The Best Episodes Directed by Takaaki Suzuki

Raven's Nest: School

#1 - Raven's Nest: School

Tokyo Ravens Season 1 - Episode 4

Harutora and Touji arrive at the elite Onmyo Prep School, which Natsume also attends, but their presence causes conflict with some of their new classmates.

star 8.12
41 votes
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Shaman Clan: Confession

#2 - Shaman Clan: Confession

Tokyo Ravens Season 1 - Episode 2

After the festival, Hokuto is mad at Harutora, and Harutora and Natsume meet to sort out family issues. An interruption leads to a confrontation with Suzuka near the Tsuchimikado main house.

star 7.66
56 votes
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