The Best Episodes Directed by Tinge Krishnan

Chapter Seven: Father of Lies

#1 - Chapter Seven: Father of Lies

The Exorcist Season 1 - Episode 7

With no sign of their missing daughter, the Rance family begins to disintegrate; Marcus looks to Mother Bernadette for help with the latest problem; news of Casey's possession goes public and Father Bennett continues his probe into Tattersal.

star 7.79
2231 votes
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#2 - Nutcracker

Industry Season 1 - Episode 6

Sex, drugs, and secrets light up Pierpoint's annual holiday party, where Maxim's unexpected arrival aggravates tensions between Yasmin and Kenny, and Greg finds himself in a painful predicament after partying a little too hard with Robert and Usman. After confiding in Daria, Harper is blindsided by a meeting with Sara, the president of the London office.

star 7.16
85 votes
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Notting Hill

#3 - Notting Hill

Industry Season 1 - Episode 3

When Pierpoint loses a major client, the grads face their most challenging – and potentially rewarding – test to date: devising pitches to drive new business. After the dissolution of his team finds him reassigned to a disinterested new supervisor, a creative Gus partners with Robert to catch Clement’s attention. Meanwhile, as she navigates a complicated living situation with Yasmin, Harper attempts to juggle conflicting requests from Eric and Daria.

star 7.07
111 votes
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Quiet and Nice

#4 - Quiet and Nice

Industry Season 1 - Episode 2

With Harper struggling to find her feet in a new city, Pierpoint throws a morale-boosting appreciation dinner which sees her challenging a drunken, irate Kenny, while Gus alienates senior management by discussing his team’s future. Meanwhile, Yasmin comes face to face with the culture of her new team and takes her flirtation with Robert to risky new heights.

star 7.02
127 votes
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