The Best Episodes Directed by Thomas Schlamme

An Innocent Man (a.k.a You're No Jack McCallister)

#1 - An Innocent Man (a.k.a You're No Jack McCallister)

Jack & Bobby Season 1 - Episode 6

Grace is stunned after Benedict informs her that her fellow colleague and good friend has been accused of sexually harassing a student. Grace immediately defends her co-worker but must re-think her loyalty when new evidence arises. Meanwhile, Bobby is spending so much time with his new girlfriend, Dex (guest star Jeanette Brox), he begins to neglect his school work. Under pressure from Grace to succeed, Bobby cheats on his test. Still reeling from the guilt of kissing Courtney, Jack is horrified to discover she and Missy (Keri Lynn Pratt) have become friends. Lastly, in the future, President McCallister is accused of sexual harassment.

star 9.00
3 votes
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Growth Pains

#2 - Growth Pains

Chicago Hope Season 1 - Episode 17

After Aaron successfully removes a steel rod driven into a man's head in a workplace explosion, the patient miraculously suffers no motor or cognitive problems, but begins to exhibit severe personality changes that greatly upset his family and employees; when a patient in danger of dying from an intestinal obstruction caused by his habit of eating the hair he compulsively pulls from his head refuses the surgery that will save his life, Ray's unorthodox approach to treating the patient's underlying psychological disorder -- by getting Camille to assume the persona of Dorothy Gale from ""The Wizard of Oz"" and role play with the patient -- gets him fired, even though the treatment is ultimately successful; Alan's worst fears come to light when Alicia suffers heart failure, and he lashes out at Jeffrey in his anguish.

star 8.67
9 votes
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#3 - Pilot

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip Season 1 - Episode 1

The once great sketch comedy show 'Studio 60' is suddenly close to cancellation due not only to its less than stellar on-air product, but another, more unexpected type of action, its Executive Producer's on-air mental meltdown. So enter NBS Chairman of the board Jack Rudolph and a new network president, looking to put her mark on the struggling network, Jordan McDeere. This results in the re-hiring of Danny Tripp and Matt Albie to replace the former Executive Producer and hopefully save the show.

star 8.58
360 votes
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Virtual Reality

#4 - Virtual Reality

Mad About You Season 2 - Episode 15

Paul invests in a startup venture, bringing out a virtual-reality system with Ira, after a demo but without consulting Jamie, who reacts calmly to his actions, both real and imagined.

star 8.54
178 votes
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Two Cathedrals

#5 - Two Cathedrals

The West Wing Season 2 - Episode 22

On the day of Mrs. Landingham's funeral, the staff deals with a Haitian presidential crisis and the law suit against the big tobacco companies, and Bartlet must decide about running for reelection.

star 8.51
917 votes
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Three Men and a Lady

#6 - Three Men and a Lady

Chicago Hope Season 2 - Episode 13

Judge Aldrich's tenure as Alan's replacement is cut short by illness; Amy, an old friend of Danny's from medical school, joins the nursing staff and clashes with Camille over the care of a terminally ill patient; Kate and Billy hook up, but decide that they won't repeat the experience after they clash professionally during experimental laser surgery on an elderly cardiac patient; Amy rebuffs Danny's advances.

star 8.50
6 votes
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The Cold Open

#7 - The Cold Open

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip Season 1 - Episode 2

Now that they're on board, Matt and Danny try not to crumble under the pressure of putting on their first big show, where the stakes are outrageously high. Also high are the number of complaints the network is getting over the "Crazy Christians" sketch, which Jordan defends to Jack.

star 8.41
281 votes
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Married to the Job

#8 - Married to the Job

Mad About You Season 2 - Episode 4

An evening out at Riff's sees Paul complaining about his meddlesome new producer, and Jamie venting about her credit-claiming boss, who happens to be seated nearby.

star 8.39
193 votes
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The Disaster Show

#9 - The Disaster Show

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip Season 1 - Episode 17

Allison Janney, as herself, is the guest host of a show that goes haywire when the propmasters and cue card workers stage a last minute wildcat strike.

star 8.32
239 votes
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#10 - Jupiter

Manhattan Season 2 - Episode 10

A new era is ushered in with the first test of an atomic weapon.

star 8.23
432 votes
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The Quarantine

#11 - The Quarantine

Chicago Hope Season 1 - Episode 10

Tensions run high as hard truths ring out when Jeffrey, Danny, Camille, Maggie, Aaron, Arthur and Phillip are quarantined in an empty operating room after a possible exposure to Ebola; Jeffrey and Danny perform an emergency bypass after Arthur has a massive heart attack; Aaron and Camille reconcile.

star 8.21
14 votes
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So I Married a Hair Murderer

