The Best Episodes Directed by Takahiro Oomori

Hell Girl

#1 - Hell Girl

Hell Girl Season 1 - Episode 25

It is revealed how Ai Enma became the Hell Girl. It also turns out that Ai Enma had been buried alive as a ritual sacrifice by Sentaro Shibata, her very own best friend.

star 9.36
10 votes
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#2 - Basting

Hell Girl Season 1 - Episode 26

Ai Enma attempts to persuade Tsugumi Shibata to send Hajime Shibata, her very own father, to hell. She urges Tsugumi to do so by using the case of her late mother, Ayumi.

star 9.25
12 votes
Two Mirrors: Wandering

#3 - Two Mirrors: Wandering

Hell Girl Season 2 - Episode 25

Mr. Tsuyuki and Mr. and Mrs. Hasue, among others, have formed a mob. Mr. Tsuyuki convinces the others that they must kill Takuma. Hotaru looks for her brother, who is nowhere to be found, but she finds the book about Hell Girl, and runs away with Takuma.

star 9.22
8 votes
Two Mirrors: Chain

#4 - Two Mirrors: Chain

Hell Girl Season 2 - Episode 24

People are disappearing one after the other in the town of Lovely Hills - Mr. Mariyama is sent to Hell by his daughter who hates him for scolding her. A woman named Akiko sends her husband to Hell because she regrets marrying him. Then Akiko's friend sends her to Hell, because she's always hated Akiko, and so forth. All of the disappearances are blamed on Takuma. While the disappearances are happening, Detective Meshiai goes to the library and finds the book written by Shibata Hajime about Hell Girl.

star 9.11
8 votes
Two Mirrors: Longing

#5 - Two Mirrors: Longing

Hell Girl Season 2 - Episode 22

After the recent tragedies that have occurred in his family, Takuma is suspected of having murdered his mother and gravely wounded his father, but has not been arrested due to the lack of evidence. The townspeople continue to suspect him, and call him the "devil's child". As Takuma tries to piece his life back together, he meets a young girl, Seri, who happened to live near him before her house was torn down to make way for a train station that never materialized. Having been emotionally attached to the house, she intends to have her revenge against at least one of the persons who had ordered her house's destruction in the first place.

star 9.10
9 votes
Twilight Village

#6 - Twilight Village

Hell Girl Season 1 - Episode 24

Hajime and Tsugumi Shibata are still searching for the Hell Girl. After finding out that they are related to Sentaro Shibata, a former friend of the Hell Girl, they are then confronted by Ai Enma.

star 9.00
10 votes
Glass Scenery

#7 - Glass Scenery

Hell Girl Season 1 - Episode 17

Hajime Shibata and his daughter were caught in a fog. They had found themselves caught in an abandoned sanitarium. There, they found the ghost of a vengeful girl named Nina.

star 8.92
11 votes
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Two Mirrors: Distrust

#8 - Two Mirrors: Distrust

Hell Girl Season 2 - Episode 23

Mr. Kimiko insults Mr. Narito's singing during a community choir practice. Mr. Narito becomes so enraged by this petty insult that he sends Mr. Kimiko to Hell, and blames Takuma for Mr. Kimiko's disappearance. To keep up the ruse, Mr. Narito sets up a vigil outside Takuma's house with other neighbours.

star 8.89
9 votes
The Silent Relationship

#9 - The Silent Relationship

Hell Girl Season 1 - Episode 8

In this episode, Enma Ai meets a small girl who reminds her of something memorable. That girl's dad is researching Jigoku Shoujo and the Hell Correspondence, trying to write an article called "The Truth about the Agent of Revenge" about them. His daughter however, acts weirdly due to her encounter with Enma Ai, and starts to see things related to the people seeking revenge. Meanwhile, Tanuma, a young woman, is out seeking revenge on her former boss for harming her best friend and misrepresenting money.

star 8.87
15 votes
Two Mirrors: Fake Hell Correspondence

#10 - Two Mirrors: Fake Hell Correspondence

Hell Girl Season 2 - Episode 8

Baba Shouko is a teacher everyone dislikes because she frequently scolds students and is very strict. A fake Hotline to Hell was created by somebody and it is circulated among students who were just scolded by Baba sensei. Tracing was carried out and they concluded that a student named Ikami Waka created and circulated the fake Hotline to Hell. However, Ikami claims that she did not do it. On the same night, another teacher named Kuriyama Mami calls Ikami and tells her that it was Baba who made the fake Hotline to Hell, blames her for it and told Ikami to come to school. Mami-sensei waits in school for Ikami to come and tried to convince Ikami to access the real Hotline to Hell to send Baba to hell. To her surprise, the one who turned up is Ai. Mami and Ai already knew each other from their pasts. The truth is Mami was the one who created the fake Hotline to Hell and blamed the students for it. It was all because Baba scolded Mami when she was young and she blames Baba for all her problems. Baba comes and types in Mami's name into the real Hotline to Hell, as a punishment for an attempt to use her students as sacrifices. Baba agrees to go to hell as she blamed herself for coaching a teacher like Mami.

