets closer to the school , causing fear amongst the students, Shu become more ruthless to maintain order. Yahiro warns him the students will hate him if he continues acting like this, but Shu insists it's necessary or they might end up dying like Hare. Arisa, traumatized after being attacked by Inori, is contacted by an unknown individual (later to be revealed as Segai), who convinces her to turn the students against Shu. Arisa seduces Hirohide and convinces him to secretly spread a rumor to the students that they will die if their Voids are destroyed and Shu is keeping it a secret, creating greater resentment against him.

star 8.48
159 votes
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#13 - Confession

Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom Season 1 - Episode 16

To appease Godoh, Claudia shoots and kills Isaac as the one responsible for the sniper attack. Later, Reiji confides to Lizzie that the sniping occurred after Randy Weber was killed, which means it wasn't part of Isaac's plan. Reiji plants the money that Cal stole at Wisemel's mansion to implicate him further in his treachery. Cal offers to help Reiji in his assassinations, he doesn't want her to get involved any further but Cal still wants to help Reiji, as she feels isolated as Reiji is alone in this assassin lifestyle. Cal wants to be Reiji, with him Forever. Though Reiji feels that with Cal here, Cal won't have to help him with his Phantom work as he will stop his current life so he can be with Cal. After confirming Isaac's treachery, McGuire makes Claudia his new second-in-command. Scythe Master frames Reiji for killing Godoh's man after he shows them an incriminating photo of him. Reiji receives a call from Lizzie, telling him to help her deal with some restless remnants of Isaac's Bloodies. Cal disappointed that she won't be able to spend the day together with Reiji Sighs. But as Reiji leaves he says 'we have penalty of time, aren't we going to be together forever' Unknown to him, Lizzie is being used by the Godoh group to lure him out.

star 8.30
71 votes
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#14 - Succession

Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom Season 1 - Episode 11

Three months after Reiji's near fatal death at the hands of the Scythe Master in the wharf district of San Francisco, Inferno was able to take control of some of the crime families in the eastern area of the United States and integrate them under Inferno control under Claudia's command. Isaac confides to Raymond that Claudia may be acting suspicious after the conference. Claudia was later seen to be visiting the grave of Romero McCunnen. Reiji, now taking the codename of Zwei again after recovering from his wounds, is declared to be Phantom by Raymond after killing off multiple gunmen at an unknown warehouse complex.

star 8.18
74 votes
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#15 - Conflagration

Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom Season 1 - Episode 6

The surviving members of Tony's mafia plan revenge against Inferno by planning to release crucial information on certain mobsters who are suspecting of supporting Inferno from behind the scenes to discredit them and be eliminated from the inside. However, Inferno plans to conduct an assassination spree on all anti-Inferno mafia personalities in the West Coast of the United States with Ein and Zwei being in the forefront working with Lizzie to carry out the assassinations on the orders of its top leaders under insistence from Claudia. Thanks to their efforts, Inferno was able to consolidate their influence in the area.

star 7.96
110 votes
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#16 - Practice

Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom Season 1 - Episode 3

After more training with Ein, Zwei is going to be tested. He has to kill a man named Captain Wallace of the Navy SEALs, who sold weapons to Inferno, but because they weren't his only costumers and he sold many weapons to terrorists. Wallace eventually sullied the name of Inferno and put them in danger of being suspected by the FBI after an FBI agent was found dead in Mexico, forcing him to beat Zwei and defeat him in a duel to the death in order to allow Inferno in rebuilding his life all over again. After hesitation of killing Wallace and almost being killed by him, his assassination skills awake and he shoots Wallace in his head after wounding him by using a combat knife to stab him in Wallace's right arm.

star 7.95
111 votes
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Riot in the Streets

#17 - Riot in the Streets

Dragonar Academy Season 1 - Episode 3

A massive dragon attacks the town and its up to the student council members to help out. While fighting it, Eco is captured by this dragon, and its up to Ash to save her and defeat the dragon; with some help of course.

star 7.84
63 votes
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The Innocent Wanderer

#18 - The Innocent Wanderer

Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE Season 1 - Episode 4

Sakura is awake and is checking out the town. However, she wakes up without Syaoran, Fai, Kurogane, and Mokana knowing it until it was too late. Things get worse when the leader of the invading gang recognizes her from his encounter with Syaoran and concocts a devious scheme.

star 7.58
153 votes
The Star-Branded Dragonar

#19 - The Star-Branded Dragonar

Dragonar Academy Season 1 - Episode 12

The evil group completes their plan and force Eco into her dragon form, who is then possessed by the spirit who formally resided in Silvia's brother's body. Eco loses control of her body and wreaks havoc on the city, causing Ash to jump into action. Ash ventures into Eco's mind, fights and defeats the spirit, returning Eco to her human form, saving the city.

star 7.53
56 votes
Yggdrasil Rising

#20 - Yggdrasil Rising

Dragonar Academy Season 1 - Episode 11

After a realization that she will never be with Ash, Eco runs off. While outside and away from everyone, Eco is kidnapped by the evil group. While Silvia and Ash search for her, they find out she was abducted. After they realize this, they go to rescue her.

