The Best Episodes Directed by Takafumi Fujii

I Won't Let That Happen!

#1 - I Won't Let That Happen!

Listen to Me, Girls. I Am Your Father! Season 1 - Episode 8

With only a month to find a new place to live, Yuuta is under the gun. The new place must be within distance of daycare for Hina, trains for the girls, and affordable. Finding such a trifecta will be hard even with the help of his friends. They need an extension of the eviction and Hina might be their weapon.

star 9.62
33 votes
Wonderful Life

#2 - Wonderful Life

Listen to Me, Girls. I Am Your Father! Season 1 - Episode 4

Yuuta awakens to find Sora hugging him. She starts screaming when she finally awakens. Yuuta leaves the three girls in his apartment with an instruction never to leave home and never answering the door. Yuuta was later ambushed by Raika and the rest of the Sightseeing Club for him not visiting them in awhile. Meanwhile, the girls had to do something, given the rather huge bill for their breakfast. They tidy the room, head to the laundry shop, and shop for vegetables for dinner, though Hina starts writing on the wall with permanent pens and making dinner being a disaster. Though Yuuta, coming home late, gets upset with what happened, his being upset is replaced by happiness, because he understands the thought of all of it counts.

star 9.53
33 votes
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#3 - X

Amnesia (2013) Season 1 - Episode 10

The Heroine finally arrives home, where she is able to open her diary by using her bobby pin where she sees that she had written that she loved Toma, and that on August the 1st was the day she had planned to tell him. Ikki knew of this. After the heroine had read it, Toma rushes in with an angered face. At first, he starts talking about how it was dangerous to go outside and how she kept "running away" from him. He moves in closer to her and notices her injuries. Toma tells her that since she did not know how his hurt heart felt, he would stop caring if she gets hurt too. Then he says, "If I take all of you by force, you'll no longer see anything but me. Or will you break instead?" The Heroine replies that she knows that he wouldn't do that. So, Toma asks, "If I can't protect you, should I break you? I believe that I'll still love you, so..." Seeing that the Heroine got afraid, he apologizes but says that he doesn't plan to let her hand go. As he closes into her face, the diary that the Heroine was holding the whole time falls down to the floor where Toma notices it. He asks her what it was and the Heroine replies that it was her diary. After he reads her diary and understands what she had felt, he apologies and tells her he loves her. Because she got injured in the last episode Toma takes her to the hospital, where Ikki and his fanclub apologizes to her. Toma leaves and the next scene was at the hospital where everything was dark. Ukyo comes and picks the Heroine up while she is sleeping and drops her off the building. Then, the memories at the burning building with the watchtower is shown again. She then arrives back on August the 1st where a lot of "bad" things happened to her like almost getting hit by a train but Ukyo's warnings prevented her death. At the end of the episode Ukyo tells her that the world is trying to kill her and that they are lovers.

star 9.50
36 votes
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Tangled Relations

#4 - Tangled Relations

Kamisama Dolls Season 1 - Episode 9

The episode starts with the detective coming into the restaurant. He starts to ask Utao some questions and Utao answers nervously, which causes him to suspect her. Meanwhile, Aki is still staying with Kuuko, who is hacking her father's computer to find more information. Moyako makes a surprise appearance at the restaurant and checks up on Kukuri. She notices that Utao used Kukuri's left hand and reveals that Kyohei was the first in centuries to be able to open Kukuri's left hand. When Kyohei and Hibino return, Moyako tells them that she came back because Koushiro asked her to bring back Takemikazuchi in a rush. She refused to return it until it was perfectly repaired, so Koushiro paid for her to finish the work in Tokyo. Kuuko continues to try to get information out of Aki, but he refuses to say anything. However, her father shows up to check on her. He searches around and finds nothing, but Aki escapes through the window. Kyohei calls Koushiro and asks about how Kirio is doing, but Koushiro tells him not to worry. Kyohei tries to ask him about his business in Tokyo, but Koushiro won't talk. Kyohei organizes a time for Kirio and Utao to meet and Kyohei and Koushiro make Kirio promise not to fight with Utao anymore. However, at that moment, a girl Seki appears, who Koushiro recognizes as a girl named Mahiru, and hugs Kyohei as the episode ends.

star 9.05
36 votes
And Then

#5 - And Then

As the Moon, So Beautiful Season 1 - Episode 12

School is almost out. Both Akane and Kotaro's rivals make their intentions clear. Akane is moving to Yokohama, and Kotaro is staying Saitama. Kotaro has only his writing to go back to, but...

star 8.97
77 votes
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It Attacks...

