The BEST episodes directed by Takuro Takahashi

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#1 - Lotus

God Eater - Season 1 - Episode 13

Leaving Lindow to deal with Deus Pita, Lenka and the others rush to Asyl to rescue the people there. But Pita catches up to them, with Lindow's bracelet hanging from its mouth... The 1st Unit is in shock, but they have no time to waste. Suddenly, Pita threatens the safety of Asyl. Lenka beseeches the members of the 1st Unit to remember Lindow's wish and his orders, and inspires the team with his words, "Believe in your friends! Destroy it!"

United They Stand
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#2 - United They Stand

God Eater - Season 1 - Episode 12

There is a high possibility that the irregularity in the guiding devices may have been due to internal hacking. Surrounded by Vajra, Lindow continues his lone battle. Lenka acquires a new God Arc and gets Lindow out of harm's way in the knick of time. Reasoning that someone must have set another guiding device that suddenly distracted the Aragami, Lindow sets out to find and destroy it. But Deus Pita appears before him. It is an uphill battle for Lenka and Lindow, but the 1st Unit arrives to help.

Lenka Utsugi
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#3 - Lenka Utsugi

God Eater - Season 1 - Episode 1

In the midst of an Aragami attack, classmates Lenka Utsugi and Kota Fujiki begin training under Tsubaki's orders. Hoping to go out and destroy as much Aragami as he could, Lenka voluntarily undergoes a strict, daily training regiment set up by himself, but winds up constantly failing his training missions. Hoping to cheer him up, Kota takes him to the weapons factory, where he is allowed to see his God Arc early. Later on, Aragami breach the settlement from both sides. With low numbers on the defense force, Lenka volunteers to go out and defeat the Aragami. Though Tsubaki turns down his request, he takes his God Arc and runs outside, with attempts at stopping him proving to be useless when he activates his Burst Mode. Reaching the middle of town, Lenka confronts several Aragami as they try to kill another God Eater, but one of them knocks his God Arc out of his hand. He is then rescued by the First Unit, consisting of God Eaters Soma, Lindow, and Sakuya, who easily dispatch most of the Aragami. Lenka then notices one remaining Aragami trying to kill a woman. Retrieving his God Arc, he transforms it into its gun form and kills it, impressing the members of the First Unit.

The Dawn of Chaos
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#4 - The Dawn of Chaos

Tales of Zestiria the X - Season 1 - Episode 5

Velvet – a woman who is in prison. Devouring monsters called “daemons,” she has lived in confinement for several years. Velvet has only one purpose in life. To get revenge against the man who leads the Abbey, an organization of exorcists who possess the power to battle daemons. To bring down the man they call their savior, Artorius Collbrande. One day, Artorius’ former partner, a Malak known as Seres, appears before Velvet to try to help her escape.

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The War
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#5 - The War

Tales of Zestiria the X - Season 1 - Episode 11

Sorey and the others leave Rohan the seraph and Atakk the Normin seraph to watch over Marlind, and head for Glaivend Basin at the border of Hyland and Rolance, where Bartlow is attempting to incite a war. Sorey warns Alisha that if war has begun, he will side with neither Hyland nor Rolance. But as a Shepherd, he wants to stop the fighting. Sorey and company reach Glaivend, only to find a battlefield teeming with Malevolence. Alisha sets out to convince Hyland’s General Landon to stop the fighting, but Sorey tells her “I am going to do what I can.”

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Each One's Philosophies
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#6 - Each One's Philosophies

Tales of Zestiria the X - Season 1 - Episode 15

Rose is enraged upon learning that her trading partner Guren was captured by the Bishop’s men and is no longer alive. To ease her anger, Dezel the Seraph sets out to destroy the church sanctuary in Lastonbell. While Lailah and the others go to stop him, Sorey goes to join Rose. Although she cannot see Dezel, she becomes aware that Dezel is causing the phenomenon occurring near the sanctuary, and urges him to stop. Sorey asks Dezel, “Why did you try to destroy the sanctuary?” And Dezel recounts his past, and how he first met Rose.

Northern Land
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#7 - Northern Land

Tales of Zestiria the X - Season 1 - Episode 22

Sorey and company head for the north to find the Lord of Calamity. Alisha and Rose resolve to support Sorey as his squires and continue to practice armatization with Edna and Dezel. Meanwhile, Sorey reads the second Celestial Record given to him by Lailah, and finds entries about the north. In the northern land is the wellspring of a power of creation, and earthpulses connect the world to it. However, this land in the extreme north is not effective in spreading Malevolence. Sorey begins to ponder why the Lord of Calamity would go there. Then, Malevolence overflowing from the north attack Sorey and the others.

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