#12 - So I Married a Hair Murderer

Mad About You Season 2 - Episode 5

Paul is anything but pleased with Jamie, who has too much free time on her hands, and uses it to cut his hair and his film, improving on the original cut.

star 8.19
192 votes
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Natural History

#13 - Natural History

Mad About You Season 2 - Episode 7

What brought Paul and Jamie together? Was it fate or a big coincidence? Jamie's belief that it was fate annoys Paul to no end, especially because Jamie is spending more time with Lisa than with him.

star 8.19
191 votes
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The Late Show

#14 - The Late Show

Mad About You Season 2 - Episode 14

Fran tells Jamie that she may be pregnant, and Paul finds out from Ira that Ira may have gotten someone pregnant, but neither realizes that it is Ira who might have gotten Fran pregnant.

star 8.14
174 votes
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In the Shadow of Two Gunmen (1)

#15 - In the Shadow of Two Gunmen (1)

The West Wing Season 2 - Episode 1

While the staff awaits news regarding the injuries to Jed and Josh, they recall how Josh, Sam, and Toby became involved in the campaign three years earlier; Leo, Toby, and C.J. deal with inquiries on Secret Service protection policies, as well as the absence of executive authority while Jed was in surgery.

star 8.14
1085 votes
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The Unplanned Child

#16 - The Unplanned Child

Mad About You Season 2 - Episode 6

Paul's shooting schedule leaves it all up to Jamie to go out trick-or-treating on Halloween with his seven-year-old nephew, whose extended two-hour visit Paul forgot to mention to her.

star 8.14
189 votes
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What Kind of Day Has It Been

#17 - What Kind of Day Has It Been

The West Wing Season 1 - Episode 22

The staff deals with the crisis of an American pilot who was shot down in Iraq; Toby's brother is in danger on a space shuttle whose doors won't close; Bartlet and the senior staff walk into trouble as they leave a town meeting.

star 8.11
1092 votes
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In the Shadow of Two Gunmen (2)

#18 - In the Shadow of Two Gunmen (2)

The West Wing Season 2 - Episode 2

With the accomplice in custody, it's revealed that the intended target was Charlie, not Bartlet. The staff still awaits news about Josh, and recalls how C.J. and Donna came to join the Bartlet campaign.

star 8.10
1035 votes
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Murray's Tale

#19 - Murray's Tale

Mad About You Season 2 - Episode 1

Lisa takes Murray out for a walk and returns with a dog that obviously isn't him. Paul and Jamie go to the police whilst friends and family join the hunt for the real Murray. While reuniting with Murray, they meet the couple who own the better-behaved look-alike.

star 8.09
230 votes
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Same Time Next Week

#20 - Same Time Next Week

Mad About You Season 2 - Episode 13

Jamie and Paul must endure two months of separation when Paul has to shoot a film in Chicago, returning only for the weekends, weather permitting.

star 8.09
184 votes
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Cold Feet

#21 - Cold Feet

Mad About You Season 2 - Episode 16

A Valentine's Day story that begins with Jamie and Paul rink side at Rockefeller Center and moves back three years to the day they finally moved in together and ended up engaged.

star 8.08
145 votes
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Take This Sabbath Day

#22 - Take This Sabbath Day

The West Wing Season 1 - Episode 14

After the Supreme Court refuses to stay the execution of a convicted murderer, Bartlet has forty-eight hours to decide whether or not to commute the sentence; Josh faces off with Joey Lucas about his staff's not backing her candidate as vigorously as she'd like.

star 8.02
986 votes
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Bartlet for America

#23 - Bartlet for America

The West Wing Season 3 - Episode 9

The staff and the F.B.I. work to combat a threat to firebomb black churches in Tennessee on Christmas Eve; accompanied by Jordan, Leo testifies before the House committee probing Bartlet's failure to disclose his M.S. during the presidential campaign; Sam and Josh try unsuccessfully to get Leo out of the line of fire of a Congressman on the committee intent on destroying Leo to advance his own political career; surprisingly, Leo receives a last minute reprieve at the hands of the Majority Counsel and the committee Chair.

star 8.01
702 votes
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#24 - Pilot

The West Wing Season 1 - Episode 1

In the series premiere, the White House staff is being called into work in the early hours of the morning to the news that the President of the United States has crashed his bicycle into a tree, much to the enjoyment of the press. The staff must run damage control on this and a gaffe by Deputy Chief of Staff Josh Lyman who, after provocation by Christian activist Mary Marsh on a televised debate, quips "Lady, the God you pray to is too busy being indicted for tax fraud." Also, Deputy Communications Director Sam Seaborn meets and spends an evening with Laurie (Lisa Edelstein), not knowing she is a call girl, and then accidentally tells White House Chief of Staff Leo McGarry's daughter, Mallory O'Brien, about it.

