The Best Episodes Directed by Takashi Sakuma

Reunion of Roars

#1 - Reunion of Roars

Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- Season 2 - Episode 21

Subaru tries to prevent the attack on the mansion by talking to Roswaal, but Roswaal refuses to let go of the wish he has clung to for 400 long years. Subaru takes Garfiel and Otto along as he hitches up the carriage to Patrasche and heads for the mansion as quickly as he can. Meanwhile, now that Emilia has completed the first trial, Ram asks her for a favor. Touched by the strength of Ram's feelings, Emilia reaches out to help her.

star 11.72
93 votes
A Journey Through Memories

#2 - A Journey Through Memories

Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- Season 2 - Episode 17

As she attempts the first trial, Emilia finds herself in Elior Forest, where she lived when she was younger. Echidna snidely remarks on her audacity to set foot here after so thoroughly disgracing herself before, but Emilia responds with a bold smile and tells her she won't cave to the malice of a fellow witch. As they proceed deeper into the forest, they come upon a massive tree towering over its surroundings. At its base is a small, barred door, which Emilia identifies as the Princess Room where she was often sent to play as a child.

star 11.56
94 votes
My Hero

#3 - My Hero

Sword Art Online Season 3 - Episode 24

Carrying the hopes of Cardinal, Eugeo, and Alice in his heart, Kirito stands yet again and visualizes the Black Swordsman, the top player who cleared SAO. For the sake of everyone he’s encountered in this world, Kirito, faces off with Administrator.

star 8.08
195 votes
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#4 - Synthesis

Sword Art Online Season 3 - Episode 20

Kirito and Alice reach the communal bath on the nintieth floor. There, they find the Integrity Knight Commander, Bercouli, who's been turned to stone by Chudelkin. Alice breaks down in tears upon seeing her mentor's tragic plight, but then...

star 7.72
168 votes
The Demon Tree

#5 - The Demon Tree

Sword Art Online Season 3 - Episode 2

Kirito wakes up to find himself inside a mysterious world evoking a fantasy game. His memory fuzzy, he tries to log out, but is unable to return to the real world. After wandering aimlessly, he finds himself underneath a colossal tree.

star 7.61
216 votes
Aoshima Moka Remembers

#6 - Aoshima Moka Remembers

One Room Season 1 - Episode 9

You and your childhood friend Moeka, who reunited in Tokyo, are spending their days enduring the harsh conditions for each other's dream. Such a lonely person snuggles up and gets a litter warmer, this is a story of Moeka and you in a certain autumn.

star 6.20
10 votes
Aoshima Moka is Singing

#7 - Aoshima Moka is Singing

One Room Season 1 - Episode 12

A quiet town where you can't hear your usual singing voice. Boring days without Moeka. Eventually you start walking. In order to fulfill the promises we have made, we spin words with thought. When that word arrived, Moeka again--

star 6.20
10 votes
Holding Hands with Hanasaka Yui

#8 - Holding Hands with Hanasaka Yui

One Room Season 1 - Episode 4

Yui takes the exam with the amulet you gave her. And the seasons go around, and the tree-lined road where cherry blossoms dance. Yui reveals a special secret to you walking next door. It will surely be an important moment that you will never forget. And the two are--

star 6.10
10 votes
Aoshima Moka is Troubled

#9 - Aoshima Moka is Troubled

One Room Season 1 - Episode 10

Moeka supportsyou with a smile when you take a step toward your dreams. It's a fun time for just two people like when I was a kid. However, on the other hand, Moeka is worried about the reality that emerges. A slight gap was beginning to appear in their steps.

star 6.00
11 votes
Hanasaka Yui Dozes Off

#10 - Hanasaka Yui Dozes Off

One Room Season 1 - Episode 3

Yui serves home cooking as a daily thank you to you. While having a good time, Yui was terribly depressed due to the poor results of the mock exam. One a snowy night, a small and gentle time comes to the two of them who are about to take the exam.

star 5.77
13 votes
Hanasaka Yui Makes a Promise

#11 - Hanasaka Yui Makes a Promise

One Room Season 1 - Episode 2

Yui with you who bame a tutor and a student from a neighbor. In a space of just two people, the distance between the hearts gradually get closer. One day, the two go to a public bath and make a small but important "promise".

star 5.58
12 votes
Hanasaka Yui Makes a Request

#12 - Hanasaka Yui Makes a Request

One Room Season 1 - Episode 1

One day, Hanasaka Yui, an examinee, move next to your room. Calm days with neighbors that suddenly started. Such a relationship between the two begins to move little by little, triggered by a certain "Request" -- This is a story of Yui and you in a certain winter --

star 5.05
19 votes