The BEST episodes directed by Steven Surjik

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The Good Guys (2010) - Season 1 - Episode 5

Dan's police interrogation techniques come back to burn him when it is ruled by the court that his interrogation of a drug smuggler was illegal. As a result, the felon busted by Jack and Dan months before is set free. Without access to any department resources, Dan vows to put away the entire drug smuggling ring with just his pocket money. Along the way, the partners find themselves trapped in a truck full of scented candles, Jack is reprimanded in front of his ex, and Jack and Dan get stuck in the middle of yet another shoot out.

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Excelsis Dei
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#2 - Excelsis Dei

The X-Files - Season 2 - Episode 11

Mulder and Scully uncover strange occurrences in an elderly care home when one of the nurses is attacked by an unseen force she claims to be one of the 90 year old residents.

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