The BEST episodes directed by Takuhiro Kadochi

Bridge to the Turnabout - 5th Trial
10 votes

#1 - Bridge to the Turnabout - 5th Trial

Ace Attorney - Season 2 - Episode 21

As court resumes with Phoenix once again against Godot, Iris suddenly claims that she helped cover up Elise's murder after she was allegedly killed by Maya in self-defense. However, her testimony proves false with the reveal of real murder weapon and Elise's identity as Misty.

Turnabout Beginnings - 1st Trial
8 votes

#2 - Turnabout Beginnings - 1st Trial

Ace Attorney - Season 2 - Episode 15

One year prior to her first meeting with Phoenix, Mia takes on her first client; a death row convict named Terry Fawles who is accused of murdering policewoman Valerie Hawthorne, with the assistance of her senior, Diego Armando.

Episode 6
15 votes

#3 - Episode 6

Dropkick on My Devil! - Season 1 - Episode 6

Jashin-chan whips up pork cutlet curry for dinner one night, then hamburg steak curry the next, then croquette curry on the third night. Yurine calls her out but Jashin-chan's not listening. Our Ice Devils Yusa and Koji are back in town while Pekola encounters her unexpected nemesis. Jashin-chan's dropkick saves Pekola, making her feel overcome with gratitude for the devil.

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