The BEST episodes directed by Stephan Apelgren

The Darkness / The Overdose
84 votes

#1 - The Darkness / The Overdose

Wallander - Season 1 - Episode 4

A white car is parked by a side road in the beautiful landscape of Scania in southern Sweden. A child sits alone without an adult in sight. The child's father has been reported as missing, while the mother is in a psychiatric institution, unresponsive and apathetic. Kurt Wallander's failing health sees Linda take the lead in the case. It will touch her deeply as she discovers that the child has been unscrupulously tricked, exploited and humiliated.

The Joker / The Forger
47 votes

#2 - The Joker / The Forger

Wallander - Season 1 - Episode 12

Carina Olsson provides the Malmo police information on drug deals comitted at her restaurant. She does this after being promissed anonymity for the Police. 2 days later Carina is found shot. The execution is witnesed by Carina's 7 year old daughter Cleo. Cleo manages to escape and is in hospital in a state off shock. The murder happens on the ourscirts of Ystad, and is thus asigned to Kurt Walander and his collegaues. With the connections to Malmo the Ystad polie recieves help from Frank Bork (Malmo Police). For PSI Stefan Lindman, who allready displayed signs of mental instability, working with Frank Borkg leads to a round trip to hell. Frank teaches Stefan what it means to stand up for your collegueas, no matter what.

The Secret
49 votes

#3 - The Secret

Wallander - Season 1 - Episode 13

Eleven year old Johannes is found dead in a crevice. The postmortem shows that the boy has been sexually abused and beaten to death. Detectiv Stefan Lindman is a member of the same shooting club as the victims father and they are also friends. Therefore he becomes the one that has to tell the father what has happened to his son (Johannes). When the father finally understands what has happened he demands that Stefan personally gets the one responsible. Stefan is since a previous case being accused for abuse, because the internal investigation Stefan has to go on paid vacation, and he is not allowed to continue his investigation. But because of personal issues he continues the investigation anyway. He has a dark secret, a secret that has the answer to why he came to Ysta in the first place.

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The African
83 votes

#4 - The African

Wallander - Season 1 - Episode 5

The national election is approaching, and the Ystad town square is plastered with election posters with local labour party candidate Kenneth Nillson, a politician fighting the fear of immigrants as his electoral focal point. He sees it as his duty to clean Skane's reputation as being racist. At the same time a train rolls into the train station in Gdansk, Poland. On the train the police find a African male with most of his face shoot away. As the man was murdered in Ystad, the starting point of the train journey this becomes a case for Kurt Wallander and the Ystad police. For Kurt Wallander the case takes an unexpected turn as the murder weapon has ties to a childhood friend.

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The Black King / Bound by Blood
49 votes

#5 - The Black King / Bound by Blood

Wallander - Season 1 - Episode 11

The Ystad Police finds a boat in Ystad harbour resembling a slaughter house. There is blood everywhere, but no bodies. Soon there after a dead woman’s body floats ashore. One of the clues in the investigation leads to Oskar Ung, an old love of Linda Wallander. Their previous relationship hinders Linda's work with the case, and Kurt demands that she leaves the investigation But that turns out to be easier said than done. Old love never rusts.

The Priest
42 votes

#6 - The Priest

Wallander - Season 2 - Episode 6

A parish priest is found shot outside of a hostel in what apears to be a cold blooded execution. Wallander and his colleguaes are searching for clues while the priest, who is believed to be able to identify the perpetrator, is fighting for his life in hospital. The police pursues the crime as a crime of passion after discovering that he has had an extra marital affair. Bur where is the weapon, and which of the betrayed parties has the strongest motive?

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The Cellist
70 votes

#7 - The Cellist

Wallander - Season 2 - Episode 5

A Russian concerto Cello player is the victim of a bomb attack after a performance in Ystad. The woman turns out to be a lead witness in a murder charge against a member of the Russian mafia, the son of one of their leaders, Leb Munchin. Wallander and his colleagues find themselves in the middle of a war against a powerful international opponent with ruthless methods. But Walalnder suspects that Leb Munchin’s motives aren’t about money and a quick profit, rather they relate to something much deeper. Eventually Walander stands eye to eye with an aged criminal who is ready to fight his last fight with all the means at his disposal.

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The Witness
45 votes

#8 - The Witness

Wallander - Season 2 - Episode 13

Corrupt businessman Filip Pasolic stands trial for bringing illegal workers into Sweden and using them as slave labour. Wallander is injured by a car bomb intended for Kristina,who is prosecuting Pasolic and she is given police protection. At the same time pressure on the illegal Lithuanian work force to re-build Ystad's recycling centre in time for it to get an E.U. grant results in two men being killed,one of whose little sister,Natalia,sees construction manager Zoran bury the corpses. She goes to the police and implicates Zoran but takes off again with Zoran in pursuit. Wallander can link Zoran to Pasilic and needs to find him before he gets to Natalia in order to strong-arm him into testifying against Passilic. He also has to dissuade Katarina from resigning as,due to witness intimidation,the case is going against her.

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The Collector / The Dun
71 votes

#9 - The Collector / The Dun

Wallander - Season 2 - Episode 12

Isabelle and Pontus pass out as police officers but he is dismayed when she says she wants to put their affair on hold in order to travel.Her plans are cut short when she joins the investigation into the death of her friend from the gym,Therese,murdered by burglars. Therese's loser ex-boyfriend Fabian is in debt to very heavy people and offers them her jewels but is he the killer? Violent boxer and ex-con Patrik Lippowski,a former lover of Isabelle,who fled from him and changed her name from Rebecka to Isabelle to escape him,is another suspect,but he is murdered with Isabelle's gun. In finding the killer Pontus's love for Isabelle is put to the test whilst Wallander advises Katarina when her bitchy teen-aged daughter starts stealing.

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The Heritage
73 votes

#10 - The Heritage

Wallander - Season 2 - Episode 11

When Manfred Stjarne is stabbed to death outside the Brada cider factory his wife Claire has inherited - suspicion falls on Polish worker Jan Kowalski,with whose wife Manfred was having an affair but Jan is found hanged - later evidence suggesting foul play. Benjamin Wilkes,an ex-psychologist who helped Manfred select redundancy candidates,is killed in the same way as Manfred,putting disgruntled ex-Brada employees in the frame but a third slaying implicates a former patient of Wilkes,who has connections to the Stjarne family. A newly loved-up Isabelle and Pontius start to fool around whilst on surveillance,taking their eye off the ball and allowing this suspect to confront Claire.

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The Invasion
16 votes

#11 - The Invasion

Beck - Season 5 - Episode 3

A dead man is found buried outside Stockholm. The Beck group believes that the man may be victim of a conflict within an Islamist terror group. The tracks point to a company which seems to offer black labor to Stockholm's unscrupulous construction companies.

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The Hospital Murders
11 votes

#12 - The Hospital Murders

Beck - Season 5 - Episode 4

A woman diagnosed with ALS dies in a hospital in Stockholm. However, it seems as if she had been exterminated. The son of the woman is accusing the doctor Johan Fors for the deed. But when Johan Fors is found dead, the suspicions are directed against the womans son. But even Johan Fors' colleagues seem to hide things from the Beck group.

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