star 8.85
12 votes
Night of the Itinerant Entertainers

#11 - Night of the Itinerant Entertainers

Hell Girl Season 1 - Episode 16

Yumi and Yuki, identical twin sisters, both work as circus performers. Yuki is much favored than Yumi. While Yuki is pampered, Yumi was abused, both verbally and physically. Because of this, Yumi sends her twin to hell by using the Hell Correspondence.

star 8.83
11 votes
Two Mirrors: Bonds

#12 - Two Mirrors: Bonds

Hell Girl Season 2 - Episode 7

Ougi Emi’s family has changed ever since her brother, Ougi Tatsuya, died in a motorcycle accident. Her mother is ignoring the family to get the city to take the blame for her son's death. Tatsuya was everything for his mother and Emi tries to help her mother get over it, but her mother continues to be unconcerned for the well-being of her daughter. Emi learns that her brother had one of Ai's dolls but hadn't used it yet, now it belongs to Emi. One day her family becomes dysfunctional and she sends her mother to hell. After that, she realizes that she's better off without her mother.

star 8.83
11 votes
Two Mirrors: A Maiden's Album

#13 - Two Mirrors: A Maiden's Album

Hell Girl Season 2 - Episode 20

A girl named Mari is in an abusive relationship with her former friend (who happens to be identical to her), Juri. Juri contacted The Hotline to Hell because she and Mari had a close relationship that was ruined in her eyes when Mari briefly considered having an upperclassman as her tennis double instead of Juri. Juri has been forcing Mari to do exactly what she says, otherwise she'll pull the string. Ichimoku Ren becomes involved when trying to get more background on Mari and figuring out why Juri hasn't pulled the string yet. Juri gives Mari an album of pictures of them together. After going to get Juri's lunch, Mari runs into Ren and hugs him when he comforts her. Juri, having followed Mari in order to tell her she's decided to forgive her, is angry that Mari could be close to anyone else and runs off to pull the string. Mari tells her they'll always be together, but at that moment Juri is hit by a car and fatally injured. Mari pulls the string on the doll so that they'll be together in Hell and, shortly after she's taken, Juri arrives in Hell. Somehow, Mari has taken the album with her.

star 8.82
10 votes
Imprisoned Girl

#14 - Imprisoned Girl

Hell Girl Season 1 - Episode 13

Ai Enma, the girl from hell isn't just a recent event. This has been going on for hundreds of years. A man named Fukumoto send a man called Okawachi to hell using the Hell Correspondence, or The Hotline To Hell. Hajime Shibata saw him die before him for over fifty years ago.

star 8.75
12 votes
The Light of the Ward

#15 - The Light of the Ward

Hell Girl Season 1 - Episode 23

Kanako Sakuragi, a kind and sweet nurse was sent to hell by an unknown drug-addict. Hajime Shibata suspected the husband of a former patient but loses trail when the person he suspected is computer-illiterate.

star 8.73
10 votes
Island Girl

#16 - Island Girl

Hell Girl Season 1 - Episode 15

Mina Minato sends her aunt, Fujie Minato to hell after finding out that Fujie had murdered Mina's mother. Mina and her boyfriend was assaulted by Fujie as well.

star 8.70
10 votes
Rain of Regret

#17 - Rain of Regret

Hell Girl Season 1 - Episode 22

Heartbroken husband, Goro Suetsugu sends his wife to hell after finding out that she is cheating on him. Hajime Shibata had failed to stop him and he ends up telling Goro a similar tale on his late wife, Ayumi.

star 8.70
10 votes
Two Mirrors: A Wicked Woman's Desire

#18 - Two Mirrors: A Wicked Woman's Desire

Hell Girl Season 2 - Episode 16

A girl named Ran tries to send a man who betrayed her to hell, but meets a geisha woman who said she'll help her get revenge. Ran disguised herself and seduced the man. The woman steals all the man's money and he finally commited suicide. Ran eventually finds out that the woman has been using her and is attacked. She managed to send the woman to Hell before she finally dies (after being attacked by that woman).

star 8.70
12 votes
Two Mirrors: For This Country

#19 - Two Mirrors: For This Country

Hell Girl Season 2 - Episode 15

A young woman and her father have devoted themselves to the cause of a political candidate running for office. While they complain about how the current government is making everyone poorer and Japan worse, the mother works herself sick running their factory. While the daughter goes to see her and misses an important rally, her drunken, angry father causes a scene. Insisting it was her fault, the local campaign manager and her father hire two men to attack her in an alley the current government said they would improve, but failed to. While she's being attacked, Wanyuudo saves her. Returning to the headquarters, she discovers her father went along with the plan. She runs home to send him to Hell, but it turns out her mother (who'd been putting up with years of abuse) already has a contract on him and finally pulls the string on her doll.