#6 - It Attacks...

Kamisama Dolls Season 1 - Episode 3

When everything was supposed to calm down in the city, it seems that the plan failed and everything is turning out for the worst. The village is now continuing their constant war in a city filled with innocent people.

star 8.95
38 votes

#7 - Kokoro

As the Moon, So Beautiful Season 1 - Episode 5

Akane has stated she would like to spend more time talking to Kotaro, but they continue to be shy at school and around each other. Akane struggles to improve her running time. Chinatsu decides to join Kotaro's cram school, which Akane gets jealous of.

star 8.00
70 votes
Is It True You Come to School After Being Out All Night?

#8 - Is It True You Come to School After Being Out All Night?

Please tell me! Galko-chan Season 1 - Episode 10

The boys are forced to run during P.E. Once they’re done, it’s the girl’s turn. The boys decide running is awesome when they see Galko running with her boobs swaying around. Then, the teacher instructs them to run again.

star 7.47
17 votes
Is It True You're Friends Forever?

#9 - Is It True You're Friends Forever?

Please tell me! Galko-chan Season 1 - Episode 12

It was in April when cherry blossoms bloomed. Most of the cliques in the class have been established. Otako passes papers behind her when she notices Galko sleeping on her desk. Otako’s first impression of Galko was ”she must be a really dumb gyaru...”

star 7.35
17 votes
Love Me When We Meet Again

#10 - Love Me When We Meet Again

ISLAND Season 1 - Episode 8

When they awoke, they were looking up at the blue sky from five years ago. It was the mysterious island where Rinne and the real Setsuna had been before parting ways forever. Rinne feels excited to see the real Setsuna again and finally settle things, but what they find are more riddles, tears, and darkness.

star 7.25
20 votes
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I Don't Want to Grieve Anymore

#11 - I Don't Want to Grieve Anymore

ISLAND Season 1 - Episode 10

Setsuna rises up to create a future for a city without hope, but tragedy strikes time and again. Meanwhile, Rinne finishes her invention and Setsuna sets out for the future to save mankind’s existence. Just before he goes, Setsuna makes a promise to Rinne.

star 7.05
19 votes
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I Got to See You Again

#12 - I Got to See You Again

ISLAND Season 1 - Episode 9

In an underground shelter-city encased in ice, Setsuna meets a young girl named Rinne and begins helping her with a mysterious invention. It can apparently help save the world, but its true nature is unclear. Meanwhile, the city itself will very soon perish.

star 7.05
20 votes
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Is It True That Butts Are Culture?

#13 - Is It True That Butts Are Culture?

Please tell me! Galko-chan Season 1 - Episode 11

Otao is in the nurse’s office due to anemia. Feeling better, he tries to go back to class but decides to take a detour to the deserted hallway. While walking in the quiet hallway, he discovers wet towels on the floor..

star 7.00
16 votes
We Meet Again

#14 - We Meet Again

ISLAND Season 1 - Episode 1

When he wakes up, Setsuna has no memories. He is on the island left behind by time, Urashima. Everyone he meets is mysterious and puzzling. At night he is surprised by a girl singing on the beach, and somehow says her name. “Rinne…”

star 6.87
38 votes
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The Right Way to Spin Dreams

#15 - The Right Way to Spin Dreams

ISLAND Season 1 - Episode 3

Setsuna, Sara and Karen try various ways to get Rinne to come out during the day. Their fun time is interrupted the moment when Rinne sees a hidden shack. After that, Rinne tries to stop thinking about the past, but Karen makes a decision to face it down.

star 6.74
23 votes
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Is It True You're Scared of Holes?

#16 - Is It True You're Scared of Holes?

Please tell me! Galko-chan Season 1 - Episode 9

Otako greets Galko when she enters the classroom, but Galko doesn’t open her mouth and responds by gesture. Galko finally opens her mouth when Otako asks why she’s not talking. She explains that she’s concerned about her double teeth because the main character in the movie was too.

star 6.72
18 votes