The Best Episodes Directed by Takashi Wada

Pool, Pool, Pool!

#1 - Pool, Pool, Pool!

Azumanga Daioh Season 1 - Episode 4

16, "A Fun Profession" We meet Kimura-sensei, the girls' creepy Classical Lit. teacher. 17, "Pool, Pool, Pool" As the girls gather at the school pool for gym class, we get to see more of their physical limitations, as well as a few personality quirks. 18, "Ribbon" Nyamo is trying to teach swimming technique to her class at the pool, when Yukari (naturally) rudely interrupts. 19, "Just the Two of Them" At Yukari's insistence, she and Nyamo face off in a pool relay race. 20, "A Good Person?" The aftermath of the class relay race. Also, the girls spot Kimura in the park after school and start wondering what kind of person he really is.

star 7.85
27 votes
Summer Break

#2 - Summer Break

Azumanga Daioh Season 1 - Episode 5

21, "Summer Break" Summer Break arrives. Nyamo visits Yukari at home to instill some motivation in her. 22, "Welcome to Chiyo's Room" Yomi, Tomo, and Osaka go to visit Chiyo at her home... and are surprised by what they find! 23, "Invitation" The girls head to Chiyo's Family's summer home to enjoy their vacation together at the beach. Also, Chiyo and Osaka learn the true meaning of horror, courtesy of... the Yukari-mobile!!! O_o 24, "Someone With Experience, Speak" The group tries to pass the evening with scary stories and fireworks, with mixed results. 25, "Done For" The group returns home as Summer Break comes to an end. Also, Kaorin gets the shock of her life!

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23 votes
A Child High School Student

#3 - A Child High School Student

Azumanga Daioh Season 1 - Episode 1

1, "A Child High School Student" We first meet 10-year-old prodigy Chiyo Mihama on her first day of high school. Meanwhile, English teacher Yukari-sensei is also on her way to school, and nothing seems to be going her way. 2, "A Genius" We learn that, in spite of being very smart for her age, Chiyo is far from perfect. Nonetheless, Chiyo quickly becomes a featured member of the class. 3, "Scary, maybe?" Chiyo is helping out in class when she meets Miss Sakaki, the tall quiet girl that everyone idolizes. But, upon reviewing Sakaki's pick of career choices, Chiyo wonders if their might be more to Miss Sakaki than meets the eye. 4, "The Rampaging Tomo-chan!" We meet Tomo, the hyperactive girl, as she challenges both Sakaki and Chiyo and generally gets herself into trouble. 5, "An Osakan Girl" A new transfer student, Ayumu, arrives from Osaka. Now, poor Ayumu must try to deal with her classmates' preconceived notions about Osaka natives.

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43 votes
Yukari and Nyamo

#4 - Yukari and Nyamo

Azumanga Daioh Season 1 - Episode 3

11, "Nyamo" We get to see more of P.E. teacher Minamo Kurosawa, a.k.a. "Nyamo," esp. her relationship with Yukari. 12, "Factional Rivalry" Envious over Nyamo's unmatched popularity with the students, Yukari shanghais the girls into basketball game. Only, Yukari doesn't play fair... 13, "Yukari's Here" When Yukari visits Nyamo at home, we get to see just how dysfunctional their relationship can be. 14, "Not My Fault" Yukari and Nyamo go out for a drink and end up running into *gasp* a foreigner! Meanwhile, Tomo, Yomi, and Osaka end up sharing in a little philosophy. 15, "Forever And Ever" Yukari shows her wild(er) side while knocking back glasses of sake, much to Nyamo's shagrin.

star 7.40
25 votes