The Best Episodes Directed by Tom Mclaughlin

The Prophecies (2)

#1 - The Prophecies (2)

Friday the 13th: The Series Season 3 - Episode 2

Micki and Ryan get word of Jack's injury at the end of the preceding episode. They travel to Marie-Mere with Johnny Ventura to investigate and try to recover Lucifer's Bible. Asteroth uses the Bible to take control of Ryan, who must then kill an innocent child to fulfill the final prophecy that signifies Satan's arrival upon Earth. Ultimately, Jack recovers and he, Micki and Johnny manage to thwart Asteroth. However, the ritual turns Ryan into a 10-year old permanently. He leaves with his mother, and Johnny takes his place.

star 7.89
6 votes
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The Prophecies (1)

#2 - The Prophecies (1)

Friday the 13th: The Series Season 3 - Episode 1

Part one of this two-parter features Jack travelling to Marie-Mere in France on the trail of a cursed tome, Lucifer's Bible. The town is a holy site, with a fountain that cures the sick and dying. However, a priest of Satan, Asteroth, has the Bible and is using it to fulfull a series of prophecies that will culminate with the arrival of Satan on Earth. Meanwhile, Ryan is re-united with his mother, and the two deal with the death of his brother years ago over which Ryan is still guilty. The episode ends with Jack knocked through a window and put into a coma after a confrontation with Asteroth.

star 7.53
12 votes
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Master of Disguise

#3 - Master of Disguise

Friday the 13th: The Series Season 2 - Episode 6

The trio become involved in a movie production when they loan some (non-cursed) antiques out to a set. Handsome actor William Pratt is the star, and Micki and he soon fall in love. Unfortunately, Pratt has two secrets: he is actually a disfigured ""monster"" actor named Jeff Amory, and he owns an antique: a cursed make-up case that belonged to John Wilkes Booth. Using the case, Amory can temporarily hide his disfigurement by mixing a victim's blood in with the make-up. Unable to bring himself to kill Micki whom he truly loves, he reverts to his normal features but Micki loves him anyway. He is locked up and the make-up case returned to the Vault.

star 7.46
11 votes
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The Playhouse

#4 - The Playhouse

Friday the 13th: The Series Season 2 - Episode 12

Two children trapped in an abusive home stumble upon a cursed playhouse. The playhouse lets them enter a fantastical world of clown and parties in return for them luring in a child. The trail of missing runaways attact our trio's attention. Micki and Ryan have to enter the house where they confront its sinister presence. They manage to convince the two children to reject the house, which frees the other trapped children. The missing children are returned to their homes and the two siblings are put into a foster home.

star 7.17
10 votes
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The Riddle of Alan

#5 - The Riddle of Alan

Jumanji Season 2 - Episode 11

When Alan loses his memory, the kids take him on a river journey to find the truth about his past.

star 5.50
2 votes
Air Judy

#6 - Air Judy

Jumanji Season 2 - Episode 4

An attempt to escape Jumanji by plane leads to a cloud city of bird-people that is under attack by Ibsen's dirigible.

star 4.50
2 votes
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The Magic Chest

#7 - The Magic Chest

Jumanji Season 2 - Episode 9

Peter brings the Sand King's magic box of gold coins back from Jumanji only to discover that everyone who touches one of the coins turns into an animal.

star 4.00
2 votes