star 7.97
1707 votes
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The Friday Night Slaughter

#25 - The Friday Night Slaughter

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip Season 1 - Episode 15

Matt takes a stroll down memory lane and recalls how he met Harriet

star 7.96
238 votes
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#26 - Bedfellows

Mad About You Season 2 - Episode 3

A heart attack scare sends Paul's father to the hospital, leaving his mother home alone, until Jamie tries to score some much needed points with her mother-in-law by offering to stay the night to keep her company.

star 7.95
218 votes
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Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc

#27 - Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc

The West Wing Season 1 - Episode 2

The Vice President refuses to fall in line with Bartlet; Sam discusses the problem of Laurie with Josh and Toby; the plane carrying President Bartlet's doctor, a naval officer, is shot down en route to Jordan; Bartlet hires Mandy as his consultant.

star 7.95
1451 votes
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Holy Night

#28 - Holy Night

The West Wing Season 4 - Episode 11

It's December 23, and the holiday brings several visitors to the White House: Zoey comes home with her new French boyfriend in tow; aided by Josh, Toby's father seeks a reconciliation; and Danny arrives bearing gifts of gold and a heads-up for C.J. about Shareef's death. Will moves into Sam's office at Toby's insistence, and is treated to some good-natured ribbing by the rest of the staff. Bartlet and Leo try to exorcise their guilt about Shareef by adding eleventh hour funding to combat infant mortality in the federal budget, and promoting peace in the Mideast, respectively.

star 7.93
850 votes
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The State Dinner

#29 - The State Dinner

The West Wing Season 1 - Episode 7

The president of Indonesia is honored at a state dinner; the staff deals with Hurricane Sarah, a potential teamster strike, and a raid involving children in Idaho; a reporter flirts with C.J.

star 7.93
1057 votes
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The Great Patriotic War

#30 - The Great Patriotic War

The Americans (2013) Season 6 - Episode 5

As the summit fast approaches, Elizabeth enlists Philip’s help for a mission that could yield game-changing intel.

star 7.93
1628 votes
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#31 - Noël

The West Wing Season 2 - Episode 10

Josh investigates the suicide of a pilot with whom he has things in common; Donna tries to get an invitation to the Congressional Christmas party to hear Yo-Yo Ma perform; Jed insists on signing a mountain of Christmas cards himself; after a White House visitor has a strange reaction to a painting, C.J. sets out to discover its provenance; following weeks of volatile behavior and an outburst in the Oval Office, Josh meets with representatives from the America Trauma Victims Association and finally deals with the trauma from his shooting.

star 7.83
874 votes
We Killed Yamamoto

#32 - We Killed Yamamoto

The West Wing Season 3 - Episode 20

While Jed, Leo and Fitzwallace grapple with terrorism and moral absolutes, Josh and Amy grapple with each other over a welfare-reform bill; Donna represents the White House at a North Dakota state-party caucus whose goal is to remove the word "North" from the state's name; Toby doesn't want Jed to attend a New York fund-raiser because Ritchie will be there; Charlie is assigned the responsibility of finding Jed a new secretary; C.J. discovers that Simon Donovan is a very straight shooter

star 7.83
773 votes
Special Powers

#33 - Special Powers

Sports Night Season 2 - Episode 1

Second Season Opener Isaac returns to the job, but the effects of his stroke appear to be affecting his performance. The 90-day ""cooling off period"" following Dana's canceled wedding is drawing to a close, and Dan encourages Casey to ask Dana out. Natalie and Jeremy fight over a job she's offered in Galveston, TX.

star 7.81
185 votes
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#34 - Perestroika

Manhattan Season 1 - Episode 13

Frank is given a life-changing opportunity. Charlie finds himself in the U.S. Army's hot seat.

star 7.80
657 votes
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Dana and the Deep Blue Sea

#35 - Dana and the Deep Blue Sea

Sports Night Season 1 - Episode 15

Having been rebuffed by Rebecca, Dan turns to Casey for help in dating her. Casey, still wrestling with his feelings for Dana, refuses. Next Dan turns to Jeremy in his efforts to be ""more than friends"" with Rebecca. Meanwhile, Dana agrees to go snorkeling with Gordon even though she is terrified of fish. Casey: ""Sometimes you just stand there -- hip-deep in pie."" Rebecca [to Jeremy]: ""Is everyone who works on your show deranged?""

star 7.80
157 votes
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#36 - Comrades

