The BEST episodes directed by Takao Motohashi

Through the Haze of Darkness
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#1 - Through the Haze of Darkness

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam - Season 1 - Episode 16

The Audomura is en route to Hickory by way of the Kalaba launch site where Camille, Quattro and Katsu will make their way back to the Ahgama. Amuro has been given the Rick Dias. Irma talks to him, trying to rekindle his fighting spirit and maybe spark a little romance. Quattro also takes him aside, to allay their mutual guilt over the death of Lela Sun, who sacrificed herself to keep them from killing each other during the One Year War. Irma takes off in her biplane to direct the Mobile Suits to the launch site. As they reach the site, Braun leads a squad of Hizacks against the Audomura. Amuro has a change of heart and attacks Braun's Asshimar. Camille gives Katsu a gun with instructions to get Quattro on the shuttle and keep him there, then takes off to assist Amuro in the Mark-II. Camille and Amuro keep the Titan forces at bay while the shuttle lifts off. The battle ends when they team up to catch the Asshimar in their crossfire.

A Sign of Zeta
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#2 - A Sign of Zeta

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam - Season 1 - Episode 21

The Titans launch "Operation Apollo" to take control of Von Braun City on the far side of the Moon. Scirocco gives Jamitov a loyalty oath sealed in blood and is appointed commander of the battleship Dogoth Gear. Jared and Moira Pharaoh, the Titan pilot who saved Jared's life in the AEUGO attack on Jabrow, are also placed under Scirocco's command and given the new Gabthley (RX-110). Jared is quite pleased with them after a test run against the Messala. Scirocco plans to control the Earth sector when the war is over and recruits Jared and Moira to this end. Emma worries about Camille as the Ahgama approaches Side 2. Both are nearly killed when the Ahgama is attacked by the Gabthleys. Emma's Rick Dias is destroyed as she ejects and Camille is forced to abandon the crippled Mark-II. Fa rescues them as the Gabthleys are caught in the crossfire of Z-Gundam (MSZ-006) and the Ahgama's Mega Particle Cannon.

Unidentified Mobile Suits
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#3 - Unidentified Mobile Suits

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam - Season 1 - Episode 32

As repairs proceed aboard the Ahgama, Won Lee orders an AEUGO offensive against the Titans. Bright worries that such an action might provoke the hitherto-neutral Axis to takes sides against them. Camille frets because Fa spends all her time with the children. Won Lee finds him moping in the corridor and puts him to work prepping Z-Gundam for battle. In the mess hall, Reccoa can't eat and rebuffs both Quattro and Camille. Aboard the Dogoth Gear, Scirocco warns Sara to watch herself around Yazan, who seems to be everywhere these days. After consulting with Quattro, Bright agrees to attack the Dogoth Gear. Quattro plans a sniper attack using the Type-100 and Mega Bazooka, but Reccoa will have to set up the shot for him and provide additional power from her Gelgoog's batteries. Scirocco gives Yazan a Hambrabi as they join forces, but Sara worries about this uneasy alliance. Camille leads a head-on assault against the Dogoth Gear while Quattro and Reccoa snipe from the rear. Yazan launches just before Quattro's first shot destroys the launch ramp. Reccoa senses Scirocco's presence and flies off toward the Dogoth Gear to join him. Yazan closes with Camille, his Hambrabi mauling Z-Gundam. Reccoa intervenes, almost taking a shot meant for Yazan, and Scirocco recognizes her Gelgoog from the Jupiteris encounter. Camille and Reccoa are forced back by Yazan, who destroys Reccoa's Gelgoog. Camille picks Reccoa up as she ejects, but Z-Gundam is defenseless. As Yazan closes in for the kill, a hundred Gaza-Cs (AMX-003) appear and drive the Titans off. They surround both the Dogoth Gear and the Ahgama, which call a truce until the mystery Suits are dealt with. Scirocco is unconcerned -- he recognizes the newcomers and shares their ambitions. Aboard the Ahgama, Reccoa and Camille call it even on saving one another's lives. Quattro also recognizes the Gaza-Cs and is not so self-assured.

The Ghost of Zeon
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#4 - The Ghost of Zeon

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam - Season 1 - Episode 26

Aboard the Alexandria, Yazan argues with Jamaican about their next move. They agree that Yazan will take the Gaplant and lead a squad of Hizacks against Ahgama. Aboard the Radish, Henken talks with Emma about the progress of the G-Defenser test. He is reluctant to let her go back to the Ahgama. Aboard the Ahgama, Bright is preparing for another Titan attack. Katsu talks to Emma about becoming a Mobile Suit pilot. Yazan attacks and Emma in the Mark-II leads a squad of Nemos to defend the ship. Against orders, Katsu takes off in the G-Defenser to help Emma against Yazan, but ends up distracting her at a critical moment instead. Camille senses the battle and, after an argument with Bright (who is again reminded of his old friend Amuro), gets Z-Gundam ready to launch. The Mark-II and G-Defenser link up to form Super Gundam. Katsu is almost killed by a Hizack and ejects, taking refuge in the derelict Zion Gwajin-type battleship, abandoned during the One Year War and now adrift in the middle of the new battle zone. Emma finds Katsu in the wreckage just as the Hizack finds her. Meanwhile, Z-Gundam and the Gaplant have used up all their ammunition and now duel with energy swords. Emma and Katsu are captured by the Hizack as Camille ambushes Yazan in another part of the ship. The crossfire between the Alexandria and Ahgama gets intense and a stray shot destroys the Hizack. Katsu reactivates one of the Gwajin's "antique" Gelgoog (MS-14) to help Camille, who appears to be losing to Yazan. The Gaplant appears to retreat with Z-Gundam and Super Gundam in hot pursuit, but it's all part of Yazan's plan. He sets Jamaican up to take a direct hit on the Alexandria's bridge from a blast aimed at his Gaplant. After the battle, Bright plans to use an old Zion base against the Titans as Katsu is officially made pilot of the G-Defenser.