The BEST episodes directed by Taro Sakamoto

The Soul of Humanity
8 votes

#1 - The Soul of Humanity

Power Rangers - Season 10 - Episode 33

With Princess Shayla in a coma from the loss of the Wildzords, Merrick pleads with Animus to reconsider his position on humanity. Instead, he's offered a place off-world with them. As the Toy Org attacks a factory nearby, will the efforts of the Rangers change the former Kite's mind, or will it be the solidarity of the regular humans that does it?

The Ancient Warrior
7 votes

#2 - The Ancient Warrior

Power Rangers - Season 10 - Episode 15

Thanks to Animus creating a brief lunar eclipse, Zen-Aku reverts to his true human form, an Ancient Warrior of Animaria known as Merrick! He relates his tragic tale to the Rangers, and admits to his intimate connection to Princess Shayla. Can the Rangers aid in breaking the curse of the Wolf Mask, or is he doomed to being Zen-Aku for another 3000 years?

Identity Crisis
8 votes

#3 - Identity Crisis

Power Rangers - Season 10 - Episode 14

Zen-Aku battles his inner demons concerning strange memories about his past, when he encounters a stray half-dog half wolf pup. The spirit of Animus, ancestor of the Wildzords, appears and attempts to get the Duke Org to remember his past. Cole makes a surprising discovery about Zen-Aku, though will it aid them when they have to not only fight him, but the Lawnmower Org as well?

Curse of the Wolf
9 votes

#4 - Curse of the Wolf

Power Rangers - Season 10 - Episode 10

Master Org releases Org General Nayzor, who in turn releases Wolf Duke Org Zen-Aku, from the tomb he's been imprisoned in for 3000 years. The Rangers, first having to deal with the Vacuum Cleaner Org, find this wicked warrior tougher than any prior Org, even losing a few Animal Crystals to him! Can they at least get out of this battle with their lives intact?

The Lone Wolf
7 votes

#5 - The Lone Wolf

Power Rangers - Season 10 - Episode 16

Merrick, now freed from the mask of Zen-Aku, struggles with guilt over the evil deeds he performed while under its spell. Meanwhile, Master Org turns the captured Animal Crystals into an Org monster.

Sealing the Nexus
6 votes

#6 - Sealing the Nexus

Power Rangers - Season 10 - Episode 38

Master Org uses Princess Shayla's enchanted necklace in his ceremony to revive the Org Heart. While doing this, he brings back his three Org Generals to guard the Nexus. Jindrax & Toxica help the Rangers rescue the Princess and, they believe, seal the Nexus for good. Little do they realize, that Master Org has consumed the Org Heart, and merely shed the human body of Dr. Adler for something far more powerful...

Fishing for a Friend
6 votes

#7 - Fishing for a Friend

Power Rangers - Season 10 - Episode 37

Toxica informs Jindrax through Nayzor's old mirror, that she can be revived. Following her instructions, he aids the Rangers against Locomotive Org, gains the power from the Jungle Blaster attack (same as destroyed her), and literally uses her cut-off horn to fish her out of the mirror, returning her to life!

6 votes

#8 - Homecoming

Power Rangers - Season 10 - Episode 28

Newly released Org General Mandilok unleashes Duke Orgs Artilla and Hellicos on the city. Meanwhile, Cole befriends an amnesiac boy who calls himself Kite, not far from the location of the memorial of the fallen Ancient Warriors.

Monitoring Earth
6 votes

#9 - Monitoring Earth

Power Rangers - Season 10 - Episode 32

Mandilok, realizing Kite has incredible power, tricks the boy into believing that Orgs aren't bad, that it's the humans that've destroyed the planet with pollution and carelessness to nature. The Rangers are blindsided when it's discovered that Kite is actually the revived spirit of Animus.

Sing Song
7 votes

#10 - Sing Song

Power Rangers - Season 10 - Episode 22

The Tombstone Org, powered by Dr Adler's headstone and the spirits of a few fallen Orgs, proves to be too powerful for the Rangers, and severely injures the Wildzords! The long absent Deerzord is the only thing capable of healing them, but he's still holding a grudge over the fact Princess Shayla and Merrick no longer sing for him every morning. Can the strained couple put aside their conflicts to help save the world?

Unfinished Business
5 votes

#11 - Unfinished Business

Power Rangers - Season 10 - Episode 27

Finally freed from the imprisonment of the Wolf Mask, Zen-Aku is given new life, and immediately targets his former human host, Merrick. The self-proclaimed "lone wolf" is prepared to give the Duke Org what it wants by fighting the far more powerful villain alone, refusing assistance from the Rangers. Can Alyssa convince him otherwise, or will his former dark side get the better of him at last?

Three's a Crowd
8 votes

#12 - Three's a Crowd

Power Rangers - Season 10 - Episode 20

While tracking down the bride-swiping Wedding Dress Org, Danny bumps into his old love interest, Kendall. Old feelings resurface, as well as jealousy when he discovers she's dating a snobbish yuppie named Colin. While fighting the Org and trying to save Kendall's life, Danny is faced with the decision which will lead to his secret identity being exposed. Will he choose true love over saving the world, and will Kendall choose true love over being filthy rich?