The Americans (2013) Season 2 - Episode 1

Elizabeth comes back from her injury and straight into what should have been a routine mission – but it goes awry, leaving her and Philip in fear not only for themselves but for their whole network… and family. Paige's suspicions have only grown in her mother's absence. Meanwhile, Stan continues to fall for the Russian agent who has started to play him.

star 7.78
3408 votes
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You Always Hurt the One You Love

#37 - You Always Hurt the One You Love

Manhattan Season 1 - Episode 1

Frank Winter and his team have been recruited to work on a project even they could know nothing about until their arrival. Once inside “The Hill,” a middle class bubble on a dusty foothill in the New Mexico desert, they begin to sense that this is no ordinary assignment. In fact, they are living in a town with the world’s highest concentration of geniuses, yet it can’t be found on any map, a place where men and women are torn between duty and their moral values, husbands and wives conceal the truth from each other and their families, the military keeps secrets from the scientists they chaperone, and the scientists keep secrets from each other.

star 7.78
1007 votes
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Mary Pat Shelby

#38 - Mary Pat Shelby

Sports Night Season 1 - Episode 5

Dana is excited to be getting a notorious football player, Christian Patrick on the show. The staff is not when his lawyers force them to not mention the ex-girlfriend he badly abused, Mary Pat Shelby. When Natalie goes to pre interview him, he assaults her. Dana's decision about whether to break the story is a difficult one, and it is not the same as Dan and Casey's. Also Dan wrestles with whether or not to get a goatee and Dana realizes her absence of a sense of humor.

star 7.77
150 votes
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Manchester (2)

#39 - Manchester (2)

The West Wing Season 3 - Episode 2

The senior staff clash with the consultants who are to work on Bartlet's reelection campaign; C.J. is concerned that the press senses the Bartlets' marriage could be in trouble; Josh asks Leo to let him use his connection to postpone the FDA's drug announcement; the situation on Haiti comes to a head.

star 7.76
888 votes
Part 6

#40 - Part 6

The Plot Against America Season 1 - Episode 6

As riots and conspiracies spread across the country in the lead up to Election Day, Herman takes measures to keep his family safe. Meanwhile, Bess does all she can at a great distance to help a small child caught in a maelstrom of anti-Semitism in Kentucky. Alvin is recruited for a new and secret mission as the ties that bind the Levins together are stressed.

star 7.74
329 votes
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Manchester (1)

#41 - Manchester (1)

The West Wing Season 3 - Episode 1

Bartlet's decision about Haiti falls under scrutiny; C.J. makes a horrible blunder in a press conference and is hounded about the president's health by reporters; the staff disagrees about whether Bartlet should apologize for not revealing his medical condition; Abbey is angry that Jed has decided to run for reelection.

star 7.73
885 votes

#42 - Gregory

The Americans (2013) Season 1 - Episode 3

Philip and Elizabeth discover that their murdered colleague Robert had a wife they never knew about. As they try to determine what she knows and where her allegiance lies, Stan's investigation into Robert's death puts him hot on their trail.

star 7.71
4314 votes
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#43 - Betrayal

The Practice Season 2 - Episode 2

The firm defends Joey Heric, a colorful client on trial for the murder of his lover. Jimmy is tried on solicitation charges by a vengeful district attorney.

star 7.71
90 votes
The Secret Sharer

#44 - The Secret Sharer

ER Season 2 - Episode 8

Doug's heroics earn him a second chance as Bernstein and Morganstern ask him to stay on. Doug and Mark clash when each treats a seriously injured patient and want to use the same equipment. Benton learns that Jeanie has separated from Al. After missing an earlier diagnosis, Carter overcompensates on his next patient and catches a break when the test results reveal something. Shep gets on Carol's bad side when he makes disparaging remarks about the people who make botched suicide attempts. Doug gets a phone call from his estranged father.

star 7.71
266 votes
The Quality of Mercy at 29K

#45 - The Quality of Mercy at 29K

Sports Night Season 1 - Episode 9

The team broadcasts an Everest climb, the first one since 1954. Jeremy realizes he's got something to live for, Natalie. Casey searches for food, as Dan searches for a charity to give to. Dana takes her niece to see ""The Lion King"", and discovers a love of the theater.

star 7.70
136 votes
The Prisoner's Dilemma

#46 - The Prisoner's Dilemma

Manhattan Season 1 - Episode 2

A special shipment of the first sample of plutonium arrives at The Hill – one that could change everything. With the future of his team up in the air, Frank knows that having some of the precious material could make all the difference. As Frank desperately tries to keep his team alive, he learns that Liao has been detained by a covert outside party. Liza helps Abby find creative ways to survive life on The Hill. As the wives grow closer, competition escalates between Frank and Charlie in the lab.

star 7.70
882 votes
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Dear Louise

