The BEST episodes directed by Steve Kelly

War Crimes (2)
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#1 - War Crimes (2)

Judge John Deed - Season 6 - Episode 2

Continuing the story of a war crimes trial in The Hague. Deed finds the defendant is a victim of the British government's attempts to develop an exit strategy out of the continuing occupation of Iraq by western forces, and he has to balance the interests of justice against the possibility of saving British lives.

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Defence of the Realm
47 votes

#2 - Defence of the Realm

Judge John Deed - Season 4 - Episode 4

Deed's fling with a woman claimant in his court gets him into hot water. His brother judges are appalled, and Deed finds himself exiled to Warwick.Meanwhile, Jo is sitting as a judge in a trial in which a company secretary is accused of stealing more than four million pounds from the arms king Sir Tim Listfield. Allegations are made during the trial about senior politician Neil Haughton, the close friend of Deed's former wife Georgina - Haughton is said to have taken bribes to over-pay on government defence work. Jo is threatened, and Deed comes home to help her.

72 votes

#3 - Hard-Gating

Judge John Deed - Season 5 - Episode 1

Deed questions an unpleasant prison officer closely about the death of Paul Settle, a young prisoner who was stabbed to death and then partly eaten by his cell-mate Ben Bradwell just a week before he was due to get out. The Judge is worried that Settle was black, while Bradwell was known to be a vicious racist. In another case, Deed comes up with a thoughtful sentence for a drunk driver who killed a child. Meanwhile, Deed and Jo seem to be growing apart.

War Crimes (1)
42 votes

#4 - War Crimes (1)

Judge John Deed - Season 6 - Episode 1

Deed's involvement in the case of a far-right British National Party councilor brings him to the notice of terrorists who decide to send a woman to kill him. When the assassin meets Deed, she has a surprise in store, but she still plans to carry out her orders. Meanwhile, The Lord Chancellor sends Deed to sit on an International Tribunal in the Hague, as the British government sees him as a mischief maker at home. Deed finds himself judging the case of a British soldier accused of war crimes by killing eleven Iraqi civilians.

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New Year's Resolutions
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#5 - New Year's Resolutions

The Bill - Season 20 - Episode 14

Manson and Sharpe investigate the case of a missing girl and discover that it is the girl's abusive grandfather who has taken her away. Page returns to Sun Hill and is delighted to discover she can have a civilian position as CAD officer, but will the frustration of not being a copper get to her? Ackland assists with Manson and Sharpe's investigation, but the imminent exposure of Kent is playing on her mind, and when Carver and Kent come to blows, things boil over. Smithy and Carver agree to keep quiet for Ackland's sake. Young confides in Hemmingway about her night of passion with Tait, and despite the fact it could be the start of something special, Smithy is not happy and threatens to stand in their way.

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#6 - Intrigue

The Bill - Season 20 - Episode 15

Nixon grudgingly works with Manson to locate dangerous escaped convict Eric Taylor, who has already eluded police twice. When Taylor is spotted, Carver pursues him into a swimming pool complex, and the two end up in the water. Kent watches as the two struggle, and is going to let Carver drown - until the cavalry arrive. Posing as a housebuyer, "June Carver", an emotional Ackland visits her long-lost son and meets her granddaughter, but she is too afraid to tell him her real identity. When his former lover, Rachel Heath, arrives at the station on the eve of her trial for assault, Meadows discovers that Manson's father-in-law, a Deputy Assistant Commissioner with the Met, has been using rent boys.