star 8.66
11 votes

#20 - Friends

Hell Girl Season 1 - Episode 10

Minami Shibuya intends to send her friend, Shiori Akasaka to hell. Soon after, they became friends again and Shibuya decided not to send Akasaka to hell. But, Akasaka was sent to hell after accidentally pulling the string on the straw doll.

star 8.62
12 votes
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Puppet Bride

#21 - Puppet Bride

Hell Girl Season 1 - Episode 19

An orphan, Inori Ujie was picked by her orphanage's main benefactor, a doll maker, Kyogetsu Inori, to be her son's bride. The requirements: Inori must act like a doll at all times. She is not allowed to do anything, not even serve her husband breakfast. She was forced to, for the sake of the orphanage. Inori sends Kyogetsu to hell, thinking that she would have her time with her husband. But, it turns out that her husband was no different than his mother...

star 8.58
11 votes
Across the Blind Alley

#22 - Across the Blind Alley

Hell Girl Season 1 - Episode 14

Sai Kirino seeks revenge for the death of the father due to a secret that exists between him and her primary suspect, Mayor Ryouzo Kusunoki. Hajime Shibata succeeded in making him apologize, but it was too late.

star 8.55
11 votes
Two Mirrors: Silent Glance

#23 - Two Mirrors: Silent Glance

Hell Girl Season 2 - Episode 17

A girl named Nene, contacted the Hell Girl to send her mother to Hell, because she thinks her mother, Honami, kills her father; although the truth is, Honami sends her husband to Hell because he was abusing them (Honami and Nene) eleven years ago. Honami then finds out that Nene is trying to send her to hell, but then kills herself so that Nene doesn't need to go to Hell too. Also where Ren's past is revealed showing that he was once a sword.

star 8.51
11 votes
Bound Girl

#24 - Bound Girl

Hell Girl Season 1 - Episode 18

Miki Kawakami finds herself and her dogs enslaved by a rich and evil women called Meiko Shimono because Miki's two collies bit her. Miki called Ai Enma through the Hotline to Hell when Meiko killed her dogs. It appears that Meiki had killed her own parents as she desired their inheritance.

star 8.45
10 votes
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Sweet Trap

#25 - Sweet Trap

Hell Girl Season 1 - Episode 9

Yuka Kasuga and her sister, Hiromi finally fulfills their dream of opening a bakery, and allows one of their father's friend, Shinya Morizaki to taste one of their father's unique creations. Morizaki stole the sisters' recipe, claiming it his own, causing humiliation and bankruptcy. Yuka uses the Hotline to Hell to send Morizaki to hell.

star 8.44
13 votes
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Two Mirrors: The Girl Lost In the Darkness

#26 - Two Mirrors: The Girl Lost In the Darkness

Hell Girl Season 2 - Episode 1

Onda Maki is being bullied in class, but she doesn't know who is bullying her. She spends every night typing her classmates' names into the Hotline to Hell engine, but always erases it. Her science teacher Kamishiro tries to help her, but Onda always refuses.Eventually, she finds out that Kamishiro is the one who has been bullying her and sends her to Hell. Onda has a new friend, and as they are working after school on a project, Onda discovers that her friend had been helping Kamishiro bully her.

star 8.42
11 votes
Two Mirrors: Secret

#27 - Two Mirrors: Secret

Hell Girl Season 2 - Episode 4

Yagisawa's wife, Chinami, is in the hospital, fighting an illness. He'll do anything for money to help her. He enters the site to get revenge on Hhouki, the man who tricked him into killing a man for money. Hhouki wanders into the hospital and tells Chinami that her husband killed a man, causing her to go into a coma due to her distress. He eventually send Hhouki hell (for refusing to help his wife and blackmailing him). When he returns to the hospital to tell his wife that everything is okay, she no longer remembers him. Kikuri is seen wandering around the hospital and having a strange effect on Chinami. In this episode, she leaves the mortal world with Ai and officially becomes part of the group.

star 8.42
11 votes
Two Mirrors: Elder Brother, Younger Sister

#28 - Two Mirrors: Elder Brother, Younger Sister

Hell Girl Season 2 - Episode 9

Suzaki Maho hates her brother, Suzaki Miki, for chasing away her boyfriends. Maho believes that because he is a model, he feels that he is prettier than she is. The pair has no parents thus they only have each other. Maho discovers that Miki dresses up as a woman and steals her boyfriends away. He later confesses his love to his Maho. When Maho can no longer take the pressure, she ends up sending him to Hell.

