The BEST episodes directed by Takehiro Nakayama

Two Mirrors: A Maiden's Album
67 votes

#1 - Two Mirrors: A Maiden's Album

Hell Girl - Season 2 - Episode 20

A girl named Mari is in an abusive relationship with her former friend (who happens to be identical to her), Juri. Juri contacted The Hotline to Hell because she and Mari had a close relationship that was ruined in her eyes when Mari briefly considered having an upperclassman as her tennis double instead of Juri. Juri has been forcing Mari to do exactly what she says, otherwise she'll pull the string. Ichimoku Ren becomes involved when trying to get more background on Mari and figuring out why Juri hasn't pulled the string yet. Juri gives Mari an album of pictures of them together. After going to get Juri's lunch, Mari runs into Ren and hugs him when he comforts her. Juri, having followed Mari in order to tell her she's decided to forgive her, is angry that Mari could be close to anyone else and runs off to pull the string. Mari tells her they'll always be together, but at that moment Juri is hit by a car and fatally injured. Mari pulls the string on the doll so that they'll be together in Hell and, shortly after she's taken, Juri arrives in Hell. Somehow, Mari has taken the album with her.

Two Mirrors: Elder Brother, Younger Sister
68 votes

#2 - Two Mirrors: Elder Brother, Younger Sister

Hell Girl - Season 2 - Episode 9

Suzaki Maho hates her brother, Suzaki Miki, for chasing away her boyfriends. Maho believes that because he is a model, he feels that he is prettier than she is. The pair has no parents thus they only have each other. Maho discovers that Miki dresses up as a woman and steals her boyfriends away. He later confesses his love to his Maho. When Maho can no longer take the pressure, she ends up sending him to Hell.

Two Mirrors: For This Country
97 votes

#3 - Two Mirrors: For This Country

Hell Girl - Season 2 - Episode 15

A young woman and her father have devoted themselves to the cause of a political candidate running for office. While they complain about how the current government is making everyone poorer and Japan worse, the mother works herself sick running their factory. While the daughter goes to see her and misses an important rally, her drunken, angry father causes a scene. Insisting it was her fault, the local campaign manager and her father hire two men to attack her in an alley the current government said they would improve, but failed to. While she's being attacked, Wanyuudo saves her. Returning to the headquarters, she discovers her father went along with the plan. She runs home to send him to Hell, but it turns out her mother (who'd been putting up with years of abuse) already has a contract on him and finally pulls the string on her doll.

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Our Family's At-Home Curry
27 votes

#4 - Our Family's At-Home Curry

Sweetness & Lightning - Season 1 - Episode 9

It's sleepover night at the preschool! The class is making curry, just like you'd make at home. But Tsumugi's "at-home curry" is different than usual. It's got raisins! Kouhei decides to make Tsumugi the special keema curry that her mother used to make. But how will Tsumugi react to this memory of her mother?

Hated Vegetables and Bits in Gratin
32 votes

#5 - Hated Vegetables and Bits in Gratin

Sweetness & Lightning - Season 1 - Episode 4

Tsumugi is like many young kids: she hates her veggies. Particularly those nasty green peppers! Is it possible for a child to like green peppers? Kouhei and Kotori decide to try and find out by making a delicious and tempting "roll-y" gratin that smothers those wicked peppers with cheese!