#47 - Dear Louise

Sports Night Season 1 - Episode 7

Jeremy writes a letter to his deaf sister about his new job at Sports Night. In it he describes the last few days there, including Dan's writer's block and the beating of an 80-year-old Negro League ball player, Archibald Russell. He also talks about his love for Natalie. Isaac's mad that his daughter is dating a Republican and Casey tries to annoy Gordon, Dana's new man.

star 7.66
169 votes
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The Match Game

#48 - The Match Game

ER Season 2 - Episode 17

Susan institutes extra precautions in case Chloe tries to reclaim Little Susie. Mark changes his look, growing a goatee and wearing contact lenses. Carol and Jeanie square off over the care of a transient. Carter celebrates when he receives his residency match, putting his patient and his job at risk. Shep, still suffering from Raul's death, is surly with new parter Reilly. Benton and Ross have differences when Peter discloses a critical mistake made by Doug, raising animosity between the two.

star 7.65
283 votes
Of Mastodons and Men

#49 - Of Mastodons and Men

The Wonder Years Season 5 - Episode 15

Kevin has been dating Julie Aidem for two weeks when she invites him for dinner with her family and asks him to tell her parents they are going steady. When he sees Mr. Aidem is dominated by Mrs. Aidem, Kevin decides he doesn't want to end up like that and breaks up with Julie.

star 7.65
101 votes
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#50 - Glanders

The Americans (2013) Season 4 - Episode 1

Philip and Elizabeth deal with the fallout of all they’ve wrought. What will happen when the FBI finds out about Gene’s suicide? How will Pastor Tim deal with the revelation that they are Russian spies? And will they be able to handle a dangerous, new bioweapons assignment?

star 7.64
2884 votes
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Part 5

#51 - Part 5

The Plot Against America Season 1 - Episode 5

After learning the family has been selected for an essentially forced relocation to Kentucky under the Homestead Act, Herman looks to make a challenge in court, while Bess and Philip appeal to Bengelsdorf and Evelyn, respectively. Later, Bess gives Herman an ultimatum when violence breaks out at a rally for Lindbergh's most public liberal challenger.

star 7.64
343 votes
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Quo Vadimus

#52 - Quo Vadimus

Sports Night Season 2 - Episode 22

Bidders drop out of the auction for Continental Corp., which causes concern for the future of the "Sports Night" team. Meanwhile, Casey prepares to look for new work without Dan, who is reunited with a familiar face from his past.

star 7.64
126 votes
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The One with Russ

#53 - The One with Russ

Friends Season 2 - Episode 10

Monica gets back together with 'Fun Bobby.' Rachel starts dating a guy named Russ who bears an uncanny resemblance to Ross.

star 7.63
3498 votes
Part V

#54 - Part V

When We Rise Season 1 - Episode 5

1992: A decade after the advent of the AIDS Crisis, Cleve (now played by Guy Pearce) unveils the NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt in Washington, D.C., and visits ACT UP in New York as they fight for early clinical trials of new drugs. Ken (now played by Michael K. Williams) finds his life turned upside down when Richard dies of AIDS. Roma and Diane (now played by Mary-Louise Parker and Rachel Griffiths) work with Tom Ammiano to see Carole Migden elected to the Board of Supervisors - and find out he's the biological father of their daughter Annie.

star 7.63
8 votes
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How to Fall in Love

#55 - How to Fall in Love

Mad About You Season 3 - Episode 12

Paul's ideas on how to meet and engage the opposite sex are tested by Jamie in a hypothetical encounter, while Ira has a very real encounter with Jamie's friend.

star 7.62
170 votes
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#56 - Pilot

Parenthood (2010) Season 1 - Episode 1

We are introduced to the very unique Braveman family. Single mom Sarah, and her two kids Amber and Drew, are moving back home with Sarah's parents Zeek and Camille. Julia, Sarah's sister and complete opposite is a successful attorney trying to do both, work and motherhood, alongside her stay-at-home husband, Joel. Sarah's younger brother, Crosby is a commitment-phobe who must accept adult responsabilities when his old flame Jasmine shows up with a kid. Meanwhile, the older sibling of the Bravemans, Adam, his wife Kristina and their teenage daughter Haddie learn that their little boy, Max has Asperger's Syndrome. Although each sibling has its own problems, this reunion may be the push they needed to help each other with the challenges that every family faces while raising children and starting over.

star 7.61
901 votes
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#57 - Ambush

ER Season 4 - Episode 1

The ER is under the bright lights when a television documentary is filmed depicting a typical day in the ER. British trauma specialist Elizabeth Corday joins the staff. Carter restarts his residency, this time in the ER. A man is paralyzed while breaking up a gang fight. Morganstern suffers a heart attack. Greene's stress level continues to build.

