The Best Episodes Directed by Tom Connors

Return of Deathprobe (1)

#1 - Return of Deathprobe (1)

The Six Million Dollar Man Season 5 - Episode 14

A new, deadlier Venus probe is tested in a desolate area as a demonstration for Steve and Oscar, but a threat to Oscar to either hand over nuclear weaponry or see the probe set loose on the public forces Steve to find a way to stop the probe, even though it outmatches him in many ways.

star 9.20
49 votes
Return of Deathprobe (2)

#2 - Return of Deathprobe (2)

The Six Million Dollar Man Season 5 - Episode 15

When all physical assaults fail against the new Venus probe, Steve succeeds in tricking it into falling into a pit. However, when it starts drilling towards a city, Steve has a bigger problem than before.

star 9.18
46 votes
The Silent Partner

#3 - The Silent Partner

The Fall Guy Season 1 - Episode 21

To avoid being arrested for fraud, a country western singer frames his chauffeur for the murder of his ghost writer.

star 7.90
40 votes
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Deadly Music

#4 - Deadly Music

The Bionic Woman Season 3 - Episode 17

An enemy scientist invents a device that attracts sharks underwater, and Jaime becomes the intended victim.

star 7.30
6 votes
Skip Family Robinson

#5 - Skip Family Robinson

The Fall Guy Season 4 - Episode 22

Nick, the boss, has undergone plastic surgery, but Shelby can identify him and has a grudge against George. He promises his honest daughter that he will go straight if she will help him this one last time.

star 7.00
3 votes
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Two on a Skip

#6 - Two on a Skip

The Fall Guy Season 5 - Episode 18

Trench sends Colt after another bounty hunter who he thinks is taking too long and spending too much.

star 6.67
3 votes
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The Ghostly Teletype

#7 - The Ghostly Teletype

The Six Million Dollar Man Season 4 - Episode 23

Steve is framed for espionage when the writing on research papers for a special formula disappear before his very eyes. Seeking to prove himself, he runs afoul of a pair of twins seeking a cure for their rapid-aging disease, and the formula can provide them with what they need.

star 6.44
13 votes