The Best Episodes Directed by Takuya Nonaka

Don't Leave Me Out

#1 - Don't Leave Me Out

Please Twins! Season 1 - Episode 9

On a beautiful day, the three head to the mall, but end up getting lost from each other.

star 9.70
33 votes
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We Might Be Related

#2 - We Might Be Related

Please Twins! Season 1 - Episode 2

Having the same blue eyes, Kamishiro Maiku might be related to one of the girls that has just entered his life. Having faced with this dilemma, they gather around a table, each with their own photograph of this house which might concern their past. The photograph of a little boy and girl.

star 8.48
61 votes
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#3 - Purification

Tales of Zestiria the X Season 1 - Episode 20

Upon learning that Maltran her teacher has been imprisoned by Bartlow, and is being crucified, Alisha and her subordinates sneak into Ladylake. Swearing that “no one must die,” she sprints through the city undauntedly even though Bartlow’s men obstruct her path. Meanwhile, Sorey and company pursue the dragon which is headed towards Ladylake, but the dragon picks up speed, making it impossible for Sorey to catch up. About that time, Lunarre comes to taunt Maltran, who smiles and retorts, “Alisha will not come here.”

star 8.02
42 votes
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The Chosen Answer

#4 - The Chosen Answer

Tales of Zestiria the X Season 1 - Episode 24

While in pursuit of the Lord of Calamity, Sorey and company are hindered by a huge army of dragons, but Dezel gives his life to thrash the dragons and open up a path. Sorey moves forward, determined that Dezel’s sacrifice will not have been in vain. Seeing an enormous amount of Malevolence flowing out of a cave, Sorey confirms the presence of the Lord of Calamity. Meanwhile, deep down in the large cavern, the Lord of Calamity has a confrontation with Maotelus, one of the Five Lords.

star 7.68
40 votes
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Capital of Seraphim

#5 - Capital of Seraphim

Tales of Zestiria the X Season 1 - Episode 1

One by one, the people she met at Guriel and her attendants are swallowed up by the tornado, leaving Alisha all by herself. As she wanders, she comes upon an ancient ruin and finds a mural depicting the “Shepherd,” who will save the world from calamity. But she is attacked by a huge swarm of insects. Alisha barely gets away alive and as though guided by the crest of the Shepherd, arrives in the celestial capital. Just around that time, Sorey, a human youth who resides in Elysium, Home of the Seraphim, and Mikleo, a young Seraph, have also come to the ruins.

star 7.67
117 votes
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#6 - Aegis

God Eater Season 1 - Episode 4

Lenka returns from the successful mission to rescue Alisa and is assigned to the 1st Unit along with Alisa and Kota. He goes into the city for the first time at Kota’s invitation and learns of the existence of Aegis Island which is faintly visible on the water surface in the distance. The Aegis Project is the top priority of the Fenrir Far East Branch which has been moving forward to build a giant island shelter to protect mankind from the threat of Aragami. Meanwhile, as Alisa undergoes a medical exam, she recalls Lenka’s eyes which she cryptically describes as “Ужас “ (uzhas) which means horror in Russian. And the three of them set out on their first mission as God Eaters of the 1st Unit.

star 7.56
218 votes
Operation Meteorite

#7 - Operation Meteorite

God Eater Season 1 - Episode 11

Operation Meteorite, a plan to lure Aragami with a newly developed guiding device, is critical to the completion of the Aegis Plan. Lenka is unable to join the unit due to adjustments that must be made on his God Arc, but Lindow recommends him to command the advance base camp. Alisa rejoins the unit, but the others seem to feel uncomfortable around her. Operation Meteorite starts successfully, but suddenly the Aragami turn away from the guiding devices and head northwest. Lindow is sent to do reconnaissance and realizes that the Aragami are converging on Asyl, the settlement that Lindow has been helping.

star 7.50
134 votes
Stay True

#8 - Stay True

God Eater Season 1 - Episode 6

Lenka, Alisa, Kota and Sakuya are out on a mission to hunt two large-type Aragami known as Vajra when they encounter an unusual black Vajra that devours even its own species. This Vajra is ridiculously powerful and the 1st Unit ends up scattered. Lenka takes Alisa who has lost consciousness and escapes into an abandoned building. His God Arc is fractured and Lenka’s confidence takes a serious blow. Alisa, who also loses her God Arc in the fray, is overcome with terror as childhood memories of her parents being killed by the black Vajra come flooding back. But it’s not over for the battered and wounded duo as a pack of Ogretails threateningly advance toward them in the abandoned building where they sought refuge.

