The Best Episodes Directed by Takahiro Natori

Yet, Uncertain

#1 - Yet, Uncertain

Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens Season 1 - Episode 11

Jin demands that Nagi tells him more about herself, her reasons for staying in Jin's home and the occurrence of impurities in the village. After she refuses and runs away, Jin discusses the matter with Reiri Suzushiro.

star 9.28
61 votes
The Toppled Maria has a Fly's Head

#2 - The Toppled Maria has a Fly's Head

Gosick Season 1 - Episode 16

Victorique's father has her taken from the academy to a convent known as "Beelzebub's Skull" in Lithuania. Kujo learns about her whereabouts from Grevil and takes a train going there to look for her. Guided by a woman who resembles a lot like her, Kujo manages to find where Victorique is held and learns from her that the woman is most likely her mother, Cordelia.

star 9.09
46 votes

#3 - Bewusstsein

Atom: The Beginning Season 1 - Episode 2

The same mummified humanoid stands in front of a billboard while he is assigned a target as A106; While back at lab 7 Hiroshi wakes up Ummataro as to get ready for their academic briefing sessions while Ran tries to seek into Nerima University to obtains spare parts from lab 7's junkyard there she runs into Motoko who was visiting Hiroshi she talks to Ran for a while, realizing she is Hiroshi's sister and how she collects spare parts to make robots soon it lands upon that Hiroshi must be at his regular briefing and she takes off. Meanwhile at briefing session lab 1 finishes its superb presentation impressing everyone except professor Saruta and Ummataro who remains confident about their presentation being better than others, While rest of the labs continue to screw up their presentations the humanoid reaches labs 7 and forces entry while Ran tries to intercept. The humanoid shifts target to Ran on commands of Dr. Lolo who turns of to controlling the robot and monitoring the situation via drone. Meanwhile Ummataro berates everyone at briefing calling them names and branding their works as fake which has no direction towards building an autonomous A.I. and goes on to brag goes their Bewusstsein system how it has bridged the gap as Hiroshi continues that how their A.I. integrates leading to ego consciousness leading to anonymity making everyone confused & giving a feeling of absurdity impresses no one except professor Saruta, Back lab Ran continues to dodge humanoid while A106 activates and comes to rescue in the end after paring a few blow with A106 it takes of when Hiroshi and Ummataro return Ummataro complaining about being stopped in middle of presentation to find the wrecked state of their lab.

star 8.00
23 votes
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