star 7.60
284 votes
Damnatio Memoriae

#58 - Damnatio Memoriae

Manhattan Season 2 - Episode 1

Charlie is forced into a new leadership role in the race to build the world's first atomic bomb.

star 7.60
547 votes
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#59 - Pilot

Invasion (2005) Season 1 - Episode 1

A hurricane is quickly approaching a small town in Florida leaving the residents little time to prepare. When the hurricane finally hits, many of the residents' lives are in peril. Rose, one of the town's smallest residents notices some mysterious lights in the heart of the hurricane. Meanwhile, after the storm, Dave discovers some mysterious skeletal remains.

star 7.60
471 votes
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Open House

#60 - Open House

The Americans (2013) Season 3 - Episode 3

Danger mounts for Elizabeth and Philip as they get closer to the inner circle of the C.I.A. Afghan Group. Stan monitors Zinaida. Agent Aderholt challenges Agent Gaad on a crucial operation. Arkady tasks Oleg and Tatiana with gathering high-level intel. Martha proposes a lifestyle change to Clark.

star 7.60
2402 votes
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The Apology

#61 - The Apology

Sports Night Season 1 - Episode 2

Dan is misunderstood on his opinion over marijuana and the law. When Luther Sachs reads this, he demands an on-air apology; Isaac seconds it, as does Dana. But no one will answer as to whom he should be apologizing to. Casey worries about why he is not considered ""cool"" like Dan is. Dan is stalked by one of the CSC fitness show stars.

star 7.59
220 votes
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#62 - Pilot

Spin City Season 1 - Episode 1

Michael Flaherty and his team grapple with a garbage strike and a political gaffe by the Mayor who accidentally insults gays. In addition, Ashley questions Mike's commitment to their relationship when is nervous about moving in together.

star 7.58
645 votes
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#63 - Rebecca

Sports Night Season 1 - Episode 14

Rumors spread about Isaac's job status when the Wall Street Journal reports the recent trouble between Luther Sachs and Sports Night. J.J. begs Isaac to let him forward messages to Luther instead of Isaac doing it himself. This leads Isaac to realize that J.J. is the only one to gain if there is turmoil between the show and company. Maybe J.J. is starting trouble? Dana is nervous that Gordon is going to dump her because she is so preoccupied with work. Dan feels he should apologize for not calling Rebecca after he met her in the elevator. She doesn't remember him, though.

star 7.56
159 votes
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Intellectual Property

#64 - Intellectual Property

Sports Night Season 1 - Episode 4

Casey spins out of control, due to jealousy when Dana starts seriously dating Gordon. He swats flies that no one else can see, kicks fire hydrants and other odd behavior. Dana, Natalie, and Jeremy wonder where all their ""good"" ideas went and CSC has to pay royalties after Dan sings Casey ""Happy Birthday"" on the air.

star 7.56
178 votes
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What Kind of Day Has it Been

#65 - What Kind of Day Has it Been

Sports Night Season 1 - Episode 23

Season One Finale. Gordon has an announcement for Dana. Dan helps Casey and his son Charlie with a problem. Dana has a big new camera and she's threatening to use it. Isaac's back!

star 7.54
182 votes
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The One with the Lesbian Wedding

#66 - The One with the Lesbian Wedding

Friends Season 2 - Episode 11

Rachel's mom comes to visit with big news. Monica caters Carol and Susan's wedding. Phoebe becomes 'possessed' by the spirit of a recently deceased client.

star 7.53
3387 votes
Part 4

#67 - Part 4

The Plot Against America Season 1 - Episode 4

Evelyn and Bengelsdorf receive an invitation from Mrs. Lindbergh to a state dinner for Nazi Germany's foreign minister, as Evelyn makes Sandy the face of the youth assimilation program. Back from war, Alvin takes a job at his uncle's warehouse. Philip is traumatized by a death in the neighborhood.

star 7.53
342 votes
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#68 - Soccer

The Wonder Years Season 5 - Episode 7

Kevin joins the school's soccer team in an attempt to become involved in school sports, but becomes very frustrated with the team's lackluster performance and an extremely apathetic coach.

star 7.53
77 votes
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#69 - Dimebag

The Americans (2013) Season 3 - Episode 4

Philip faces a moral dilemma while developing an asset. Philip and Elizabeth’s friction escalates. Stan develops a theory with serious repercussions for national security. Paige makes a surprising birthday wish.

star 7.52
2355 votes
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Road Test

#70 - Road Test

The Wonder Years Season 5 - Episode 11

Kevin is motivated to get his driver's license by the promise of a date with Jessica. But Kev can't parallel park and he whimps out of taking his test and lies to his family about getting his temporary license. When Kevin tries to practice at night, he runs over the lawnmower - leading Jack to discover the truth about Kevin's license.