star 8.42
11 votes
Two Mirrors: Steam Hell, Inn on a Journey

#29 - Two Mirrors: Steam Hell, Inn on a Journey

Hell Girl Season 2 - Episode 19

The story of how Wannyuudo came to join up with Ai while modern day humans who run a hot springs run into the same trouble their ancestors deal with the same problem 400 years earlier.

star 8.41
12 votes
Two Mirrors: Soft Paper Balloon

#30 - Two Mirrors: Soft Paper Balloon

Hell Girl Season 2 - Episode 21

A young woman is trying to get her ex-boyfriend to get back together with her for the sake of her and the child she's carrying. She has the straw doll in case he refuses, but she is obsessively pursuing a reunion. Her story is intersected with Hone Onna's story. Originally, Hone Onna was a young woman named Tsuyu who was sold into prostitution to cover the debts of her lover. Tsuyu used to make paper ball balloons to sell. After a few years, Tsuyu is joined by a younger prostitute named Kion. Kion feels inferior to Tsuyu and ultimately betrays her, resulting in the violent death that transforms Tsuyu into Hone Onna. Back in the present day, the young lady sends her ex to hell, then attempts to jump off a bridge. Hone Onna realizes the spirit of Kion, who was wounded by her lover after she revealed her pregnancy and then jumped off a bridge, has been possessing women and forcing them to kill themselves by jumping off bridges. Kion tells Hone Onna it was nice to see her again, then vanishes, still on her path of vengeance. Hone Onna asked Ai to please pick Kion up someday, as Ai saved her from an eternity of sorrow and anger.

star 8.40
9 votes
Two Mirrors: Indigo Dye

#31 - Two Mirrors: Indigo Dye

Hell Girl Season 2 - Episode 26

After the death of her brother, a grief-stricken Hotaru sends Takuma to Hell, promising to follow him so he won't be alone. She insists to Ai that everything will stop when Takuma dies. Ai begins to ferry Takuma to Hell, but stops when he asks her to take him back. They both return to the mortal world, with Ai reverting to her human self. She has no memory of her time as Hell Girl and doesn't remember her assistants at all. Kikuri reveals herself to be a host body for the Lord of Hell, who is punishing Ai for failing to perform her duty. Ai is now mortal. Takuma finds Hotaru's body washed up on the shore of a lake, tells Ai he no longer has any patience, and runs to his house to burn it down. He is confronted by the mob as he does so and is almost killed until Ai intervines, calming the mob and leading Takuma away from the burning house. The man who send Hotaru's brother to Hell snaps and begins beating Ai over the head so he won't go to Hell. The rest of the mob joins in. Ai's assistants are unable to prevent her death, but see Ai smiling calmly at them. Takuma tells the mob to stop hurting Ai and she dies holding his hand saying "It's over." Her body turns into sakura petals and floats away. The Lord of Hell releases the souls of her parents (presumably to Heaven). A narration reveals that Takuma's pursuers have fled Lovely Hills and that the town itself has become dilapidated. All charges against Takuma have been dropped, Takuma's father is shown to have woken up, and his friend, Hotaru Meshiai, is miraculously alive and in the hospital. At the end of the episode, a young girl is seen receiving a text message from Hell Girl (which is probably Kikuri) saying that her request has been accepted.

star 8.38
7 votes
Two Mirrors: The Distant Adjoining Room

#32 - Two Mirrors: The Distant Adjoining Room

Hell Girl Season 2 - Episode 11

Amagi Shizuko adopts a stray cat and names it Muru. She just moved in and has not introduced herself to her neighbors yet. Whenever she tries to no one is at home. Ren often comes to visit her. A few days after adopting the cat, she begins to receive mysterious prank calls. Items that she did not order were delivered to her house. She also receives threatening letters, warning her to throw out the cat. Amagi does not know what to do as she does not have enough money to move out yet. She hires a private investigation agency and they discovers that it is her neighbor named Tachibana Kyouko making prank calls and sending threats. She sends a letter to Tachibana apologising about the cat and told her that she will move out with the cat as soon as possible. That being done, she hears bangs and crashes from next door. The next day, she gets home and discovers that her apartment door is wide open and Muru is gone. She frantically attempts to search for the cat and found a plastic bag filled with meat outside. Thinking that it is Muru, she pulls the string on Ai's doll to send Tachibana to hell. Later in the episode, it is revealed that the cat belonged to Tachibana and she was upset that Amagi adopted the cat. Amagi hears distant cat meows and discovers Muru thus the bag of meat was nothing but another prank.