star 7.45
207 votes
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The Ideal World

#9 - The Ideal World

Tales of Zestiria the X Season 1 - Episode 21

With the help of his friends, Sorey purifies the dragon that resides inside the tornado headed for Ladylake. Alisha and Rose had absorbed some of the Malevolence from Sorey. This takes its toll and causes them to fall into a deep slumber, but they awaken with no ill effects. They resolve to continue to help Sorey as his squires. Meanwhile, Dezel battles Symonne who declares that her master, the Lord of Calamity, can no longer be stopped, and that the world will end. Symonne shows Sorey an illusion of the Lord of Calamity and despite feeling the impact of his overwhelming power, he decides to head for the northern land to find the Lord of Calamity.

star 7.43
40 votes
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Soma Schicksal

#10 - Soma Schicksal

God Eater Season 1 - Episode 9

A change is occurring in Lenka’s body due to over-adaptation to the Oracle Cell. Lenka is in a dilemma when told that while he cannot escape inevitable death, if he resigns as a God Eater, he may be able to prolong his life for a little while. Meanwhile, a briefing is being held on the “Meteorite Strategy,” the crucial mission necessary to execute the Aegis Plan. Lenka’s tactical skills have been recognized and he is appointed a leader. Lenka learns that members of other units avoid Soma who has been labeled a “shinigami” (harbinger of death) and is told by Sakaki, “Fate is cruel... It can be said both you and he are its victims.” Soma’s hidden past is revealed to him, but Lenka...

star 7.40
173 votes
Alisha Diphda

#11 - Alisha Diphda

Tales of Zestiria the X Season 1 - Episode 10

Sorey pursues the elusive Drake to Marlind and reunites with Mikleo who has acquired a Divine Artifact in the form of a bow. Entering into a Sub Lord pact, they armatize and successfully purify the Drake with an arrow. Later, they go to help with the reconstruction and set about purifying the town’s water. Sorey accompanies Alisha to disperse emergency supplies that have arrived from Ladylake and encounters Rose, the Sparrowfeathers merchant who helped him when he first arrived in Ladylake. Her group has also brought supplies from Ladylake.

star 7.35
68 votes
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Each One's Philosophies

#12 - Each One's Philosophies

Tales of Zestiria the X Season 1 - Episode 15

Rose is enraged upon learning that her trading partner Guren was captured by the Bishop’s men and is no longer alive. To ease her anger, Dezel the Seraph sets out to destroy the church sanctuary in Lastonbell. While Lailah and the others go to stop him, Sorey goes to join Rose. Although she cannot see Dezel, she becomes aware that Dezel is causing the phenomenon occurring near the sanctuary, and urges him to stop. Sorey asks Dezel, “Why did you try to destroy the sanctuary?” And Dezel recounts his past, and how he first met Rose.

star 7.33
39 votes
Justice at Hand rather than Ideal beyond One's Reach

#13 - Justice at Hand rather than Ideal beyond One's Reach

Tales of Zestiria the X Season 1 - Episode 17

Rose finally finds Prince Konan, the target of her revenge, but he has already turned into a hellion. Her attacks against him are useless and he counters with a power that is beyond human. When Dezel comes to her assistance, the tower inside which they are fighting suddenly collapses. Sorey rescues them, but Rose is distraught that Konan is nowhere to be seen and that she did not “finish him completely.” Sorey tells Rose he disapproves of her being an assassin, to which she replies, “There are guys in this world who must be killed.” And Sorey goes on to explain about “Malevolence.”

star 7.18
45 votes
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Fading Memories

#14 - Fading Memories

Coyote Ragtime Show Season 1 - Episode 11

Mister and Franca enter Bruce's vault and find the treasure; there's a lot of money, to be sure, but the real treasure is heartwarming home videos of Bruce and Franca. Katana fights June while the rest of the Sisters and Marciano find their way to the treasure. Angelica realizes that she is in love with Mister.

star 7.00
3 votes
The Days Gone By

#15 - The Days Gone By

Coyote Ragtime Show Season 1 - Episode 4

May reveals to Angelica that both Marciano and Mister are headed to Graceland to get Bruce's treasure. The Coyotes watch a recording that Bruce made of the great robbery he and Swamp pulled off to get that treasure.

star 6.80
5 votes
The Man that was Like a Right Arm

#16 - The Man that was Like a Right Arm

Coyote Ragtime Show Season 1 - Episode 3

The Coyote crew visit the "right arm" (think "right hand man") of Bruce, named Swamp Gordon. Swamp, an old rival of Bishop that also holds a grudge against Mister, has taken up a new occupation as preacher and pastor to a rural community. Mister tries to convince Swamp to join them, but Swamp has doubts. Angelica interrogates May, whose head she stole at Sandvil. Swamp joins the crew and kills Sep Marciano.