star 7.52
57 votes
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Assembly in Fontaine

#21 - Assembly in Fontaine

Dragonar Academy Season 1 - Episode 10

Silvia, Ash, and Eco are invited to the capital by Silvia's father so he can meet them. Upon reaching the capital, Silvia meets up with her father while Ash and Eco explore the city. Once Ash meets Silvia's father, he appoints him as Dragonar. Meanwhile, an evil group plots behind the scenes, waiting to start their plan to kidnap Eco and awaken her dragon form.

star 7.50
57 votes
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Awakening to Simplicity

#22 - Awakening to Simplicity

Baby Steps Season 2 - Episode 4

In his final day in Florida Alex agrees to play a best-of-3 match with Eiichirō. Alex realizes that Eiichirō's notes contain all of his weaknesses and that he will have to adjust his play style to win the match. Alex willingly loses the first set to get used to a new stroke, and Eiichirō is unable to fully take advantage of it in his data. As Alex's play style continues to evolve, Eiichirō realizes he will need to hit easy shots at the Pro to grow the most and find a new weakness.

star 7.47
15 votes
Blue Brionac

#23 - Blue Brionac

Dragonar Academy Season 1 - Episode 6

Veronica orders Silvia to pray for forgiveness for her weakness at the church, but while there, the church is taken over by a group of bandits led by the guerilla, Avdocha Kiltzkaya, who threatens to bomb the church with everyone in it. Ash goes in to negotiate with her, while Veronica initiates her plan to save everyone (even though initially she planned to let Avdocha Kiltzkaya blow up the church), ultimately resulting in Silvia and the citizens being saved.

star 7.38
59 votes
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Moonlit Roar

#24 - Moonlit Roar

Dragonar Academy Season 1 - Episode 8

After arriving at the training camp, the student council continues their efforts to talk to Gawain. After managing to get on Gawain's back, Ash is knocked out and speaks with Gawain in the Highdragon Workshop. While there, Ash finds out that the reason Gawain will not let Lucca ride him is because the two had an accident recently, and he doesn't want to put her in danger like he did before.

star 7.33
56 votes
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Lucca Saarinen

#25 - Lucca Saarinen

Dragonar Academy Season 1 - Episode 7

After Ash is chosen to go to a training camp, they find out about the last student council member named Lucca . Lucca has a greater reputation than that of the student council president, but she has a problem with her Dragon, Gawain, and its up to the student council members as friends to help her.

star 7.30
59 votes
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Ties That Bind: The Astral Flow

#26 - Ties That Bind: The Astral Flow

Dragonar Academy Season 1 - Episode 2

Ash's pal is born, and is named Eco by him. But she isn't what he expects. Later, while out shopping with Eco, she is kidnapped by Angela Cornwell, only to be rescued by Ash and the Princess.

star 7.25
66 votes
Dragon Dance

#27 - Dragon Dance

Dragonar Academy Season 1 - Episode 9

After Gawain goes missing, it is up to Ash, Silvia, and Eco to help Lucca find him. Meanwhile, the camp is attacked by a horde of Nercomania, while students and staff fight them off. The group finds Gawain, but Milgauss is there with a large Necromancia Dragon. The group defeats him and the dragon, killing the Necromancia dragons at the school, and rescue Gawain.

star 7.25
56 votes
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Iron Blood Valkyrie

#28 - Iron Blood Valkyrie

Dragonar Academy Season 1 - Episode 4

After having defeated the dragon, a fan club is set up by some students looking for the identity of the Sliver Knight that defeated the dragon, and Ash must keep his identity as the Silver Knight secret. Meanwhile, Silvia's sister, Veronica, the First Princess, decides to visit her little sister at the academy.

star 7.20
60 votes
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Ice Blue Princess

#29 - Ice Blue Princess

Dragonar Academy Season 1 - Episode 5

After Veronica humiliates Silvia in public, she tells her of plans to engage her to a knight.

star 7.02
61 votes
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A Boy and His Dragon

#30 - A Boy and His Dragon

Dragonar Academy Season 1 - Episode 1

Ash finds himself in a bit of trouble with the Princess Silvia when she insults his pal, and must race her to prove her wrong.

star 6.99
68 votes
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The Enemy, a Noble Primate

#31 - The Enemy, a Noble Primate

Juni Taisen: Zodiac War Season 1 - Episode 4

Shin's warrior, Sharyu, is a powerful and unrivaled warrior who has the skills to freely manipulate liquids, individuals, and gases under the guidance of his masters, water monkeys, rock monkeys, and vaporized monkeys. However, she believes in using that power in the right direction, and has led numerous battles to a ceasefire with high bargaining power over battlefields around the world. Even in the Twelve Wars, the sand grains trying to find the way to peace are the only ones asked by the child warrior, the mouse, who responded to peace, whether it makes sense to save such a crappy human being. I remember my experience on a battlefield

star 6.76
62 votes
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