The BEST episodes directed by Steven Stern

Half Life
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#1 - Half Life

Logan's Run - Season 1 - Episode 6

The fugitives come across a city of people that are able to divide themselves into two parts, good and bad. They then live separately from the bad people who are known as the Castouts. When Jessica is captured and split, Logan and Rem must formulate a plan to make her whole again and then escape.

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#2 - Voices

The Crow: Stairway to Heaven - Season 1 - Episode 5

A day at the carnival with Sarah brings Draven closer to Shelly when he meets a teenage trance-medium who may be unwittingly involved in murder. A day at the Carnival brings back painful memories for Draven of one of his first dates with Shelley. At the fair, he and Sarah stumble across a young trance-medium whose handlers claim he can channel dead spirits. Jesse (Brendan Fletcher), a sad, exploited teenager, actually has the powers he claims. He connects with Shelly who has a message for Draven -- that he must continue to ""set things right"" as a way of finally clearing the slate to allow the two of them to be together. Draven thinks he has found the means of reaching Shelly always, but the contact is short lived. Jesse is being exploited by his handler Doc (Gerard Plunkett), who uses him as a meal ticket to identify ""marks"" in the audience for robberies. When one of those robberies results in murder, Detective Albrecht turns his attention to Jesse, who seems to have predicted the kill