star 7.52
102 votes
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The Head Coach, Dinner and the Morning Mail

#71 - The Head Coach, Dinner and the Morning Mail

Sports Night Season 1 - Episode 6

This episodes title represents it three main themes. ""The Head Coach"" involves Dan's harsh treatment on a coach's bad decision. ""The Diner"" is about Jeremy's major decision about where to take Natalie on their first date. And the morning mail is about the hate mail Natalie receives after the events of last week's episode.

star 7.51
175 votes
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Part VI

#72 - Part VI

When We Rise Season 1 - Episode 6

1997: Ken relies on Cecilia Chung's support as he struggles with addiction at a VA hospital. Cleve visits the Human Rights Campaign in D.C., where Richard Socarides lobbies for Bill Clinton to do better than "don't ask, don't tell" and DOMA. Roma and Diane's daughter Annie struggles with her unconventional background. In Palm Springs, Cleve looks after the child of a drug-addicted neighbor. 2006: Cleve speaks to the interviewer we've seen throughout, against a backdrop of the murder of Matthew Shepard and George W. Bush's proposed Federal Marriage Amendment.

star 7.50
8 votes
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Hot and Cold

#73 - Hot and Cold

Mad About You Season 4 - Episode 13

Ira resumes gambling, wins a lot, hands out generous presents and then takes a $4,000 bath--no problems for him, but a couple for the Buchmans.

star 7.46
140 votes

#74 - Thespis

Sports Night Season 1 - Episode 8

November 23rd marks the birthday of Thespis, the Greek God of Theater. A legend states that on his birthday he has been known to haunt live productions, and for the first half-hour of it, Sports Night is targeted. This date also is the anniversary of Dan and Casey's first broadcast, and Casey can't remember. Issac worries over his expecting daughter, and Dana worries about making Thanksgiving for her mother.

star 7.45
165 votes
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The Hungry and the Hunted

#75 - The Hungry and the Hunted

Sports Night Season 1 - Episode 3

Jeremy gets the ""call"" from Isaac and Dana, to go out on assignment for CSC's hunting show. While he wants to move up, he has a problem with hunting animals. Natalie tries to orchestrate romance between Casey and Dana, during one of Luther Sach's parties. Technical errors occur on the set.

star 7.45
235 votes
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Small Town

#76 - Small Town

Sports Night Season 1 - Episode 13

It's Dana and Casey's night off, and neither wants to take it. They decide to double date, Dana with Gordon and Casey with Lisa a lawyer who's on a blind date. Natalie is left to produce the show for the first time, and has to handle an 11th hour trade, which in its chaos, Isaac and Jeremy question her authority. Casey's replacement is Bobbi Bernstein a psychotic woman who thinks that Dan slept with her in Spain and never called.

star 7.44
161 votes
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Chapter One

#77 - Chapter One

Boston Public Season 1 - Episode 1

Another school year is off to a booming start at Winslow High School -- an urban high school outside of Boston. Principal Steven Harper spends his days putting out fires, defending his faculty and just trying to keep it together. Lauren Davis, the idealistic head of the social studies department, and Harry Senate, a geology teacher with buried secrets, are embroiled in controversy for failing the star running back before a huge game with the cross-town rivals. But they both have bigger personal problems. Lauren has been asked out on a date by the icy vice principal and Harry has been put on probation for wielding a gun in one of his classes. When he's not dodging the star running back's lawyer or pulling a bully off the class geek, Principal Harper is trying to calm Ms. Hendricks. She left her class after scrawling ""Gone to kill myself, hope you're happy"" on the chalkboard. Meanwhile, English teacher Milton Buttle has become the star attraction on student Sheryl Holt's Web site. His un

star 7.42
62 votes
Boy to the World

#78 - Boy to the World

Ally McBeal Season 1 - Episode 10

Judge Whipper Cone asks Ally to take on a pro-bono case of a young prostitute up on her third solicitation charge. Fish, meanwhile, wants to sue his uncle's church for discrimination, due to his uncle's overt bigotry towards vertically challenged people (short people). The church's contention is that they cannot support bigotry of any kind and allowing the uncle a service and proper burial is tantamount to endorsing the appalling views. Fish promises he will not propagate the attitudes in his eulogy. Renee talks Ally into double dating with the salad-dressing-on-the-chin guy if the Biscuit is invited.

star 7.41
399 votes
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Eastern Exposure

#79 - Eastern Exposure

Pan Am Season 1 - Episode 4

After a last minute change sends the crew on a flight to Rangoon, a routine courier mission for Kate turns harrowing as she struggles to make a drop by the deadline. Meanwhile, Maggie takes naive Laura under her wing and shows her the wilder side of the city; and news of a space mission leads Ted to reflect on his own past and what his powerful family connections have cost him.