star 8.36
10 votes
A Broken Disguise

#33 - A Broken Disguise

Hell Girl Season 1 - Episode 7

Ayaka is an aspiring actress who is adopted by Kurenai Midori because of her potential talent for acting, but it's pretty obvious from the very beginning that she isn't nearly as talented or as gifted as her adopted mother had hoped for. Instead, she appears to be rather clumsy and untalented since can't even get her role as a weeping willow right, and she even has to endure an embarassing lecture from her mom in front of the entire class. She pathetically summons Emna Ai in hopes of teaching her mother a lesson in attitude adjustment since she's incapable of confronting her about it herself, but she thinks twice about her decision in revenge after getting a glimpse of spending eternity in Hell.

star 8.36
14 votes
The Window on an Early Afternoon

#34 - The Window on an Early Afternoon

Hell Girl Season 1 - Episode 6

Yasuda-san is the helpless victim in this episode, and she is being bullied by a woman named Amiko Todaka-san whose husband runs a large branch office. Unfortunately, her daughter is being bullied at school as well and doesn't know why everyone is so hostile toward her. Her husband's having a hellish time at work as well and blames his wife for starting trouble with the boss's wife even though she's done nothing to cause this dilemma. As if that weren't enough, Yasuda-san is accused of cheating on her husband with another man when in actuality she was attacked and possibly even raped by the man that Todaka-san had sent to attack her. Yasuda-san's daughter doesn't understand why her entire family is being victimized by Todoka-san, but she isn't going allow it to continue any longer and summons Enma Ai to help her uncover past events that started this whole mess.

star 8.35
16 votes
The Women of the High Tower

#35 - The Women of the High Tower

Hell Girl Season 1 - Episode 5

Tamura Misato is an employee for the online shop Dead Line and often has to work insanely long hours just to keep up with her heavy workload. Kaifu Riho is the president and founder of the company and is a complete dud when it comes to computers, but she lies and takes all the credit for Misato's computer knowledge as her own and threatens Misato with going public about her minor shoplifting stunt if she refuses to comply with her rules. Her employees, meanwhile, are absolutely clueless about the president's "true" talents and believe that she's created the successful company all on her own when she really did nothing to help the company become successful. She's even tried to summon Ai and company many times for her own selfish reasons, but they've refused to accept her request and instead have secretly been investigating her company (and her illegal tactics) right under her eyes.

star 8.33
15 votes
Two Mirrors: Black Furrow

#36 - Two Mirrors: Black Furrow

Hell Girl Season 2 - Episode 12

A new road needs to be built to stop the traffic accidents in the area but it is blocked by a house. The house is occupied by an old man who refuses to move. The brother of one of the victims of the road wants vengeance and picks up Wannyudou as he wanted to hitch a ride. They discuss about the incident. The brother then makes Wannyoudou get out of the vehicle and plans to kill the houseowner himself. After Wannyoudou gets out and the brother drives away, Ai and Wannyoudou show up in the truck. Just before he can pull the string, Ren's eye appears and says that his request was cancelled. The houseowner just passed away. He did not believe it and speeds up down the road to try to kill the old man. He nearly got into the same accident as his brother. They enter the house and see Sone with Kikuri and the dead houseowner. Sone hands the brother the houseowner's will. The old man had left the plot of land to the family of the guy who got into the fatal accident. During this episode, Wannyoudou's past is explained.

star 8.33
11 votes
Hell Girl vs. Hell Boy

#37 - Hell Girl vs. Hell Boy

Hell Girl Season 1 - Episode 20

Television psychic, Gil de Ronfell aka L'Enfer claims himself as the Hell Boy, challanges Hell Girl, Ai Enma to a duel. It turns out to be a fatal mistake.

star 8.30
9 votes
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Two Mirrors: Beloved Kei-chan

#38 - Two Mirrors: Beloved Kei-chan

Hell Girl Season 2 - Episode 3

A girl named Tae-pon is obsessively protective of her neighbor, Kei-chan. She refuses to admit her love for Kei-chan because she thinks their relationship would change and then they would drift apart. She knows his girlfriend is a two-timer, but refuses to tell him because she's "protecting" him. Kei-chan enters her room through her window, admits he knows his girlfriend is cheating on him, and then sleeps with Tae-pon when she comforts him. She becomes afraid that their relationship is now in danger of changing and refuses to open her window when Kei says he loves her. She opens her window to see if he's still there, causing him to lose his balance and fall to his death. The next day, Tae-pon sends his ex-girlfriend to Hell for causing Kei-chan to be distraught enough to alter his relationship with Tae-pon and for calling him pathetic. Tae-pon moves to a new area and her new window neighbor looks almost exactly like Kei-chan...

star 8.25
11 votes
Two Mirrors: Rampage to Hell

#39 - Two Mirrors: Rampage to Hell

Hell Girl Season 2 - Episode 5

Yamada Leon, is constantly bullying Oi-chan. So Oi-chan sought a contract with Ai but he changed his mind after learning about the consequences. Leon falls in love with a high school girl named Miyahara Izumi. He plans to confess his love for her and leave the gang he is in. However, Leon's gang leader refuses to let him leave the gang. After Leon overhears Oi-chan talking about the Hell Girl, he made Oi-chan show him the Hotline to Hell. Leon's gang leader tries to kidnap Izumi to stop Leon from confessing to her. However, as he kidnaps Izumi, Leon sends him to hell. After continuing to bully Oi-chan, Leon steals his wallet and plans to finally confess to Izumi once again. While he's speeding down the street, he crashes and goes almost immediately to Hell.

