The Best Episodes Directed by Tom Savini

Family Reunion

#1 - Family Reunion

Tales from the Darkside Season 4 - Episode 16

Janice, a young mother, swears to a social worker, Trudy, that her husband Robert kidnapped their son Bobby six months ago and she hasn't seen either of them since. Trudy agrees to find the father and son, but discovers that everything isn't what she was led to believe.

star 7.83
11 votes
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Inside the Closet

#2 - Inside the Closet

Tales from the Darkside Season 1 - Episode 7

A student takes a room with an abrupt, somewhat rude anthropology professor. He instructs her never to open the small door in the back of her closet. Hearing strange noises, she eventually opens the door and finds the chamber beyond occupied by a small, hairless-monkey sort of a creature. It kills her and goes after the professor...only to reveal that it is his deformed daughter, which he lovingly dotes on.

star 7.61
74 votes
Halloween Candy

#3 - Halloween Candy

Tales from the Darkside Season 2 - Episode 5

A mean old man harboring an intense hatred for the celebration of Halloween is left alone by his son to hand out candy to the neighborhood children. The old man initially ignores the trick-or-treaters, but later cruelly fills their bags with a mixture of syrup and cleaning fluid. Satisfied, the old man retreats to his armchair to watch television, when a goblin-like creature pays him a visit. The creature relentlessly asks the old man for candy and he eventually shuts himself inside the house to avoid it. He suddenly realizes that he is unable to make phone calls as the goblin continues to stalk him from outside the house. Finally deciding to confront the creature, the old man walks out to the porch, only to discover that the goblin has vanished. He goes back into the house and looks out the window one last time. As he closes the curtain, he is confronted face-to-face by the creature inside the house, who again asks him for candy. Shocked and frightened, he falls to the floor and passe

star 7.59
79 votes
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Gray Matter / The House of the Head

#4 - Gray Matter / The House of the Head

Creepshow Season 1 - Episode 1

After the death of a loved one, a drinking habit becomes insatiable. Then, dolls are Evie’s favorite companions, but when a severed toy head appears in her dollhouse, Evie can no longer protect them.

star 7.21
638 votes
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