star 7.39
1146 votes
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#80 - Pilot

Sports Night Season 1 - Episode 1

Already at odds with the network over Casey's recent lack of professionalism, the team is struggling to get the go-ahead to air a human interest feature on an African runner who's about to compete in his first major race since recovering from a potentially career-ending leg injury. Natalie finds herself attracted to Jeremy, a nerdy but knowledgeable applicant for an opening on the production team

star 7.38
290 votes
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#81 - Pilot

Pan Am Season 1 - Episode 1

Dean takes on his first assignment since his promotion, piloting the Clipper Majestic on its inaugural New York to London flight. Bridget is supposed to be his lead stewardess, until she's a no-show for the flight. Grounded purser Maggie is called in to fill in for her. On the same fateful flight, Kate adds another dimension to her work as she takes on her first assignment from U.S. intelligence. Her stress is compounded when she discovers that newly minted stewardess, Laura, her sister, is also working the same flight.

star 7.36
1843 votes
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Everybody Hates Me

#82 - Everybody Hates Me

Mad About You Season 4 - Episode 15

Jamie tries a new look with interesting consequences, while Ira feels betrayed at the love game, let down by his quality wingman Paul, who digs himself a big hole discussing beauty.

star 7.36
137 votes
Chapter 70

#83 - Chapter 70

House of Cards (US) Season 6 - Episode 5

Claire allows her enemies to think she's incapacitated as they plot to remove her from office. Doug's investigation leads him to uncover a secret.

star 7.28
1071 votes
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Dream Weaver

#84 - Dream Weaver

Mad About You Season 4 - Episode 12

A night of cascading dreams of Paul and Jamie's, featuring ostriches, ducks and a party with the frug, with lots of interpretation and a poem (and a half) by Henry Gibson.

star 7.28
145 votes
Just My Dog

#85 - Just My Dog

Mad About You Season 3 - Episode 15

The tale of Murray's showbiz career, spawned by a walk-on appearance in a commercial directed by Paul, advanced by an eager agent, leading all the way to an audition for a series.

star 7.24
169 votes
Unnatural Selection

#86 - Unnatural Selection

Invasion (2005) Season 1 - Episode 5

The family of Russell's friend and fellow Park Ranger, Carl, is struck by tragedy. Russell suspects Sheriff Underlay may be hiding something when he starts looking into the tragedy. Larkin calls upon an old flame to help her investigation into the military. Meanwhile, Mariel and Jesse have a big fight and Rose wants a tree house.

star 7.23
419 votes
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#87 - Pilot

Mr. Sunshine Season 1 - Episode 1

Ben spends his 40th birthday trying to get rid of a hockey rink that won't melt, looking for an elephant lost in the building, and trying to fix a PR nightmare; Alice ends her casual relationship with Ben.

star 7.21
1027 votes
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#88 - Pilot

Murder in the First Season 1 - Episode 1

When a junkie is murdered in the Tenderloin district, SFPD detectives Terry English and Hildy Mulligan are shocked to discover the case may be related to the city's youngest billionaire, tech genius Erich Blunt. But Terry's ability to focus is troubled as his wife battles stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Just as the inspectors begin closing in on the case, Blunt's beautiful flight attendant is found dead.

star 7.13
1050 votes
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Happy Birthday, Baby

#89 - Happy Birthday, Baby

Ally McBeal Season 1 - Episode 19

Ally is in denial about her birthday but her co-workers aren't. Elaine orchestrates a party at the bar and asks Dr. Greg Butters to sing a romantic ballad dedicated to Ally. He does, and knocks the socks off everyone in the room. Renee is especially moved, and jumps up on stage to join him in a seductive duet. Meanwhile, in the courtroom, Ally is forced to take the position for a new client that his foot fetish qualifies him as temporarily insane. Renee, as the opposing district attorney, maintains that sneaking into a would-be date's apartment uninvited to tickle her feet is breaking and entering.

star 6.97
325 votes

#90 - Sledgepoo

Sledge Hammer! Season 1 - Episode 19

Hammer's search for a jewel thief leads to an upscale beauty salon, where henchmen rob the society matrons’ homes during their hair appointments. Hammer goes undercover as a hairdresser in order to stop the British thieves who are after the ladies' jewels.

star 6.95
57 votes
Another List

#91 - Another List

The Larry Sanders Show Season 6 - Episode 1

Larry's ratings are slipping and the suits are looking to replace him with regular guest host Jon Stewart. Hank tries to trade for a fan's ""Hey Now"" license plates.

star 6.83
53 votes
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