star 6.75
4 votes

#17 - Jailbreak

Coyote Ragtime Show Season 1 - Episode 1

Federal Investigator Angelica Burns arrives on a distant planet searching for the criminal mastermind known as "Mister". Some information suggests that he is serving time in a local prison for a traffic violation. Arriving at the prison, she gets more than she bargained for, particularly when she learns that Marciano has sent her 12 Sisters after Mister, too.

star 6.60
5 votes
The Girl of the Pirate Hideout

#18 - The Girl of the Pirate Hideout

Coyote Ragtime Show Season 1 - Episode 2

Mister, Bishop and Katana go to Mister's bar, "Pirate," and meet a young girl named Franca, daughter of the Pirate King Bruce, who has been taking care of it in his absence. Angelica and Chelsea meet a DJ that clues them in to Mister's location, while Marciano faces down her own Criminal Guild. Franca joins the crew of the ship "Coyote" with Mister and company.

star 6.50
4 votes
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Angelica Burns

#19 - Angelica Burns

Coyote Ragtime Show Season 1 - Episode 10

Bishop contacts Mister and tells him where the real bomb is. May gets a new body and Angelica and Chelsea are captured. Mister, Katana and Franca arrive where the treasure is buried, and now they just have to find it. Angelica breaks herself and Chelsea out of their cell and escapes with the help of May. Mister saves the detectives and tells Angelica that the bomb still exists, but she refuses to leave.

star 6.50
2 votes

#20 - Jupiter

Coyote Ragtime Show Season 1 - Episode 9

Bishop and Swamp return to Jupiter and infiltrate the negotiations, where they learn that the real bomb is buried right next to the treasure. April and the triplets destroy the fake bomb, so the residents of Graceland believe that there is no threat. Mister, Katana and Franca arrive at Graceland, with Bishop and Swamp following. March captures Angelica, Chelsea and May.

star 6.33
3 votes
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Never Change

#21 - Never Change

Coyote Ragtime Show Season 1 - Episode 5

The Coyotes must get to the "Big Pink" gate at the Jupiter station to get to Graceland on time. They put on disguises to get past security check, and Angelica passes right by them. Franca feels unloved, but Mister promises her that after securing Bruce's treasure, they will go on vacation like a family. Just when the warp gate opens, Marciano attacks.

star 6.00
2 votes
Marciano the Traitor

#22 - Marciano the Traitor

Coyote Ragtime Show Season 1 - Episode 7

The crew attends to Mister's wound, but Marciano destroys the Big Pink gate. Still, all three groups are confident that they can make it to Graceland. The Criminal Guild's assassin, Hunter Bennett, plans to impeach Marciano, but she blows up his entire fleet.

star 6.00
3 votes
Fierce Fighting

#23 - Fierce Fighting

Coyote Ragtime Show Season 1 - Episode 6

All three groups struggle to get through Big Pink on time. April is ordered to capture Mister alive, but January accompanies her in defiance of Marciano and tries to kill him. July kidnaps Franca, and Marciano takes her pendant with Bruce's recording inside. Angelica corners Mister, but lets him go to save Franca. Once he has done so, he collapses inside the Coyote from gunshot wounds as Katana races to escape Marciano's fire.

star 5.50
2 votes
The Road Goes On to Gigabanks

#24 - The Road Goes On to Gigabanks

Coyote Ragtime Show Season 1 - Episode 8

24 hours until the bomb on Graceland explodes with Bruce's treasure on it. Nielsen asks Marciano if she regrets killing Bruce. Angelica and Marciano both make it to Graceland, and Marciano sends the Sisters to find the treasure. Mister sends Bishop and Swamp to the peace negotiation that may keep Graceland from exploding. Swamp gives Mister a compass that leads the way to the treasure.

star 5.50
2 votes

#25 - Coyote

Coyote Ragtime Show Season 1 - Episode 12

The cavalry arrives just in time to cause a cave-in on the Sisters while Marciano and Mister fight to the death. Marciano reveals that she is a cyborg and used to be a Coyote, but felt betrayed by Mister and Bruce. Angelica blackmails the President for the code to deactivate the bomb, and sends the code to Mister, who saves the planet with seconds to go. Marciano is killed in a one-round ship battle with Mister.

star 5.00
2 votes
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