The Best Episodes Directed by Tim Parsons

I Am the Walrus

#1 - I Am the Walrus

American Dad! Season 7 - Episode 13

When Steve challenges Stan for family dominance, Stan does everything he can to prove to Steve that he is the alpha male of the Smith house. Meanwhile, Hayley and Jeff seek marriage counseling when the honeymoon phase wears off.

star 7.79
1205 votes
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Permanent Record Wrecker

#2 - Permanent Record Wrecker

American Dad! Season 10 - Episode 18

When budget cuts result in Stan getting fired, his work experience is considered classified and he is forced to take a job at the store Steve manages; Roger makes a bet with an irritating coffee shop musician (Robin Thicke).

star 7.77
593 votes
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The Unincludeds

#3 - The Unincludeds

American Dad! Season 13 - Episode 11

Steve and Snot alter their futures when they throw a party for the uncool kids. Meanwhile, Roger is disgruntled when a waitress doesn't compliment his order.

star 7.76
1274 votes
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#4 - Hurricane!

American Dad! Season 8 - Episode 2

When a hurricane hits Langley Falls, the Smiths fight like mad to survive in their home. Part 3 of a three-part crossover with The Cleveland Show and Family Guy.

star 7.73
1634 votes
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The One That Got Away

#5 - The One That Got Away

American Dad! Season 5 - Episode 2

When Roger discovers that someone has maxed out his credit card, he is certain it is identify theft and is determined to bring down the crook. After playing "Matlock" for a few days and dishing out some street justice, he realizes things are not quite right and seem all too familiar.

star 7.68
1536 votes
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Rabbit Ears

#6 - Rabbit Ears

American Dad! Season 16 - Episode 4

Stan gets obsessed with a 1960s television show after picking up a secondhand TV. Roger decides to live as a baby and the family cares for him.

star 7.56
377 votes
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#7 - Crotchwalkers

American Dad! Season 10 - Episode 4

When Francine teaches Steve shoplifting techniques in an effort to look cool, Steve gets caught and sent to a sweatshop; Roger, Hayley and Klaus form a balalaika group.

star 7.49
781 votes
Standard Deviation

#8 - Standard Deviation

American Dad! Season 13 - Episode 22

To avoid a suicide mission, Stan must beat Bullock in a DJ battle; Jeff starts drinking psychedelic teas and builds an imaginary musical instrument with Roger's help.

star 7.48
1171 votes
The Hand that Rocks the Rogu

#9 - The Hand that Rocks the Rogu

American Dad! Season 16 - Episode 20

Steve babysits Roger's ex-tumor, Rogu, to prove to Francine that he's ready for the responsibility. Stan and Francine get into trouble in their respective clubs.

star 7.47
274 votes
Cops & Roger

#10 - Cops & Roger

American Dad! Season 6 - Episode 14

After Roger and Francine are victims of a mugging, Roger joins the police academy so he can learn how to defend himself and his loved ones (including Stan and Steve), but he falls in with a corrupt cop (guest voice Cannavale) who leads him astray. Meanwhile, Hayley's new friendship threatens her long-term relationship. Chaz kidnaps and leaves Stan tied up and tape-gagged. Meanwhile, Roger kills Chaz and rescues Stan, who makes his boss happy.

star 7.46
2339 votes

#11 - Railroaded

American Dad! Season 15 - Episode 10

Stan is frustrated with traffic so he goes to the mayor and proposes that the town build a bullet train, but the mayor laughs off the idea; Roger pushes Stan into running for mayor; Stan wins the election but finds himself overwhelmed.

star 7.44
545 votes
Man in the Moonbounce

#12 - Man in the Moonbounce

American Dad! Season 6 - Episode 5

Steve must become the man of the house when Stan re-lives his childhood.

star 7.43
1367 votes

#13 - Surro-Gate

American Dad! Season 4 - Episode 7

When Francine decides to be a surrogate for her gay neighbors Terry and Greg, Stan's Republican blood boils. Although he pretends to be happy, when the baby is born, Stan kidnaps her and heads to the Nebraska boarder, where gay couples have no rights. Meanwhile Steve and Roger pull a Howard Hughes and become reclusive after they think Klaus is out to get them.

star 7.40
1143 votes
Weiner of Our Discontent

#14 - Weiner of Our Discontent

American Dad! Season 5 - Episode 18

Stan has had enough of Roger's antics! When he calls Roger out, Roger claims he has been sent to Earth to determine the fate of mankind. Stan challenges him to prove it, and is tickled pink when he learns Roger's real purpose for being on Earth. Roger struggles to get a grip on reality until a fateful turn of events helps put things in perspective.

star 7.40
1298 votes
Camp Campawanda

#15 - Camp Campawanda

American Dad! Season 14 - Episode 13

Steve is upset when Snot threatens their summer camp fun by becoming a counselor-in-training; Hayley and Jeff are suspicious of Roger when he organizes a "Burning Man'" reenactment for their anniversary.

star 7.39
1045 votes
100 A.D. (1)

#16 - 100 A.D. (1)

American Dad! Season 7 - Episode 1

Stan offers a reward to the person who can stop Hayley and her old boyfriend from eloping.

star 7.37
2483 votes
The Nova Centauris-burgh Board of Tourism Presents: American Dad

#17 - The Nova Centauris-burgh Board of Tourism Presents: American Dad

American Dad! Season 13 - Episode 14

Francine joins Steve and his pals for a live-action role-playing game; Stan opens a Seaworld knock-off in the house.

star 7.20
1173 votes
Family Affair

#18 - Family Affair

American Dad! Season 5 - Episode 10

When the Smiths try to plan a family game night, Roger is full of excuses about prior commitments. However, when he is caught in a lie, the Smiths feel stabbed in the back when they realize Roger has been cheating on them with other families. Stan, Francine, Hayley and Steve go on the offensive to teach Roger a lesson about monogamy until Roger has a breakthrough about why he isn't a one family kind-of-guy.

star 7.03
1392 votes