The Best Episodes Directed by Susan Seidelman

The Power of Female Sex

#1 - The Power of Female Sex

Sex and the City Season 1 - Episode 5

"Where's the line between professional girlfriend, and just plain professional?" - Carrie Carrie goes on a date with a gorgeous French architect who shows his thanks with a thousand dollars; a famous painter uses Charlotte as one of his models; Skipper becomes sexually obsessed with Miranda.

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1098 votes
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The Baby Shower

#2 - The Baby Shower

Sex and the City Season 1 - Episode 10

The four friends are invited to a baby shower out in Connecticut, and they each react differently. Carrie is “late”, and wonders how she would be as a mother. Samantha throws an “I don't have a baby” shower party.

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812 votes
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Office Party

#3 - Office Party

Stella Season 1 - Episode 3

The boys are invited to a office party by one the female roommates who live below them. The boys have a great time, but the fun is cut short when the guys in charge of the "big account" make fun of them. Distraught, the boys decide to go to the company picnic to show they're not losers. After a quick visit to their friend Gary (played by Sam Rockwell) for disguises in the form of fake moustaches, they go to the picnic and win all the company games. Even the egg and spoon race! Impressed by their performance, the company CEO hires the boys. Unfortunately, their first day is a disaster, and after an insane business presentation,consisiting mostly of Nazi propaganda, they're fired. Thankfully American spirit prevails at the end and the boys get their happy ending.

star 7.41
22 votes
Paper Route

#4 - Paper Route

Stella Season 1 - Episode 5

The boys are distraught to see that Kevin the paperboy is getting beaten up by bullies. They scare the bullies away, but the next day the bullies are back, tormenting Kevin! This time the boys mean business, and they chase after the bullies in their Volvo. Unfortunately they also run over Kevin in the process. The boys go visit Kevin, who doesn't know that they ran him over, in hospital. After a heart-warming story where Kevin tells the boys he was delivering papers to help save up money for college, they confess they knocked him down. To make up, they take over his paper route while Kevin is in hospital. However, the bullies now start tormenting Michael, Michael and David instead of Kevin! Things come to a head at the end of the episode where the boys perform a rap about the power of friendship. The power of friendship defeats the bullies, and Kevin gets the money to go to college.

star 7.41
22 votes
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Sex and the City

#5 - Sex and the City

Sex and the City Season 1 - Episode 1

"It's like the riddle of the Sphinx... Why are there so many great unmarried women, and no great unmarried men?" - Carrie At a birthday party for thirtysomething Miranda, Carrie and her friends vow to stop worrying about findng the perfect male and start having sex like men. Carrie experiments with an old flame and meets Mr. Big; Miranda warms up to Skipper; Samantha has a one night stand with a man Charlotte wouldn't sleep with on the first date.

star 7.31
1814 votes
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Thief Swipes Mayor's Dog

#6 - Thief Swipes Mayor's Dog

Early Edition Season 1 - Episode 5

Gary has to stop the mayor's dog from being kidnapped. The kidnapper turns out to be Chuck's uncle, who was trying to get back at the mayor after a public truck ran over his dog. Phil says he'll only stop after he gets a written apology from the mayor. All Gary gets is an autograph.

star 7.23
111 votes
One for the Money

#7 - One for the Money

Now and Again Season 1 - Episode 4

It is finally time for Michael's first "real" mission. With the assistance of an old, long time, agent he is going to be sent to Hong Kong to arrange the "elimination" of an ex-agent suspected of selling secrets to foreign powers. Michael doesn't like the use of the word "elimination" in his mission statement but is told by Dr. Morris that he is not given him any choice over whether to take the mission or not. With the insurance money for Michael's death still not sorted out Lisa and Heather are running into money problems, meaning that Lisa has to go out looking for a job for the first time in many a year.

star 7.05
38 votes
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