The Best Episodes Directed by Takahiro Ootsuka

Sardine Stock

#1 - Sardine Stock

Poco's Udon World Season 1 - Episode 9

When Hiroshi shows up at Souta's house with a hankering for some homemade udon, Souta remembers the recipes his father left behind, so Souta, Hiroshi, and Poco roll up their sleeves and get cooking. But can Souta and Poco keep Poco's secret from Hiroshi when the little tanuki's tail suddenly pops out?

star 7.43
14 votes
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#2 - Yashima

Poco's Udon World Season 1 - Episode 4

Souta’s big sister Rinko walks in on Souta, Poco, and Nakajima fast asleep after their fishing trip. Souta is frantic to stop Rinko from prying about Poco, but he’s not the only nervous one—Rinko says she’s bad with kids, and Poco’s afraid of her. But on Rinko’s suggestion, Souta and Poco join her on an outing to Yashima. At the tanuki-connected Yashima Temple, they pray with the pilgrims and enjoy a stroll. And while walking with Poco, the siblings find themselves reminiscing about one old memory after another…

star 7.40
15 votes
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Idea 7

#3 - Idea 7

Heaven's Design Team Season 1 - Episode 7

One evening, after hearing Neptune explain that he felt like someone was watching him in the bath, God puts in an order for an "animal that's watching even though it looks like nothing's there". As always, the order is ridiculous and makes the design team agonize, but then they decide to experiment with the squid that Pluto designed in the past...

star 7.07
15 votes
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Just Don't

#4 - Just Don't

Mr. Osomatsu Season 3 - Episode 18

Nyaa has a rather surprising crush that happens to be Osomatsu and literally everyone tries to stop her from making a terrible life choice.

star 7.00
1 votes
Touter / Optimization / Massage

#5 - Touter / Optimization / Massage

Mr. Osomatsu Season 3 - Episode 6

Iyami tries to lure the boys into an interesting shop / the Riceballs try to achieve optimization / Jyushimatsu gives Osomatsu a special massage.

star 6.67
3 votes
Fuyumi-chan's Diet

#6 - Fuyumi-chan's Diet

Pan de Peace! Season 1 - Episode 6

Fuyumi-chan is troubled when she sees her weight on the scale. “Why do people get fat?” After consulting with her friends, they all decided to go jogging early in the morning to help Fuyumi-chan with her diet...

star 5.83
6 votes