The BEST episodes directed by Stuart Burge

A Case To Answer
1 votes

#1 - A Case To Answer

The Bill - Season 6 - Episode 45

Martella is in court. The case is the rape allegation. Marie wants to drop the case. Carver and Dashwood surprise Lines. Lines is asking about stolen scotch. Burnside offers Lines some overtime. Burnside and Roach help Dashwood and Carver catch the gang. D.C.I. Wray talks to Brownlow about how he is going to run CID.

Rumpole and the Last Resort
39 votes

#2 - Rumpole and the Last Resort

Rumpole of the Bailey - Season 3 - Episode 6

Rumpole turns to his wife, Hilda, for help in getting a slippery solicitor to pay what he owes. Meanwhile, Rumpole is busy defending the owner of a caravan rental agency who is accused of fraud.

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Dangerous Secret
4 votes

#3 - Dangerous Secret

Danger Man - Season 3 - Episode 16

Drake must clean up after the government bungles an attempt to silence a young scientist.

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#4 - Line-up

The Bill - Season 6 - Episode 46

Tony chases a suspect into a shopping precinct after a robbery. George stays with the victim. The foresnic evidence won't back up the positive id in the line up.