star 8.17
11 votes
From Beyond the Twilight

#40 - From Beyond the Twilight

Hell Girl Season 1 - Episode 1

Hashimoto Mayumi, a typical high school girl. She plans on seeking revenge on her classmate Kuroda Aya for bullying and torturing her. One day, she finds a strange ad regarding sending tormentors to hell. Is this hotline to hell real? Will she get her revenge?

star 8.16
30 votes
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Two Mirrors: That Person's Memories

#41 - Two Mirrors: That Person's Memories

Hell Girl Season 2 - Episode 18

A girl comes home from work one day to find her mother, who went away when she was still young, has returned. Not only that, but her father wants her to have to pamper her mother every day, causing problems for the girl. She uses the Hell Hotline to get try to get rid of her mother, and tries to do so eventually, but finds that she cannot, because her father used the Hell Hotline and therefore got the straw doll she had. She rushes over to where her father is taking her mother for a walk, but finds her father has already sent her mother to Hell. He father tells her the truth: she is not the daughter of the woman she thought was her mother. After discovering his wife was infertile, her father had a her with another woman. This caused his wife to get angry, and eventually she got involved in a car accident to try and kill herself. The girl then remembers that her mother did accept her once, but knows it is too late.

star 8.16
12 votes
Inaudible Cry

#42 - Inaudible Cry

Hell Girl Season 1 - Episode 4

Junko-chan's life has been plagued by eternal heartache and sorrow due to the loss of both her parents at a very young age as well as the recent loss of her best friend and loyal dog Candy. She's horrified to discover that the doctor who was supposed to be taking care of Candy's injured body had actually been too busy chatting on the phone at the time instead of tending to the dog's care. By the time he finally looked at the dog, it was too late and the poor soul had already left its injured body. It's obvious that Junko-chan's now going to utilize Ai's services to get back at Honjou-sensei for ignoring her dog's pleas of help, but she initially doesn't want to go through with it because of her fears of spending eternity in Hell.

star 8.13
16 votes
Two Mirrors: Bubbles Under the Surface

#43 - Two Mirrors: Bubbles Under the Surface

Hell Girl Season 2 - Episode 2

Yayoi's sister, Sumire is missing. She is constantly hearing the sound of bubbles from underwater. She after a while begins to realize her sister is dead. But because she doesn't know the identity of the killer, she can't get onto the website to get her sister's revenge. She blames herself for Sumire's death because Sumire vanished on a day Yayoi didn't walk with her. Yayoi falls into a fountain and has a vision of what happened to her sister. Sumire was kidnapped, raped, killed, and dumped in a lake, which explains the bubbles. Yayoi knows the identity of the killer and sends him to Hell for Sumire.

star 8.09
10 votes
Broken String

#44 - Broken String

Hell Girl Season 1 - Episode 11

Masaya Kataoka seeks revenge against journalist, Takashi Inagaki for framing him and his late father. Hajime Shibata is somehow involved as Inagaki was his former boss.

star 8.08
12 votes
Two Mirrors: The Place Where the Sun Hits

#45 - Two Mirrors: The Place Where the Sun Hits

Hell Girl Season 2 - Episode 6

Hosono Souta is a boy who always sits in the infirmary. Because of this, his classmates make fun of him. He falls in love with a classmate, Nitta Kiwako, because she was the only one who did not make fun of him. He dislikes her current boyfriend. Hosono attempts to access the Hotline to Hell, but Ai rejects him. While Hosono is stalking Kiwako at a bowling alley, he overhears her boyfriend suggesting to his friend, Sawazaki, that he will "lend" Kiwako to him so that Sawazaki can finally lose his virginity. Ai appears to Hosono that night, but while he begs her to save Kiwako, he refuses to sell his soul in exchange for revenge. Kiwako later tells Hosono that she accessed the Hotline to Hell and has sent her horrible boyfriend to Hell. Hosono is shocked that she would agree to go to Hell for that and turns down Ai's help once and for all. At the end of the episode it is shown that Hosono purchases a blade, and plans to kill Sawazaki.

star 8.08
12 votes
Kind Neighbor

#46 - Kind Neighbor

Hell Girl Season 1 - Episode 21

Taking a break from their urban lives, Yuko Murai and her father move to a farm. Their neighbor Ryosuke Sekine helps them out on the farm. The father and daughter's crops turned out bad as they were overrun by pests. Due to alcoholism, Yuko's father dies. Yuko eventually found out that Sekine had sabotaged their crops and attempts to send him to hell, but was convinced not to by Hajime Shibata.

star 8.00
10 votes
Split Shards

#47 - Split Shards

Hell Girl Season 1 - Episode 12

Akane Sawai stopped going to school due to emotional problems. Now, she locks herself up to her room and only opens up to her textmate, Yoshiki Fukasawa, who constantly visits her to check on her and convinces her to go to school. Sawai gets irritated by this, and is convinced by her textmate to send Fukasawa to hell. She finds out that her textmate is really Fukusawa and after coming to an understanding, Fukusawa convinces Sawai to send him to hell.

star 8.00
12 votes
The Possessed Girl

#48 - The Possessed Girl

Hell Girl Season 1 - Episode 2

How nice would it be to be to be able to send someone to Hell with just a simple click of the button? A girl named Ryouko is haunted by a stalker.Desperate to get this despicable man from stalking her any further, she types in his name (only known to her as Stalker) on the Jigoku Shoujo web site, and later receives a call confirming her request. She meets Enma Ai and explains her situation to her and her team, but Ryouko finds out that it's not as simple as it appears ... not only will her stalker go to Hell, but so will she as a consequence for using their services. Is it worth the price of going to Hell for eternity?

star 7.93
27 votes
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The Filthy Mound

#49 - The Filthy Mound

Hell Girl Season 1 - Episode 3

Muroi Kouichi was a high school student with high aspirations to play in his first baseball tournament, but his short life had been plagued by the constant bullying from the "star" player Hanagasa Mamoru who enjoyed tormenting him with his baseball bat, and it became so bad that it eventually lead to his death or even suicide. His friend Iwashita had kept the bullying a secret until the very end, but it ended up backfiring on him when Muroi's mother publicly accused him of murdering her son instead of blaming the real culprit. Iwashita decides to take matters into his own hands and summons Enma Ai to take care of the dirty work for him. Will he pull the string?

star 7.91
20 votes
Two Mirrors: The Tragedy of V

#50 - Two Mirrors: The Tragedy of V

Hell Girl Season 2 - Episode 13

Mysterious deaths have been happening all over a town. Men with no apparent connections to one another have been found dead, stabbed with a bamboo skewer, with their hands in the "peace" symbol. Eventually, the owner of a restaurant is discovered by Ichimoku Ren to be the culprit. His wife and son were killed and his daughter put into a coma when a drunk driver crashed into their house. As the news crews filmed the report of the incident, drunken men danced in the background with their hands in the "peace" sign. The owner had only recently decided to kill them, as he learned he has terminal lung cancer and will most likely not live to see his daughter live. Too weak to kill the last one, who has seen his face and filed a police report, he uses the Hotline to Hell. Ai reveals that the penalty of sending someone to Hell does not cover other sin, such as murder. The man is willingly taken to the hospital by the police, however in a twist, Kikuri has awakened his daughter. The price he must pay for the murders is that he will spend the rest of his life in jail, unable to be with his daughter and because of this, he breaks down.

star 7.82
10 votes
Two Mirrors: Hone-Onna's Wet Holiday

#51 - Two Mirrors: Hone-Onna's Wet Holiday

Hell Girl Season 2 - Episode 10

Hone Onna meets a director named Negoro Tetsuro. He wants Hone Onna to be the protagonist (Sone Anna) in his film. He is obsessed about writing screen plays. He has a wife and two lovers but seems uninterested in all of them. Eventually Tetsuro’s wife, one of his lovers (Kumiko-chan) and Hone Onna become good friends. Then they decided to go to the hot springs. But being clumsy and foolish, Tetsuro bumps into a stranger’s car and a few hours later, spills coffee on him. That man, named Gyouta Hauhiroku, sends Tetsuro to hell. In the end, Hone Onna erases herself from Kumiko and Tetsuro's wife's memories. This episode depicts the flash-backs of Hone Onna.

star 7.67
11 votes
Two Mirrors: The Calm Lake Shore

#52 - Two Mirrors: The Calm Lake Shore

Hell Girl Season 2 - Episode 14

A washed up writer decides to take revenge on a producer friend of his who became famous. During his attempted revenge the producer's wife is killed and their son is framed. The son contacts Hell Girl but decides not to go through with it. Shortly after this the producer is killed by the writer, but before the writer can kill the son a woman whose child he killed sends him to hell. This show is significant because it introduces character Takuma Kurebayashi, whom Ai empathizes with.

star 7.64
11 votes
Fourth Twilight: I Can Hear the Song of the Wind

#53 - Fourth Twilight: I Can Hear the Song of the Wind

Hell Girl Season 4 - Episode 5

One day, Satoshi Kazama goes out with his friends as his dad drives the car. They get in a car accident, and Satoshi’s friends are killed. The mother of one of his friends calls upon Hell Girl with the intention of banishing Satoshi to Hell. However, Michiru finds out what really happened in the car accident...

star 7.50
7 votes
Fourth Twilight: Someday, Somebody Will...

#54 - Fourth Twilight: Someday, Somebody Will...

Hell Girl Season 4 - Episode 3

A younger brother and sister live with their older sister, parents and grandmother who all have personality problems. One night, Akira sees his mom holding a straw doll, and then the next day, their grandmother disappears.

star 7.43
6 votes
Fourth Twilight: Twill

#55 - Fourth Twilight: Twill

Hell Girl Season 4 - Episode 6

Yui Aihara’s boyfriend proposes to her, but there is a reason she can’t be happy for it. A few years ago, her dad was managing a Chinese Restaurant, and while out on a delivery, he got involved with some drunk punks and ended up in a coma. Yui finally finds the person she has been looking for who holds the key to the truth of what happened.

star 7.17
5 votes
Fourth Twilight: Can't Be Seen, Can't Be Heard

#56 - Fourth Twilight: Can't Be Seen, Can't Be Heard

Hell Girl Season 4 - Episode 1

Shizuka Mayama is bullied by her classmates. She finally decides to call on Hell Girl to put an end to this hellish torture.

star 7.07
14 votes
Fourth Twilight: Bury Me Deep

#57 - Fourth Twilight: Bury Me Deep

Hell Girl Season 4 - Episode 4

Sakura Kubota has been admitted into a nursing home that sells extra care as the main priority. However, in reality, it is a facility where dark secrets reside behind closed curtains.

star 7.00
5 votes
Fourth Twilight: Reminiscence VI: Stray Inari

#58 - Fourth Twilight: Reminiscence VI: Stray Inari

Hell Girl Season 4 - Episode 12

A low-profile girl named Kaede Inao claims to be a fortune-teller, telling fortunes by contacting Gon, using a spirit board. As she begins to build her reputation with a continuous streak of correct predictions, more people begin to ask her to perform various tasks.

star 6.00
5 votes
Fourth Twilight: Reminiscence V: A Bird in a Cage

#59 - Fourth Twilight: Reminiscence V: A Bird in a Cage

Hell Girl Season 4 - Episode 11

Akira is a junior high school student who has a crush on Mitsuko. She is a middle-aged woman who works at an electronic appliance store. He is not comfortable with the way Mitsuko is treated by her husband, Seiji. Akira tries to persuade her to leave him.

star 5.86
6 votes
Fourth Twilight: There's Only You

#60 - Fourth Twilight: There's Only You

Hell Girl Season 4 - Episode 2

The comedy duo, Nanako and Haru of "Chaos Sweets"... They are rising in popularity day by day. They are so busy with work that they don’t have time to write any scripts. Their relationship seems to be sustained by jokes, but they have a secret. What was the promise they made?

star 5.80
9 votes
Fourth Twilight: Reminiscence I: The Tarnished Mound

#61 - Fourth Twilight: Reminiscence I: The Tarnished Mound

Hell Girl Season 4 - Episode 7

High school baseball player Daisuke Iwashita's friend and teammate Shinichi Muroi is being bullied by their team's ace pitcher, Mamoru Hanagasa. After Shinichi dies from injuries inflicted by Mamoru, Daisuke gets blamed for this incident, and although he tries to deny it, no one believes him.

star 5.60
4 votes
Fourth Twilight: Reminiscence II: Early Afternoon Window

#62 - Fourth Twilight: Reminiscence II: Early Afternoon Window

Hell Girl Season 4 - Episode 8

The Yasuda Family moves into a company-owned neighborhood. Keiko, the mother, becomes fearful of how the branch manager's wife has control over the neighborhood. Even their daughter, Haruka, gets bullied by Yuria and their classmates. Then, one early afternoon, after one phone call and a violent persistent visitor, Keiko tries to commit suicide.

star 5.50
4 votes
Fourth Twilight: Reminiscence III: Spilled Bits

#63 - Fourth Twilight: Reminiscence III: Spilled Bits

Hell Girl Season 4 - Episode 9

Akane Sawai, a depressed high school girl, stays at home and only interacts with her friend whom she met online. Her concerned teacher, Yoshiki Fukasawa, constantly visits her to try to convince her to return to school. Akane gets irritated by this and decides to send him to Hell.

star 5.00
4 votes
Fourth Twilight: Reminiscence IV: Black Rut

#64 - Fourth Twilight: Reminiscence IV: Black Rut

Hell Girl Season 4 - Episode 10

A new road needs to be built to stop the traffic accidents in the area but is blocked by a house, occupied by an old man who refuses to move. A high school student dies at the road, and a truck driver named Michirou decides to send the old man to Hell.

star 5.00
4 votes